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    Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
    1:51 pm
    hmm... i feel like shit...

    it snowed oh woopididooda!... yer its nice n dat but wots da big deal?... hmm im sure i wud be happier if i woz in da mood... i dnt even no wots wrong wit me.. jus ffel a lil ill... pissd off wit sum peeps.. i dunno..

    well no skewl today it woz a snow day! which woz pretty nice to ave a day at home...went to dales for a bit but he came on to me so i went :| a few snow fight wit ma bro.. n felt really ill went to sleep woke up n felt pretty cheesed of...

    well kye finished wit me wich i dnno i feel fairly happy about:S... lol i dint love im in a propa way so it dint hurt me... which is pretty kewl:-D.... i got so many mixed emotions at da min tho..i dunno ..<--u mite notice ima bit confused:-P...

    its da gig tomoz which im kinda lookin fwd to :-D... aceness!...:-O hope jesse james can make it thru all this snow :-O..

    lol well not in da best off moods so leave it at thta before i start sayinstuff i mite regret lol...

    se yas
    lv sinead
    Saturday, January 24th, 2004
    6:29 pm
    sowi jono!!!! PEEPS JONO AINT 16 HIS 17!!!!! my mistake! sowwi!

    well went into town today... kyes back!!:-D:-D:-D
    YAY!! cant wait to se im tomoz missed im loadz!!! meens am doin all ma french tonite tho lmao!....

    town woz fun!! had a laugh ..

    n e ways must rush!

    lv sinead
    Friday, January 23rd, 2004
    10:16 pm
    It's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring....

    lol well it rainin! YET AGAIN!!!!.. bin out :-D not much really happened lol got started on by townies which woz pretty amusin..well from my point of view :-)...

    wel dis weeks bin not very eventful!. its felt more like a whole month!!! bin waitin for kye to cum ome missed im loadz!!

    wednesday woz a laugh!! went to a election confrence...sound borin i no but it woz fookin amusin.. like we took da work seriosy... haha had a stalker he kept folowin me around nn dat n den at the end gae me his numba.. so i bumbed a role of him n tols im "of course ill ring ya".. lol nerrrr... :-p harsh i no... but im neva gunna see im agen... n he woz a bit freaky..

    lol i love avin a laugh wit ma mates n all .... hehehe n dat aint hard am da most easily amused person around!:-D

    im kinda worried bout jono though he's slippin back intohis drinkin habit n it aint gd for im .. he drinks to much he's only 16.. he drinks more den ma dad fro no particular reason!! hmm i'm worried.. i dnt no y either... yer i do coz i care about im! oh well hopefullly he'll se sense :-(..

    kye gets bac tomoz nite:-d!

    lol no dis wot a bit rushed but i gotta rush!!!

    bye de bye chucks!
    lv sinead

    Current Mood: worried
    Current Music: there is-- box car racer.
    Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
    9:29 pm
    lmao!!! jonos got a stalker!!!! u jus gotta read his comments on his diary!....

    sowwi jono but theres peeps out there who need to be amused!:-P
    4:38 pm
    And befor i foget again!!!......... Uve jus gotta check out da happy tree friends sight ! (recommended by me n andy ma bestest happy tree friends bud!)

    Watch dem beauties!! its ace..... cartoon violence rulez!

    :-D i drew lumpy (da moose) for my dear loya happy tree friends bud andy lmao!:-P
    i also drew the cartoon versions of serj tankian and brandon boyd lmao!
    4:23 pm
    words that describe today hmmmm...
    urrrr well as you can se its bina great day! :-D

    oh well a part frm da lack of events i gotta admit i bin really happy!!!.. ma mates i hang wit always make me laugh...there all nutters lol! .. no offence guys:-P...

    so basically all thtas happened id i went to skewl...
    tomoz am not off tho wuppiiiiii!!.. instead am of to an election confrences:-)... its beta den skewl work! the last one i went to i enjoyed..scept dat woz democracy thing..u dnt ave to say owt if ya dnt wanna heheh:-) but i do i love debates..duno why:-S hehehe

    hmm tonite im guna stay in do sum course work..i ts shitty weva n e ways.. ill go out tomz at least iw ont ave to worry bout coursework den...

    oh shit lol i gotta cook da din dins lol yummy scrummy chucken latice n veggies:-)

    lvin it!:-D:-D:-D:-D yay!!!

    n e ways guys must dash!!
    lv ya all

    Current Mood: calm
    Current Music: James--- Come Home..:-) jame sare an amazin band!
    Monday, January 19th, 2004
    10:05 pm
    lol well.... twoz skewl today....that bout it.
    not much as gone on really apart from the fact i got ma self ina band i i dunno how!!:-O... actually i do... i told smitty n lammin i wud!!.. i din think thye were bein totally serios bout dis band shit tho :-O! oh wel:-D...s'all good.. ill jus ake a fool outta ma self!:-) but tis gd!:-D but apparently springs to mind are givin us a slot.. so i spent da nite learnin the german bit to goldfingers 99 red balloons! well after goin to me grans of corse lol....

    well yesta woz poopy...went dwn morrison... mm den pauls den dani's... pretty much it... i love hangin round wit ma friends tho spec wen im on gd terms wit jono..uva wise im gettin called slag by him.. its probably tru..well actually i duno...but do my feelins count for nothing, n if i feel i am duz he have to keep remindin me? really..i mean cum on ive already promised change for this year! n it is workin!:-)....dnt think he knows hw much it upsets me..hmm.. i hate havin argument wit im coz his can be an amusin(extremely spontanious) gd mate.. i kinda miss him n me.. twoz gd. but things change life goes on!! n i'm cushy wit kye!.. i wuv im to bits!!:-D.. he makes me so happy:-D..jus hope we dnt have da same fate as ma past relationship..i want us to stay togeva as long as poss!:-)... his a funny guy wen ya get to no im lol... :-D cant wait till he gets back... htough he has som wierd idea imnot gunna wanna be wit him wen he duz, i think i no why he thinks it n all... hmm past experiences..mite tell ya about it oneday:-P... cant bebodged now tho!!:-P

    I WISH DA RAIN WUD STOP!!!!! its fookin annoyin!

    well am off to eat (ha wots new) <--i class it as a hobby!

    lv ya all!

    Current Mood: chilled out!
    Current Music: 99 red ballons- Golfinger, for obvious reason lol
    Saturday, January 17th, 2004
    12:40 pm
    *yawn* ive never felt so flamin knackered.. i dont no y either i got plenty of sleep... hmm.. must be me bein a teenager lol. in desperate need of chocolate!!! we run out :-O...
    :-( kyle went on holiday yestaday:-( im gunna miss im loadz.. which is really scary.. i neva fought id really ever feel this much for him. its still not propa love but im sure it'll grow. i do love im tho!!... its jus so hard to feel the sameway as i have done for my x who i really truly did love! but im gettin ova him.. he told me to.. theres no more hope so its gotta be dun!.. thta dont mean im using kye tho, i really do feel strongly for im otherwise i wunt be with im.
    not much as bin goin on these past few days so i dint see the point with borin wit u wit usual shot... i cant really tell you all wot i really feel coz too many people would find far too much of my personal life out n stuff there not ment to no:-P...
    oh shit!! that scared me to deat! ive bin sat on ma fone n it jus started vibratin! i jus jumped a mile into the air!
    :D its kye!!! tryin to make me jealouse i think lol!...oops i just accidently sent a half written txt :-S..oh well..

    am feelin a tad happier now i jus got da txt:-D

    :-O ma dad whacked me last nite1:-O... he woz teasin me so i told im to stop it n get lost! so he whacked me! i went death in ma right ear for the rest of da nite :-( lol... i lv im to pieces matta how much he get on ma nerves :@ thtas wot dads are for :-)...:-D

    well.. i can see today not bein at all eventful! i can be bodged to be the happy old psycho me intown wit andy n dat so i mite jus go see ma gran den go down mozzies...hmm..

    well see ya mite write tonight n tell ya all wots gone :-p

    laterz chuckles!

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    Current Music: Brand new!
    Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
    5:16 pm
    Well! wot an eventful day!!! not!!.... *yawn* its bin slow an borin... hmmm mite go out soon. kye woz ment to be cumin round but :-(...he cunt his mummy n daddy got back of holiday n they want to take im out!! i think its ded sweet! wish my parent cud do that.. wish thye cud afford it.. funny how u apreciate everything everyone else has got... spec wen its da simple luxeries u jus cant afford!!!... id luv it if my parents did thta.. id love it if thye just went on holiday lol. but hey gd things cum to those who wait! wel n e ways he mite be cumin round tomoz insted n avin tea!!! :-D:-D:-D.. well if he wants tea of course i aint gunna force it dwn his throat lol..

    :-O had a test to day!!! :-O i woz shitin it! but i think i did arite... hope fully! cant wait till march we get results den i can stop holdin ma breathe! (mite be blue n ded by den but wot the hey! i no sum peeps will appreciate dat lol...yers u no who u are!)

    n e ways gunna go get ready to go out!! so catch laterz... oh am of for anuva "evenful" nite dwn mozzies(morrisons) jus sit in maccies n play cards n shit lol...surprised we dnt get kicked out!:-O... but tonite am actually buyin ma tea:-O that happens like once n a blue moon!:-O

    catch ya laterz kiddas!
    lv sinead

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    Current Music: Obvios by blink 182 (there new stuff rules..its so diffo!)
    Monday, January 12th, 2004
    9:28 pm
    the start?
    lol hey!!!finally an alternative option to pen n paper that ur parent's can't read!!:-D dnt ya jus lv da net ..:-P
    well not much has happened today.... basically jus went to skewl den came ome n stayed in.... funny am usually always out so i jus chilled!...strange, the day u decide to start a diary is the day u dont do owt :-S hmmm... wel since there aintmuch to write bout I'll tel ya bit bout ma self...yers thtas rite !! plz dont go, read on! (i'll try not to make you go to sleep...:-P)

    1) well first on ma list is chocolate:-D...specially the melted kind i jus luv drinkin it...
    2) u jus gotta love da movies pulpfiction, pretty n pink and donnie dark..... Not forgettin lee evans (who jus rulez!)
    3)Music! i love it its helps u thru ur hardest times!! (i got loadza fave bands :-P... top 5 wud be da beatles, thursday, R.E.M, James abd urr i duno either taking back sunday or Blink 182)
    4):-D kyle
    5)hmm hard 1! i jus love ma friends to pieces!! n i love makin new ones!

    1) well this is gunna be hard there aint many first wud ave to be... people who stereotype peeps!!!!!!!!
    2)shit starers
    3) people who judge people by wot they've dun.... such as sum one who slept wit peeps is immediatley a slag!! no way!!! u gotta ave da attitude as well.. the way of thinkin!!!
    4)users :@ arr they make me mad...
    5) people who dont care about your feelins n jus basically shit stare start things you dont wnat to get in....and peeps who cant make up there mind!

    n e ways! dats a bit bout me!!! hope i have a more eventful day tomoz lol... tho i probs wont! :-P... oh n kye's my bf who i lv to pieces!!! :-D

    hope i remember to wite :-S

    hmm song of the day.. The quiet things that no one ever knows by brand new! (anuva of my fave bands as well as system of a down!)

    U folks take care now!!
    peace out love ya alls

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