06:09pm 09/02/2004
mood: accomplished
I have a new journal at www.greatestjournal.com/users/lilithandeline, I updat there more than here. Its really kewl maxx you should get an account there they host 1,000 user pics.
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06:41pm 21/01/2004
mood: depressed
music: [Black Heaven theme] Kacho Oji- Cautionary Warning
Ok me and Jase were talking last night about our relationship in the future, we want to be together and get married and everything but right now, its kind of difficult. We're still young, I hate admitting that, but we are we're gonna meet different people through out our lives. He feels bad that he doesn't like all the stuff that I like and when I show him something its like "So?" he said that when I do that I have this facial expression like it hurts...because it does, I like everything that he likes but he doesn't like what I do. I kept crying last night because it was true, I know I'm gonna like someone else later on and I'm going to feel really terrible about it, like when I liked Ryan. I'm gonna be going to college soon and hes going to start back again in september so its inevitable that we'll meet people, get to know them, and start to have feelings for them I don't want to think about that now but it can happen now. This is really hurting me, I don't want to have feelings for anyone else nor do I wan to be with anyone else, but I don't want to be later down the line thinking about how it could have been to be with other people and then we end up cheating on each other. I swear I would be so fucking hurt if we are apart later and I see him with someone else, oh god I already know I'll want to kill them or something, let alone imagining them together intimately I would just cry right there in front of him. He is(was) my first, even though I wasn't his first I'm sure he would feel the same, I'd just go crazy it would really bother me to know that.
If that were to happen, and I meet someone else...I dunno my family is kinda color blind especially my aunt she always has something to say about every race and ethnicity, always, and that hurts because I don't want my family to judge them by the're skin color and background just they're personality. And the thing about it, is that Jase is not all african american, his family is mixed, like mine. So it just doesn't make any sense...

In other news, I want to leave New York...Fucking kids took over the train I was on. How the fuck do you take over a train? its fucking ridiculous in this city, come on. I think they got on at 96th and then more came on at 116 or 125th but I was half sleep, I still heard them running back and forth in between cars, while going to 138th (my stop) I heard them joking on the loud speaker and then turned off all the lights so I'm like "Fucking immature hoodrats, thats why people think so low of us[minorities] now..." oh god, sometimes I wish that I wasn't born, but then I wouldn't have met my friends and jase to help me get through this stupidity.

Ja ne...I feel like crying..
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11:52pm 15/01/2004
mood: hungry
music: No Doubt- New
Alright, I'm in school, its my lunch period and I didn't fel like going so I'm in my graphics class. -Sighs- I have to finish two projects, one, my comic sould have been finished but the I'm having a problem with the cover...oh well. the second, my DVD project with christian, we had to watch Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" and get clips and cap from it to make a dvd cover, cd, booklet, and back. yay..funnessnes..blergh. I kind of hate macs ight now becase of the keyboards, it feels funny on my fingers. Haha i said something kinda funny last night when me and Sharlene were talking on aim i can't put it up now because I'm not home. But anyways I had to go to school in fucking -17 weather, i can hardly move my legs but at least I'm warm. I'm talking to paul now, because hes the only person online I wana talk to. I'm hungry as sin but I don't and will not eat school lunch,not after what Sharlene told m...thats just fucking disgusting...

Ja ne, minna san I'll post later or somethin.
09:12pm 05/01/2004
mood: annoyed
music: Micky mouse on t.v.
So my last post was ver depressing..blergh. I want to take it off but thats just like hiding again. -sighs- I went back to school today, its still terrible, were the worst High school in Manhattan (my school Washington Irving). when I was walking with lexi we just saw the usual small crowed of people around the door from afar, but we also so police cars so as we got closer we saw that there was packed line going all the way done the block to get into the school, there police offecers everywhere even a task force truck. My day was nothing but crap..well untill this after noon when I met up with chibiandor from greatest journal. We had fun, eatting chicken and playing soul calibur 2 at game time.
Nothing else to post so good night..~.~
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. . . . . (Revelation?)   
06:18am 31/12/2003
mood: pessimistic
music: . . . .
Alright so between 1 and 7 am(If I'm awake) I have alot of thoughts that just seem to come to me for no reason, whether to solve a problem or what. But now -yawns- I just had one that it took me a while to decide whether I should post it or not...Its about myself(duhr) and how I feel I guess. I'm going to try and type everything that I can remember or whatever comes to mind without watering it down. I feel ashamed of myself not only because of things that I probably did but about everything mybackground, my personality, the way I think, etc. I don't know why but I do I've been like this since..I can remember. The reason I go by "Kat" or Koneko" or "Dawn" or any other alias names is because I'm ashamed(somewhat) of my own name, curious of what it is? Fatima, its a muslim name and yes I was born muslim. Ok this is going to be kinda difficult to explain, uhm I am still muslim through my parents eyes and everyone else who knows me(adults that my parents know). But I don't really like religions like I said in my earlier post, the reason is because when I went to that islamic school the things that happend to me and around me affeced me and the way I think now. I mean at 7years old I was afraid that whatever I did I would go to hell for it, it didn't stop at what I did but if I saw or thought or said something bad I would think I was going to hell for that too. It was the same for my attraction to the same sex, I thought it was a terrible sin to even think that way let alone feel. They talked alot about how the last day or "Judgment day" would be and that your life would be veiwed infront of everyone and it just scared me because I wouldn't want my parents to see my thoughts or what I did, I didn't want to shame them...I feared alot of things I shouldn't at a young age. -sighs- I had a few friends there...if thats what you can call them. I trusted them but I shouldn't they told on me about alot of trivial shit. Anyway Everything has its pros and cons...academically that school was ok but it fucked me up pschologically heh..and for the better I guess(in some ways). I don't have anything against anyone who is religious I just don't really like dealing with it, to me religion is based on an opinion...that people interpetd wrong(o.O). Its good to believe in something to get you through hardships in life, but if it makes you fearful to live your life then...I don't know. No one should live they're life in fear. Of -ANYTHING-. But hey this is my opinion no one has to take my word on anything...I don't even think I'm right about what I say, chances are I'm going to look back at this post and cringe.
"Life is a Contradiction"

Ja ne...(out of precher type shyte to say x.x;; )
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01:02pm 28/12/2003
mood: okay
music: Moo Moo ^^
I posted this on another journal site late lastnight/ this morning:

I've been having alot on my mind lately, about my past and just random thoughts. I remember me and jase were talking in the train station christmas night while he was taking me home, we were talking about religion and what we thought of it. I told him that I didn't really care for religion because of what happend to me in a private islamic school, I told alot of things that I never told -anyone- else about because I felt ashamed and scared, I still feel that way but i know I can't stay this way forever or maybe I can?
I feel somewhat ashamed of my past posts, but I shouldn't its my journal and I have the right to post what I feel and think. But I don't like making anyone upset or disgusted with me because of one side of my personality, and it hurts when someone thinks of me in a negative way because of a side that I showed to everyone that I rarely show. I have low self-esteem and a bag full of other disorders... Its difficult for me to accept things negative and positive, I have a negative out look on just about everything, I don't think too highly of myself I guess I have an inferiority Complex.
05:04pm 27/12/2003
mood: apathetic
music: A Perfect Circle- Blue
Well christmas is over and I got most of what I wanted, an EckoRed jacket, Ah! Megamisama vol.1 dvd, and money...Not much but I didn't really know what I wanted..-sighs- I'm a bit dissappointed today, me and lexi planned to meet up today with Eth at penn station but I got an IM from annie early this morning around 3 am saying he wouldn't be able to make it, he called me and explained what happend but I already had a feeling we wouldn't meet up, I didn't get my hopes up too high just incase something like this happend and it did. I'm still a little hurt though because I was really looking forward to taking him to Game Time -sighs- I went anyway though with lex and played for two hours, not much but she had to be back by 5 so now I'm here bored out of my mind.
I really like this song thats on, I'm glad I bought Thirteenth Step rather than the new/old outcast two cd. I got my hair straightend wednesday, its holding up alright I guess but I don't think I'm going to have it out like this untill may thats like five months from now depending on when I get my hair braided again, I actually like kepping it braided because I don't really have to worry about it in the morning.

A very shocking thing happend, I bought a pink shirt-nods- yep me, Ms doom and gloom(as alexis calls meh..-.-) I'm known for just wearing black, and really dark blues and greys but now I'm wearing a baby pink shirt..o_o!! its a revolution! well its not that serrious but everyone else thinks so..-blink blink-
01:43am 13/12/2003
mood: nauseated
music: Nothin..
Alright I feel very..nauseated like my insides are going to come out of my mouth(notes that episode 3 of gatekeepers was not helping because of the guy that came out of the other guys mouth)0og..I think I'm gonna puke..@.@ urgh..School is going deeper into hell, lots of guns and shit is just over flowing Irving now I can't wait till I get out of that hell hole. Security is just stupid, they have all these new people that don't know what the fuck they're doing and don't know how to inforce the rules. And whats even stupider than the school is the Dept. of Edu they don't even know what the hell they're doing! how thell do you give someone in house suspension(suspension that is held in the school during school hours in a special room) for bringing a weapon and assulting or hitting a teacher, ya ass should be kicked out the damn scool. Now I know that I may have some spelling mistakes and crap but as I said this before..this is my god damn journal ^_^. Yeah so I go to a crappy ass school in a good neighborhood I mean its the reason I went to a school downtown so i could get away from that nonsense..I mean damn already.

Ja ne..thats enought ranting for today folks..
I don't know what to put here   
07:19pm 10/12/2003
mood: chipper
music: Cowboy Bebop- Tank!- remix
I stayed home again from school again today, got sick again this morning this is really becoming a pain in the ass. I had a trip today I couldn't even go, I'm so bored. I need more manga, I borrowed furi kuri from a friend the other day in japanese class, its so funny. I went to Forbidden Planet that day too, they're manga selection grew...alot theres like more than 40 titles there now I believe. I want to get "Kare Kano his and her circumstances", "Gunslinger Girl", and another "Seraphic Feather" manga, uhm I gotta get some "People" a gift either this weekend or next week..you know who you are if you're reading this... Back to the suff at FP, they have the Sentinel and A.P.U figures from The Matrix Movie(s) and they're only $23+ tax ^_^ ooohh and they have a Love Hina statue figure and other stuffs that was added since the last time I was in there over the summer. Meow..I want something..not food but somethin, I dunno..like to play with..-cat toy appears infront of her, shifts to koneko form and bats the toy around the floor-=^ ^= hmm..so yah lets see, go shopping for meh and the gifts and then just hang out in china town for the weekend if i get out early ^_^;.

Ja ne
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ROBO BITCHIN' and Peaches =^-^=;;   
07:20am 09/12/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Some raver song thing..o.O
Ok so the title of this makes no since but I dun care cause its my damn journal!! ^^ any way, its morning and I gotta go to skool -insert whining and groaning- WHY?!! eh..nyu..>.> I hae a trip tomorrow to some russian dance thing, oh well aslong as I'm outta class!

Ja ne! -bouncy bouncy, plop-=^-^=
Koneko's Thoughts   
09:08pm 07/12/2003
mood: accomplished
music: Ayumi Hamasaki- Dearest
I was going to post yesterday but my comp crashed and restarted in the middle of my typing. I have need to I guess get somemore stuff in the open about me..even the demons..blergh..
That post about one of my friends being felt up by a guy she knew, that actually happend to me... I didn't want to say it was me for fear of if Jase or one of my friends read it they'll think differently about me -shrugs- now I don't really care. In seventh and eighth grade a rumour spread around the school about me being a slut, gangbanged, and would let guys cum on my face... I found out recently this year that the reason the rumour went around was because I wouldn't have sex with the bf I had at the time (he was the one who spread the rumour). I remember in 8th grade after me and the guy broke up that a friend of mine got me together with his cousin, I thought that would work out until the rumour got to him by my ex and he believed it..its somewhat difficult to explain everything that happend around this topic but oh well. I wonder why I'm even talking about this... It makes me afraid of alot of things, that nothing will work out for me because they haven't in the past, because I'm not such an important person. Maybe thats why I'm so controlling at times because I want to know whats going to happen and I want it to revolve around me, because things never went my way..I got my hopes up for alot of things and it just went terribly wrong. I know there are people that have it alot worse than me but..it still hurts.
I'm glad that I have friends that care about me though, I used to think I didn't have that many but i do I guess..they're all weird like me^_^. I should talk to them more but I have nothing to talk about I guess and it will be silence..Oh yeah I changed the color of my journal, I think its nice I never thought I'd use this color but it turned out kewl =^.^=

Ja ne, Moo!
Maybe I'm dying or something..   
10:32pm 04/12/2003
mood: contemplative
music: Milkshake- Kelis
I don't know but every since I was young it was always easy for me to get sick, and thats stayed with me up to now, I get sick more often that I used to...I'e been out of school more than I should be because of this(I've stayed home three days out of this week). -sighs- I remember waking up the other day and thinking what the hell am I going to do? where am I going to get the money to go to college and just crap about school and getting a job. Its alot that I shouldn't stress oer but if I don't then what?
Err..ok maybe I do look like Kelis a little-blinks-..Jase and a couple of his friends are coninced that I look like the singer Kelis. Its off subject but hey I can do that its my damn journal!!XD Rikku looks so cute in X-2!! ^^
I need a cell phone..-.- I need alot of things..like a new computer, clothes, boots(those kewl newrock boots), mp3 player/recorder, and random stuff..
Hmm..maybe I should go to bed..

Ja ne
Trigger Happy Neko-Sama   
03:09pm 29/11/2003
mood: Somewhat Hyper active
music: Do As Infinity- Holiday
Yes I have finally created some tipe of page that I am the god of! -stands ontop of mountain triumphantly- MWAHAHAHA!!! yeah anyways..its just a Message board for the RP that I and a few friends have started, its still a bit in the works but it looks very good considering I made it spontaneously at 1 o'clock in the morning...talk about bordom. Thanksgiving was alright I mean, the food and movie part. I'm not to big on family gatherings but I went with Jase to his brothers house for the day, I just kept to myself really I don't like to talk mainly because I have nothing to talk about or I just don't feel like talking, people say that its weird of me. But how so? when I talk about something no one can relate to it so I just stay quiet. Maybe I am too quiet, but its better that way I'm not known and thats how I like it. Its only when I'm around people I'm close to that I act like I have ADD or something(no offense to anyone who does have it. -has it mildly-) but its all good, everyone thats been around me knows that I have my times of spazzing out randomly and then going back to this depressing side of me. well thats all of that and toodle do.

Ja ne
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Blah blah blah...   
10:54pm 27/11/2003
mood: lethargic
music: Futurama is on...
I'm so glad to have gotten this break, maybe I can get some rest or whatever. I really don't know what to put on here..I feel sleepy. I'm gonna go shopping tomorrow, get some jeans and dvds maybe a manga or somethin..-shrugs-
plah, boom, squish.....-grumble grumble-   
01:17am 22/11/2003
mood: crappy
music: No song to fit my mood that will make me feel better
-Groans- I don't know what to think or do anymore... Me and Jase think that our relationship is growing apart that its just lagging on, but I really can't see myself stay with anyone else if we do break up(again). I'm tired of this shit, I know I will never be happy if this keeps happening to me..everything just feels like routine like I do it because I'm used to it.-sighs- oh gawd I don't know what to do..I feel empty again... fscking emotions..-walks away holding her plushy sephiroth and dante, grumbling to herself-

ja ne..-grumble grumble-
Another Day...   
12:32am 15/11/2003
mood: melancholy
music: Massive Attack- "Dissolved Girl"
I guess its time for an update, ne? well there really isn't much to update about, I'm broek, I hate school and the people in it, I want to stay asleep. I don't understand why I feel so odd, its creeping me out... Alot of things don't even feel the same anymore. -sighs- what to do..what to do..I wish I could stop feeling this way, its not exactly sad and its not exactly depreesed its just something. I get everyones way..maybe I should leave.
Here the lyrics to one of my favorite songs..-thinks-..I kinda feel like this I guess -shrugs-

"Dissolved Girl"- Massive Attack

Shame, such a shame
I think I kind of lost myself again
Day, yesterday
Really should be leaving but I stay

Say, say my name
I need a little love to ease the pain
I need a little love to ease the pain
It's easy to remember when it came

'Cause it feels like I've been
I've been here before
You are not my savior
But I still don't go

Feels like something
That I've done before
I could fake it
But I still want more

Fade, made to fade
Passion's overrated anyway
Say, say my name
I need a little love to ease the pain
I need a little love to ease the pain
It's easy to remember when it came

'Cause it feels like I've been
I've been here before
You are not my savior
But I still don't go, oh

I feel live something
That I've done before
I could fake it
But I still want more, oh.
Very Sad ending to The Matrix Trilogy (SPOILER WARNING AHEAD!!)   
09:56pm 06/11/2003
mood: accomplished
music: Massive Attack- Teardrop
Well I saw the Matrix Revolutions the day it came out, which was right after lexi got out of school...I waited for about an hour for her to get out so I went to Game Time and played Otogi: Myth of Demons. Its a kewl game though the part where the old temple watcher is being a pain in the ass saying"None shall pass!" is irritating..-.-;; Anyway we got to the theater on time, got popcorn and watched the preview for "The Last Samurai" now thats something I wanna see, and not because tom cruise is in it either..I could care less...though I think Keanu Reeves would be a sexier samurai -drools-@.@ Oh yeah! forgot..the movie yeah..this is a =SPOILER= people so If you haven't seen the movie yet and don't want to find out the kewl parts I suggest you turn around and bend over so I can kick you out of here..-smiles-

So the long await ends and we know what happens to the People of Zion, and the war itself..The War is over, Machines and Humans coexisting together in the Real world for aslong as they can Or something along those lines. Neo and Trinity are..Dead..well I don't think Neo is dead though thats what it looks like but how can the One be dead?..he probably fused with the machines or something later. But anyway..The million, billion copies of Smith have returned back to the people they were before because of Neo allowing to be consumed by Smith..Now this may sound odd and strange but Smith is Neo's negative like the orcle said so..If hejoins with smith somehow that will cancel out..o_o? The big fight between the two is like something out of DBZ. The War in Zion was..just awsome in my oppinon..a nice mix of blood, machines, and guns... very big guns..what more could I ask for..?(a sex scene involving me and The One..-swoon- *_*). You know whith Smith being Neo's opposite and all..I wonder if that goes for the orcle and the architect?were they married and the relationship didn't work out?hmmm..ah well! The war is over so that means..another sweaty rave in zion!!! o_O

Too bad there won't be anymore Matrix movies..-cry, cry, sniffle, sniffle-...All three movies were great but later down the line, I hope no one does the movies over terribly. That would just be..awful..
Ja ne
Bag O' Chicken   
04:09pm 02/11/2003
mood: okay
music: My dad talking to my -brother-
Well lets see, so much to write(type) about where to start first..hmm.. Well I'm trying ever so hard to save up my money for a couple of things that I want/need, and trying to get through this school year with all the nimrods out there. I have to develop two rolls of film soon but I don't want to touch any of the money I saved... I wonder when Eth will update his journal..its collecting dust by now..
Today wasn't much fun I guess, just watched the runners for the marathon go down 5th ave. Everyone said diddy(puff daddy) already came by before I got there, omg the other day I saw his new hair cut that thing looked so terrible..its like a curly mohawk or whatever it looks stupid. After that I ran acrosss to lexi's building and stayed there with her and sasha in the laundry room talking about diddy's hair cut, calvin, food, hair, and some other stuff. After that me and sasha went across the street to the chinese resteraunt I got her an egg roll and I got me a bag of 4 chicken wings, I don't know about any other chinese resteraunts else where but a bag of fried chicken wings with some bbq and hot sauce on it is the shiznit..and if you have an extra dollar for some fries its even better(I know I'm ghetto, but its to an extent..^_^)... When me sasha got back to the laundry room lexi took one of my wings cause I didn't get her brownie from the store(they didn't have it) So I let her have one. Another thing thats good but there aren't that many cuchifrito's over here is roast chicken, beans and rice, plantano( fried banana), yucca(is a kind of potato type plant), pasteles. Damn this comp is about to shut down.
Kat makes a Come Back...with a little moo and a meow ^_^   
03:44pm 26/10/2003
mood: drained
music: some cooking thingy on the Food chnl.
Ok so yeah I haven't updated in hella longtime but I had stuff to do and I just couldn't think of anything to post even though alot of shit happend last week..-shakes her head-. Me and Jase broke up last sunday but then got back together thursday night (which I'm so fsking happy about), I felt like shit that whole time..I was crying snot running down my nose every night..thats not pretty man..o_O well love cn do alot of fucked up shit to you and thats the truth. Me, Jase, lexi, vic, sasha, and Jases's friend Calvin went out last night for lexi's birthday, it was fun went to the movies( and I missed the preveiw for The Matrix Revolutions AGAIN!!), arcade, and dinner. We tried going to broadway city( arcade next to the movie theater in times square) but the bouncer tried to play me and calvin because he had spike bracelets and I had on a studed choker, saying it was a weapon and that we can get in if they take our shit and never give it back(ok...how in the hell are you going to take someones personal belongings and not give it back?)that was a flop so we ended up walking down a few blocks to Lazer Park and play some games there..I played DDR with lexi, my first time and I didn't do so well, but I did beat her in a racing game..uhm..we walked back to 42nd and had dinner at applebees..yummy.
boots and alot of walking do not go..lots of pain ahead. I don't feel like posting anymore cause I'm like tired..oh yeh I saw Kill Bill vol.1 fucking kick ass movie..lost o blood and body parts!!-grin-
I'm sicky poo and I think I died...MOMMY!!x_X   
11:06pm 11/10/2003
mood: sick
music: blegh..nuthin
I'm just starting to get over a cold or some 24 hour bug I caught yesterday..-shivers- I always get sick..its not fair. Well here are some random quiz results:

a master of the mystical katana

noble; honorable; deadly
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Quiet Girl

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Quiet Girl

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Your just a Nice Girl, Made of Sugar and Spice plus you make everything nice. Keep bein' your nice sentive self.
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You like to watch it in Japanese!

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now that I take japanese chances are I'll understand more of what they're saying o.o;
White Goth
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Lucifer: Angel of the starlight, you are often
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oohh pwetty...^_^
You're just a broken doll...the depressed beauty,or
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I thought I would be Makoto!! wah!!
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mew mew..
The Ankh, with its looped top, is an ancient
Egyptian hieroglyphic representing the womb,
and translated means life. It is a symbol found
widely in Egyptian art, where gods and
goddesses are shown clutching the ankh, the key
to the afterlife and immortality. This symbol
was also known as the Key of the Nile, which
provided water for Egypt to survive, thus
further reinforcing the image of fertility and
reproduction. It symbolises the ability for
life to evolve and be successful, and reminds
us that life on earth is simply one aspect of
creation, and that we are all eternal beings.

Are You The Ankh(Egyptian symbol of Life)?
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You're From Neptune
You're From Neptune. This means that you are bound
to be a sensitive and sometimes underspoken
person. You are a dreamer who spends most of
their time in their dreams.

What Planet are You From?
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Dream, the third of The Endless, you are in charge of the Dreaming, all imagination and creativity, everyone knows your beautiful realm, but none truly understand it. You are dark and%2
Dream, the third of The Endless, you are in charge
of the Dreaming, all imagination and
creativity, everyone knows your beautiful
realm, but none truly understand it. You are
dark and brooding, creative, and spend a lot of
time by yourself, just thinking. You are almost
as serious as Destiny, but not quite. Everyone
is enchanted by you, but you keep them all at a
distance, even when you shouldn't.

Which Endless are you?
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