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Tuesday, March 4th, 2003

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    Got caught by a couple of 'newbies' lastnight no biggie had them dusted rather quickly, quick for me anyway *small laugh* Fred called me at the hell hole of a hotel I'm staying at a few minutes ago saying I needed to hurry up that Gunn and Wes were/are getting to bitchy with eachother and between them and connor she is in over her head. Poor girl. I love Freddie to death but sometimes she's alittle scattered brained, but arent we all?

    Buffy *grimces* I still have a bit of the may queen in me, saying I'm sorry is hard but uh I'm sorry. The only reason I said anything to 'spike' was because he was threating Angelus, I have no hostility toward the blonde at all. about kicking you, I'm not sorry for that you .. we're a bitch. 'heres how to kill angel' *narrows her eyes* Cordy doesn't play that way. I have my own set of rules and I follow them, you should remember that much.

    Going out again tonight on an angelus 'watch' hopefully Willow or Buffy or one of them will call me with good 'hey look we found something'ish news.

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