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frying an egg on the drive way [02 Jul 2003|12:39am]
[ mood | bored ]

So bored so bored...but yes, finally, i am updating my journal. The past 2 weeks have been very busy. Work, work, beach, basketball, and getting the car ready for florida. Today I was goign to a tire place and on the way there some girl on a cell phone crashes right into a telephone poll, which falls 10 feet right infront of my car almost causing me to crash. Thank god the rice mobile has good steering and i was able to save myself. The girl that crashed her car was fine, but very upset, it was quite an emotional moment watching it all. It was one of the moments of realization. I needed one of those and i thank god that i am ok and that girl was ok. That has been the most exciting thing that has happened in two weeks. Going to the beach has been fun. I have a nice tan now, no sunburn cuz Puerto Rican's dont burn like most whitey's. The only bad thing about goign to the beach is going to seaside. The beach is so dirty and has been trashed by most people who go there. I am going to start goign point pleasant instead. I dont understand the metanlity of the people coming to a beach and trashin it. Arrr people will be arrogant though. My latest activity of playing ball a lot has been interesting. Im finally getting in shape, meeting new people, including a bunch of cocky assholes. Its nice to go out there and shut those people down. Now we come to my favorite topic, work. Work has been a lot better. Besides my hate for a few, I get a long wit all my fellow managers. Customers have been petty good and havn't been bitchy. With all the big bucks i make there i will finally have enough dough to go on my Florida road trip next week. Its going to be craZy. I cannot wait. I will have plenty to say after that. Till then PeAcE... :)

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