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friends are everything. [23 Mar 2004|08:43pm]
I'm making this one entry public because I feel that I should just express really just how much my friends mean to me...

Sam···yeh we sort of have drifted away a little this year. and I'm gonna be honest and say that it really does suck. but you really always will be my best friend, even if we dont hang out as much, or talk as much. I dont know if we will live nextdoor to eachother forever, but as of now we do, and just know that I'll always be here for you as the old best friend I will always be, right in the house nextdoor. and in highschool I hope we dont drift farther apart then we already have.

Mike···computer partner. we met in kindergarten. we were the koolest computer partner duo. and you know it! 5th grade was really the permanent start of our friendship, and its been going on since then, with a million laughs with a million more to come throughout the years of highschool. you'll always be my bestest guy friend on the face of this earth, and that will never change. I'm here for you always, even though you dont tell me much stuff thats bothering you. but whenever you do, I wont be an ass about it and I'll actually try to help you.

Christel···our friendship will probably always be a rollercoaster. ups and downs all the time. but youre still my forever blonde twin, even though niether of us are actually blonde. yeh we went through hard times, but that was a looong time ago, and I'm sure there are still times where we piss eachother off, but we're still friends. and thats kool. our interesting conversations when I'm hyper or when youre hyper will never get old, and you will still probably always be one of my best friends.

Pugz···hey man. yeh we met in..first grade? but I dont think we were friends then haha. we basically really started to be friends in 5th grade I think. at sams party when you humped her and her mom saw. yeh you were weird. you still are. but kool. I think we have grown a little closer in some way or another, even if you dont feel the same way about that. I still think it. I'm starting to hold back making fun of you not as much and I think I'm doing a pretty good job of it. and your intelligence/personality has honestly kind of made me want to do good in school believe it or not. so thanks pugz, I owe you one.

Tori···wifee. 62403 hell yeh. still going strong. man we have gotten into alot of fights, and annoyed the shit out of eachother, and surprisingly we are still friends. I guess we only get along when we arent PMSing? haha. but I'm glad we've still always been friends even after our big fights. we've had like so many funny moments because we are losers and do stupid shit and thats really funny. ( running around barefoot on football field and falling asleep on top of equipment storage things ) in highschool I hope we still stay friends throughout it.

John···we only met this year and I think youre a kool guy. youre so incredibly funny just looking at you makes me laugh. and you know I cant even keep a straight face when talking to you. haha youre sense of humor is just great. I like you mostly as a friend because I can talk to you about things and you just listen and its kool. and I'd like to think that you could talk to me about anything too. dont change for anyone John.

Cassandra···youre awesome!! you always just say random things that make me laugh my ass off. our daily walks to my math class, and our morning talks haha. its great. I love being friends with you because youre just fun to be around all the time and thats never anything to get sick of. I'm glad you came back to Pat-Med because if you didnt then we probably would end up never ever talking again! and that would suck major donkey cock, yes it would. so dont leave ever again!!

Steve···you, my boyfriend, are amazing. I love you so much because you are just genuinly awesome and always can make me smile no matter what mood I am in. you just have that effect. I'm glad that one day ( the day at dickies house ) happened because if it didnt then things might have been aloooot different. everytime I talk to you, I talk to you with a smile. online, on the phone, or in person. you just complete me. there is nothing I dont like about you at all. I love everything about you. and I hope we stay together for a loooong time/forever because you mean that much to me =]

Kyle···yeh I dont care if you read this or not but youre a pretty awesome guy. and I'm glad you and Tori are going out. and ahem, you have ME to thank because if it wasnt for ME then tori would have never met you. so ha. and be good to her! you loser. I love you Kyle haha as friiiiiiennnddddsss hahaha. youre are really fucking funny and your personality is outrageous. dont change it. I can see you being like a best friend so never change man.

Chris···words cant describe how frickn awesome you are! I've been talking to you since when..august or september, and guess what, we are still talking!! hahaha. I love talking to you because you just always make me laugh and most times succeed at making me happy when I'm all sad and stuff. oh man and our great phone conversations. 1-800-WET-BOYS lmfao that was great! I was lmao for a good 10 minutes. and you telling me stories while youre in the bathroom..umm..just in the bathroom..haha. you've made me realize so many thing, and have taught me so much just from talking to you. and as I've said many many many times before, you deserve every good thing that comes into your life. and I mean everything. and you better know that when I know I can, I'm getting my ass down to maryland to hang out with you. ilusfm!

Other awesome people···Billy, Courtney, Tessa, Cabrina, Madison.

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; FRIENDS CUT ; [08 Mar 2004|04:21pm]
ok, I cut the following people, because they didnt comment on my entry before OR just havent commented at all lately. the people that arent listed here are people that I have talked to in their journal, or commented.

artiificialx hardly comments. didnt comment on entry I asked.
pictureperfect never comments. didnt comment on entry I asked.
w0o are you alive????
xbeckix new journal. added you back on that one =]

if any of you guys want to be added back, let me know and I'll take it into consideration. if not, take me off your list please =]

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friendsss cutttt [20 Feb 2004|10:42pm]
holluh take me off your friends list!!! you have a new journal or something. take me off please! thankkks.

EDIT ahh more people to take me off their friends list! wooh!

emotional_x new journalll.
pictureperfect just yeh. =/ sorry.
xbeckix new journalll.


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; ACCESS DENIED ; [02 Jan 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | not what it seems ; SoCo ]


Comment to be added. You must update everyday or at least every other day. I mean, if you never update whats the point of you being able to read my journal that I DO update at least every other day in, unless something comes up or if I go somewhere. Do not add me if you are just going to ask me for help with your lame journal, because I only help my real blurty friends if they need it. Or dont add me just to make your friends list 'bigger'. that just makes you stupid. thats probably why your friends list was small to begin with. Also, add me FIRST. please, =] Try to comment on every entry I write, if you think its necessary. I like to hear peoples opinions on whats going on with me. It really helps. Let me know when you arent going to be updating so I dont cut you by fault. If you need to know other shit, just i/m me, the sn is in the info. kthxbye.

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