10:43pm 28/07/2004
mood: mellow
music: weezer "the sweater song" woot woot!
wooah hey ppl kelly here...woot woot! im happy! i just found out zach is coming home in two weeks so me and britt are happy about that woot woot zach! lol -_- lol i went to canada yesterday woot! i had FuN fUn lol i went to the scottish store <3 cuzzz im scottish <3 lol woot! i bought a pin that is plaid and says up yer kilt hehe and a bumbersticker that says if its not scottish its crrrrr~ap woot woot! lol i <3 canada hehe i wanna see that movie the village..i had a dream about that once before the movie came out...they stole my idea....kill them!! lmao wooah i have run outta things to say :p blah this whole thing is boreing anyways! i dont think people even read this so its kewl! woot woot! l8rz!
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