good day...hoping gone better...   
02:40pm 04/02/2003
mood: thirsty
music: the corrs-never loved you anyway
yeah...normal day today. which is good...i like normal since my life is so abnormal.
we read a play in first hour. wasnt 2 bad. i told devan...(my drama therapist pretty much) everything about zech and jessica...and alot of other stuff which im not saying on here for reasons of prying eyes. *evil glare back through the computer screen*. ;D anyway.
second hour was ok...i got hmwk to do. god damn linear equation crap. i have no idea what im doing...and im sposed to do devans. hah. joy.
between second and third hour i gave zech the note i rote him...and you know whats even better!?
jessica didnt rip it!!! lmao...
yeah i still love you jessica...
3 hour was shit. 4th hour was shit...except something interesting popped up. krisha informed me that jessica told her that tyler and her never kissed o.O oh i believe so. tyler wouldnt lie to everyone about that. and jessica even told me that they did...dammit i hate when ppl lie to make someone else look bad and make themselves look better. its quite annoying.
uhm..i saw zech walking back from lunch. nothing really happened. and then jessica gave me her note...that was pretty intense...the content anyway.
after lunch i went by jessicas pod...which is where zech is...and in the note i gave him i told him to write me back..did he NO!? i went into ms. swansons room and was like ZECH GET UR BUTT OUT HERE! and he was all scared lol. that was funny...he had a paper in his hand that i thought was his number..and he went to hand it to the teacher and i reached for it and he like..ran back a few steps. i thought it was funny. but yeah. so i told him when i came back from 5th hour i had better have a note. ;x
5th hour..god were so screwed for our lip sync. we dont know the words, or barely any of the dance thing we gotta do. ahhh -.- and were 7th to go. well at least well have practice tomorrow...or should. which is badly needed.
well...did i have a note?! of course not..i guess he didnt think that id come back..
me: told you id come back!
him: *smile*..uh
me: well! do i have a note?!
him: no! i had to do my work.
me: gah! you have a phone number or..a pager or cell or something!
him: i cant give u my fone not yet.
me: why cant i have ur number?
him: my dad will get mad. hes got cameras and stuff. hes crazy.
me: ...-.- oi. well can u call me? sneak around.
him: ill get caught! hes crazy!
me: bah! fine...tell jessica to call me.
him: k...bye *wave*
yeah..and then i walked off...damn him *growl* 6th hour blew. alot. i sat the WHOLE hour coloring on my paper with red ink. interesting. emily asked me if she should carve some design she made on her arm. i need to have jessica redo my tattoo on my ankle. and were gunna get drunk this weekend...and tylers gunna be all alone ;x
cuz hes just mad..cuz hes adopted!!!....nobody loves him. ;x hahaha...<3 my marshmellow ;D
later kiddies. update later.
06:37pm 03/02/2003
mood: discontent
music: amanda perez-angel
yeah first entry. im trying to figure all this out myself. its pretty much like livejournal...except better. ill have jessica help me later. maybe.
she knows this CSS shit. i dont. =)
yeah...tyler thinks i like underwear man ;P LMAO...i know ur gunna kill me for that. its ok tho. i guess o.O
there at drama practice right now...clay or casey is sposed to take me over to jessicas.
im kind of nervous being they just got their liscenses today...there both pretty good drivers. they both took me and emily on a drive. were not dead yet....YAY!
i need to do my spanish booklet *gag*...sux. yeah...ranita and gabby keep changing the thing for drama! DAMMIT! people need to stop changing their minds. i think were doing flashlight now though. which will be cool and easy to make up dance routines for...we were gunna do lady marmalade first..and then car wash..and today it was back to lady marmalade...AH! and then we were picking up and they decided flashlight -.- gah. dingbats.
mmk im gunna try and update later when my journals more COOL ;P