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[22 Aug 2004|12:28pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | motionless- name taken ]

i woke up nice and refreshed this morning around 11:00. a nice 10 hours of sleep. the other night i only had 3 hours because of my weird irregular sleep pattern (which by the way i truly hate). i had to wake up early yesterday but woke up the second lady was at my door to pick me up to go to great america. i ended up meeting her there because i didn't want to keep her and her family waiting for me. i felt bad. but anyways, great america was fun. we rode the small rides mostly but it was cool. the biggest ride we rode was probably "the grizzly". haha... i love that roller coaster. honestly, that's the only roller coaster that i've ridden in great america =P. i have a fear of roller coasters with loops as a result from a bad experience with the one in las vegas. eeeh. but anyways yes, it was a fun day.

about him:
i still like him... a lot. the feeling never went away and i always think about him. i always think about talking to him like a normal conversation between two buddies. but when i do get the chance, the most i say is just one remark and either he (or me) walks away =\. then i end up feeling like i made myself look like an idiot. i'm bummed. i don't know what to do....

lyrics// even if i could scream, it would only be half a sigh of what i think of you
my eyes have failed to find you with me

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[20 Aug 2004|10:50pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

well school is just around the corner and i'm just about wrapping up my AP US history homework. last night i finished up reading the last book i need to read for english class. so there's one thing off my back. my goal is to finish everything by monday >_<... eeeeh

i set up goals for myself this coming school year. its a brand new start and a chance for new possibilities waiting to happen. i don't want to mess up.

well i think this is it for now... all this thinking and homework is making me bitchy so i'm stopping here

until next time

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