i'm so bored!!!   
03:18am 26/09/2003
mood: restless
omg i'm so fuckin bored!!! it is 3:20 am and nobody is up. i was talkin to eme but then she got off the internet so i dunno. i'm fuckin bored out of my mind! i might need to just go to sleep. that'd probably be best. emily told me tonight that i was goin to homecoming with her october 18th...and if i tried to say no she would come and kidnap me...so i guess i really can't get out of it. i mean, i guess it wont be so bad. i hope it wont be all that bad....i hate school shit. but oh well....it will get me out of the house. ok well i'm guessin i'm probably gonna go lay down now...maybe that will make me tired. nighty~night all

(♥ here's my heart...take it...)