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Friday, December 19th, 2003

Time:2:49 pm.
Mood: loved.
sorry i havnt been updating..ive been extremly busy latley! n*e*Way...Joel is going to ask me out! YAY!
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Thursday, December 4th, 2003

Subject:I feel Fat...
Time:4:25 pm.
Mood: envious.
I swear....can't take this. I'm like 5'0" and I'm 113 pounds. i swear I'm gonna starve my self! i can't take this shit. my b.f.f is so skinny its sickining. but thankfully no one reads this so know one will know but me. i'm just gonna eat a little at lunch at school so know one suspects anything. i know donny likes tall skinny girls and im not one of them. my b.f.f is perfect. she is like 90 pounds and she is so pretty. i cant take my life anymore. me and donny never talk and i cant stand it. im so pissed i like hate everyone right now
2*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Monday, December 1st, 2003

Subject:*[(Sick Day)]*
Time:9:24 am.
Mood: sick.
Music:Switch Foot*-Meant to live.
Oi...last night i had hells bad cramps! -_- *tear* I threw up in my sleep too. it was ((SiCk)) Brandy keeps telling me to update my site, but its such a fooking hassle! I hate that fooking site! i'm gonna kill it. *EVIL*

garrett and i talked alot last nigh..and all day. lol. it was awesome. There is this guy at school who wont stop asking me out and garrett's like "just tell him your my bitch" lol! and im like...okei dokei! i guess i will do that. since garrett is the sexiest man in the world. lol


Peace (_(
Love )_)
and (_(
Rock )_)
n* (_(
Roll! )_)
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Saturday, November 29th, 2003

Subject:*deep sigh*
Time:6:50 pm.
Mood: giddy.
Music:Blink -_- 182--->Feeling This.
well...ashley isn't home, so i can't get ahold of her to spend the night, and ange isn't home either =(. i have ((cRaMpS)) and it ((suCkS)). I watched x-men 2 today...it was grand. i used to love x-men soo much. me and my brothers had all the comics, and we knew all their names. Some people didn't get at the end why it had Jean talking and then a shadow of a phenoix, but i do *giggles insainly* well, (1st) of all everyone, Jean isn't dead. and they thing with the phenoix...when she started glowing red after she like, you know, used her powers to make the air craft thing fly? oh god...I'm lost now! *gRrRrRr* ok, here we go, Jean turns ((INTO)) PhEoNiX! THE MOST POWERFULL X-MEN EVER Grand, eh? lol. I'm ((SUCH)) a ((NeRd)). but i so rock. j/k. And the only reason i know all that is cuz i read all the comics *blushes*
I wrote a note to Joel today. i never realized how cool he is!


I've known him for like, my whole life living in Graham, but we were never "friends". we always knew of eachother, but never got that interested. but last year i hada crush on him. then i had another one on him this year too! and he found out, and Ed told me that joel said he would ask me out if he got to know me, but joel really isnt the type of boy who is like, girl crazy! he has never had a g/f, just cuz he is like that! but he is soooo ((cute)). He used to be a prep, like, A TOTAL PREP! he wore polo and junk...and puka shell neckles's! and Wed* he brought it to school and showed me and im like "aww..joel...i remember you back then!" it was funny! now joel is like ((PuNk RoCk SkAtEr GuItAr PlAyEr)) I LOVE IT!

[] ) [] (C []K [] []E

[»] ŦØm ĐëĻØňğë ®Ø¢ĸ§ m¥ §Ø¢ĸ§ [«]
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Friday, November 28th, 2003

Subject:begining of the song....
Time:11:05 pm.
i cant stand this. I'm always thinking about him. when i see him i cant breathe. and when i think about him it feels like nothing else matters. but i hate him. but i cant stop loving him. and i said i was over him and that i didnt need him but im not over him and i need him more than anything now. he doesnt feel the same way that i feel. im always just gonna be *Justine, that 8th grader who's liked me since last year, and we were "together" for one day* Nothing is going to be like how is was before, right? i wish it was..you dont know that your killing me more and more everyday...only one person knows how i feel...and thats me. i wish i never told you how i felt. then i wouldnt have gotten to know you more and more. then i wouldnt be in love with you. and i wouldnt be waitining for you forever...but im just standing still while the whole world moves...and i cant move...
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Subject:sadness is an ever flowing river in my heart...
Time:10:10 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Music:brodie--> one of a kind.
MSN convo with ange...

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
ello matey

†›»jö€yŠ Kñö†«‹ says:

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
hows is shakin?

†›»jö€yŠ Kñö†«‹ says:
its ok u?

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
hmm ok...kinda sad :-\

†›»jö€yŠ Kñö†«‹ says:
wuts wrong

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
i miss ross...we never talk anymore..and we used to be so tight!

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
we were best friends

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
and we said we would always be that way..

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
and now we never talk...

†›»jö€yŠ Kñö†«‹ says:
what happened?

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
we never see eachother

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
and we are both busy..

†›»jö€yŠ Kñö†«‹ says:

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
so we never talk on the phone

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
and i miss him...

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
like i miss you

†›»jö€yŠ Kñö†«‹ says:
Well see.. people told me u didnt like me so.. i backed off

[»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
well its not true..
»] One*Of*A*Kind [«] says:
i love you ange. ur like my b*f*f or..u were

†›»jö€yŠ Kñö†«‹ says:
I still am and I will always try to be
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Thursday, November 27th, 2003

Time:6:49 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Music:andrew singing.
my cousin andrew just wrote this song about his brother (note: both are my cousins)..here it goes...

Zach is du-uuum! he drinks ru-uum!!! He is a buuum.

it was actually really funny when he sang it lol. he is 11. whoa. he is gettin older
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Time:6:45 pm.
Mood: bored.
Music:Andrew talking to Shane....
hey! I'm at my aunts house right now for thanksgiving. i really dont like these family gatherings lol. no biggy. tho. my cousin was just singing some song from "gold member" it was funny. and now he is talking to himself. grand, eh? well...i love donny. go me. im gonna go...this is boring~!!! i think we are leaving soon too...bye bye!

*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Wednesday, November 26th, 2003

Subject:wow. the OC was good
Time:10:05 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Music:Yellowcard*Way Away.
whoa. the OC was awesome tonight. Luke and Ryan are friends. And now Kirstin and er...marissa's mom are friends. and then luke's dad is gay! it was crazy! but oh so good.
I hate being the girl that is one of the guys! like, "i cant go out with Justine cuz we are to good of friends!" i hate that! ugh...
I think i like Joel again~! OI
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Subject:cute lil thing kimi made...
Time:3:01 pm.
Mood: sad.
|[bOii-I wIsH dOnNy]|
|[*FaLLen-HeaD OvA hEaLz*]|
|[1st Eva-6.18.90]|

Well...i think Mr. Hanso hates me and ashley. |[RuDe]| lol. well mommy said ashley can spend he night on sat. YaY~! Im still depressed yall..sad sad sad...:'(
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Subject:||_ (O) \\// ||E...
Time:2:52 pm.
Mood:donny-fied... -_-.
Music:EvAnEsCeNcE*My ImMoRtAl.
A smile can turn can turn the greynees blue*A smile can Say "I LOVE YOU" too*A smile can melt any young gurls heart*Then howcome your smile tares me apart~?

Deadicated to Donny.

a kiss is a kiss till you find the 1 you love. and a hug is a hug till you find the one you're thinking of. and a dream is a dream till it comes true. but love is just a word till proven to you.
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Monday, November 24th, 2003

Subject:.[no title for me].
Time:3:13 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Music:Nirvana..:..Smells Like Teen Spirit.
well...This "avoiding donny thing" is actually making me happier. Weird, eh? HeHe, i think it is. I thought i would be tottally sad and stuff but...im completly the other way around*! I'm very happy, and I'm never worring if he is mad or anything at me. It's great. And the best thing is...I'M SLOWLY GETTING OVER HIM*! How cool, right*?!

PrincessofPop10 [3:18 PM]: im over robby for the last time muwhaha
SxYFiTcHbABe92 [3:18 PM]: mhmm..
SxYFiTcHbABe92 [3:18 PM]: lol
PrincessofPop10 [3:18 PM]: lol how rude
PrincessofPop10 [3:18 PM]: =)
SxYFiTcHbABe92 [3:19 PM]: :-D
PrincessofPop10 [3:19 PM]: but ur prolly right eh?
SxYFiTcHbABe92 [3:19 PM]: yes

LoL~! Funny!!! Ashely is funny. great kid. bestest bud in the world. whoa man. how cool, eh?

Scratch that I'm so not over donny. maybe in my dreams i was! oi...
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Friday, November 21st, 2003

Subject:all good now...all good..
Time:8:33 pm.
Mood: ditzy.
Music:The Strokes*12:51.
___* HEY! Give me space so i can breathe!
___* Give me space so i can sleep!

-_=Time: 8:40=_-
-_=Temp: 34° F=_-

ok. me and justin were on the phone for a while. working out all this shyte. i thought i was gonna cry. and it sounded like he was gonna too. it was sad. but we are like..u know...good now. i wish i could tell you studd we said but it was all so weird...i forgot. lol. well...

like 3 days ago i wrote "justine (heart) donny" on my desk in math 6th period..and today after 1st everyone was like "omg justine we saw wut u wrote on the desk!" and im like omg...whoop..then 6th period mr. hanson was like.."justine, please dont write on the desks anymore. but i acused donny of writing that because he has 1st period math with me, and he also sits at the same dsk as you" i was so embarressed!!!

ExCuSe AlL mY bAd SpElLiNg


Convo of the day---

PrincessofPop10 [8:31 PM]: I'm Trible Barbie.
C r A z A y 15 [8:31 PM]: Im Ken
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Subject:Cry for me...
Time:6:24 pm.
Mood: stressed.
how can you love some one who treats you like shit...are you supposed to take this shit? or walk away...i dont know. i cant walk away cuz he might be all i have. but if he's not...what am i missing out on? and if i leave him...what if i cant get him back? why cant i breathe when i think about him? why do we always get in fights? Why doesnt he ralize he is killing me evey time he saying sumthing horrible. he is never going to understand. and if he is gonna treat me like this...maybe he isn't worth it...or maybe im not good enough...
3*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Thursday, November 20th, 2003

Subject:let it snow...let it snow...
Time:4:22 pm.
Mood: cold.
Yay. we have a wonderfull 4 1/2 inch*z of snow. I went and played in it as soon as i got home from school. all after school suff was canceled. i hope justin got home ok...cuz he has wrestling after school every*day...and now that he didnt...he couldnt get ahold of his mom to pick him up and he doesnt ride the bus either cuz he lives like 2 hours away. whoa. i love you justin.

i promised my*self i need to back off from Donny. i feel it will be better for our friend*ship, you know? well...Im gonna sit by the fire and read a book.

xoxo.-::-. Dickie
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

Subject:How many Ska kidz does it take to screw in a light-bulb?
Time:2:18 pm.
Mood: amused.
Music:Operation Ivy.:.Punk Rock Jock.
___*Answer: 3. one to screw it in. and 2 to "pick it up pick it up pick it up".

*___I thought that was funny. cuz i like ska. and like all their songs in the begining say "pick it up" 3 times really fast. Becky told that too us at lunch.

I'm playing with a string of cherrios. hmm....

Well...i had a headach when i woke up so i took a pain killer on ACCIDENT then i took an asprin and it made me feel SO sick. During science (5th period) i just sat in the bathroom cuz i thought i was gonna throw up. =( *yUcKiE* Justin wasn't @ skool today...it was kinda good tho...cuz i didn't get all depressed about him. YaY. I wore Donny's sweatshirt over mine @ lunch today...and OMG i was so hot. i was like sweating. lol it was funny. cameron was here today. he was fine. his back hurt alot tho. i called ashley mom yesterday on the phone it was funny. and stupid mr. hanson put me on step 3 cuz he is a retard. grrr.

xoxo...\m/ rock on
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Tuesday, November 18th, 2003

Time:3:22 pm.
Mood: worried.
Music:Phantom Planet*California.
omg...jake just called..and cameron is back in the hospital...and he has amnesia. I'm so worried. Jake told me that the doctor said that i need to tell Cameron i love him alot, and treat him like i usually do. and cameron is coming to school tomorrow to socializ as part of his therapy. oh lord. i love you cameron.
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Subject:I'm thinkin today was weird...
Time:2:50 pm.
Mood: scared.
Music:P.O.D*Will You.
Well...once again....I think I Like dear old Robby again. how sad :(. but yet again...justin and i are in another fight. ThIs SuCkS. Me and Donny didn't really talk today. and Cameron got hit by a car at his bus stop. he was in the hospital. and he has whiplash. poor cameron. Brad was like "justine! cameron is dead" i nearly cried. i was so scared. i love cameron to death. i got freakin step 3 today. it was stupid! i got step one cuz i was laughing, step 2 cuz i was singing on step 1. and step 3 cuz i was dancing on step 2. mrs. clayton is a crack-o. damn.

im out...
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Saturday, November 15th, 2003

Subject:omg...i hate justin.
Time:3:05 pm.
Mood: angry.
Music:Brodie..:..One of a Kind.
i cant take this shit anymore. he treats me like shit. AND TO EVERY ONE...FRIENDS WITH BENIFITS SUCK ASS! just to let you know. me and justin fight 24/7. but i cant help but forgiving him for what he says to me. here is our convo from last night....well..half of it...

Poser619 [11:23 PM]: =-O
Auto response from PrincessofPop10 [11:23 PM]: probably crying...like you even give a shit anyway.
PrincessofPop10 [11:24 PM]: :-\
Poser619 [11:24 PM]: so whats going on between us
PrincessofPop10 [11:25 PM]: no clue. you tell me?
Poser619 [11:25 PM]: no i asked and you the one who seems over welmed
PrincessofPop10 [11:25 PM]: well i am...i never ever EVER act like this
PrincessofPop10 [11:25 PM]: and its buggin me
PrincessofPop10 [11:26 PM]: cuz i cant help it
Poser619 [11:26 PM]: cant help what
PrincessofPop10 [11:26 PM]: they way im acting
PrincessofPop10 [11:26 PM]: like always fighting with u
PrincessofPop10 [11:26 PM]: and i usually dont act like this with other guys
Poser619 [11:27 PM]: hate wen that happens and i dont conssider us fighting so 4 now on do what ever you want and ill agree
PrincessofPop10 [11:27 PM]: no
PrincessofPop10 [11:27 PM]: i dont want u to agree with me on things
Poser619 [11:28 PM]: then we wont fght
PrincessofPop10 [11:28 PM]: i like how ur just like wutever, fuck it...guys just like give in to easliy with me
PrincessofPop10 [11:28 PM]: i dont want u to change
PrincessofPop10 [11:28 PM]: i will just like..not freak out with ur with other guys..
PrincessofPop10 [11:28 PM]: cuz u dont even care when im with other guys...
Poser619 [11:28 PM]: well obviously YA DO
PrincessofPop10 [11:29 PM]: i mean gurls
Poser619 [11:29 PM]: as you sAId were not go ing out
PrincessofPop10 [11:30 PM]: i know..cuz u dont like having g/f's as i heard..
Poser619 [11:30 PM]: from who
PrincessofPop10 [11:30 PM]: baron
PrincessofPop10 [11:30 PM]: & u
Poser619 [11:30 PM]: what he say
PrincessofPop10 [11:31 PM]: u said that u dont like having g/fs cuz so many gurls like u and u dont want to hurt their feelings if u have a g/f
PrincessofPop10 [11:31 PM]: he said that u*
Poser619 [11:34 PM]: well that some times occures but thats not excactly tru like some times i just dont want girl friends to relie on me or me have to make sure there not cheeting on me or what not im just saying id rather do what ever and just go with the flow that may sound rude but what can i say
PrincessofPop10 [11:35 PM]: :-\
Poser619 [11:35 PM]: but i dont know latly ive been wanting to do something different
PrincessofPop10 [11:36 PM]: i see..
Poser619 [11:36 PM]: but what the hell right
PrincessofPop10 [11:36 PM]: no..not wut the hell
PrincessofPop10 [11:37 PM]: dont think that im like...tying u down or sum shit...if u think that u need to be with like other gurls and crap..im not stoping you..or atleast...i dont think i am
PrincessofPop10 [11:37 PM]: .
Poser619 [11:38 PM]: well no body seems to care how i feel lately even thow i try my best people have been very much jerks to me so im just basicly giving up on relation ships
PrincessofPop10 [11:38 PM]: omg...im sorry...
PrincessofPop10 [11:38 PM]: i hanvt even been consitering how u feel
Poser619 [11:39 PM]: yea i can tell
PrincessofPop10 [11:39 PM]: like i think u just like blow everything off
PrincessofPop10 [11:39 PM]: cuz thats how u act ur jsut like fuck it i dont care anymore im donr
Poser619 [11:39 PM]: some times that tru but i got feeling to ya know
Poser619 [11:40 PM]: i just hide them
Poser619 [11:40 PM]: my feelers
PrincessofPop10 [11:40 PM]: ya..but sometimes when u say things to me...i dont think u understand wut they like...do to me
Poser619 [11:41 PM]: well some times when you get mad at me because i tell gurls i hate kinda makes me feel like wat the hell is her problem although i really understand your point of view a little
PrincessofPop10 [11:42 PM]: well wuld u get mad if i flirt with guys right infront of you?
Poser619 [11:43 PM]: i dont care as long as you share the wealth lol
PrincessofPop10 [11:43 PM]: well..im not like that
PrincessofPop10 [11:43 PM]: when i see u flirting with alicia it bugs me
PrincessofPop10 [11:43 PM]: ALOT
Poser619 [11:44 PM]: how do i flirt with ALICIA
PrincessofPop10 [11:44 PM]: omg its so obvious when u do!
Poser619 [11:44 PM]: how
PrincessofPop10 [11:45 PM]: i dont know! it just is..like i was talking to ashley and she is like i think he likes her cuz he is always going over there and crap
Poser619 [11:46 PM]: thats wat i meen about the thing with relation ships

so ur saying you dont like it wen i talk to other gurls besides you
PrincessofPop10 [11:46 PM]: no
Poser619 [11:46 PM]: than wat
PrincessofPop10 [11:46 PM]: grr i dont know
Poser619 is away at 11:48 PM
Poser619 returned at 11:48 PM
Poser619 [11:50 PM]: im going to bed i think
PrincessofPop10 [11:50 PM]: k :-\
PrincessofPop10 [11:51 PM]: call me tomorrow, please?
Poser619 [11:51 PM]: ill talk to u tommorow its im portant
PrincessofPop10 [11:51 PM]: ok...
PrincessofPop10 [11:51 PM]: i love you, good night
Poser619 [11:52 PM]: i dont think u really love me love is a very very very strong word
PrincessofPop10 [11:52 PM]: whatever justin. i know wut love is.
PrincessofPop10 [11:52 PM]: im not a little kid
Poser619 [11:52 PM]: theres that *LOVELY* attitude you always throw at me
PrincessofPop10 [11:53 PM]: lol u know u love it
Poser619 [11:53 PM]: sure??????????????
PrincessofPop10 [11:53 PM]: hehe...
Poser619 [11:53 PM]: not kool
Poser619 [11:53 PM]: at all
PrincessofPop10 [11:54 PM]: grrr theres that attitude u give me
PrincessofPop10 [11:54 PM]: whats so inportant that u have to talk to me tomorrow?
Poser619 [11:55 PM]: that attitude is something you call the TRUTH
PrincessofPop10 [11:55 PM]: are u saying im a lier?
Poser619 [11:55 PM]: see ya later talk to ya tommorow bye

p.s. dont be mad at me and your not a liar you should be more conserned about me good night im out
Poser619 signed off at 11:56 PM

see look at that shit. grrr...but last night..at the dance...justin, drew, baron, david, brad, and cameron and chris nearly got in a fist fight. i was so worried about justin..but whatever, fuck it.
*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

Monday, November 10th, 2003

Time:5:01 pm.
Mood: confused.
Music:Something Corporate-::-Space.
___*Hey Give Me Space So I Can Breathe
___*Give Me Space So I Can Sleep

OmG...Right when me and Justin just starting making out...like 3 guys were watching us °3 that I jsut happen to hate° and we were only making outfor like...10 seconds and I pulled away from him and he got so pissed. He was calling me an Ass hole for the rest of the day, witch was only like 2 periods...but still...I'm pissed. And then he tells Baron I'm a pain in the ass. But whatever, he needs to frickin get over it!!! And then i talked to robby about the Meningitus thing and he is like "uh...i didnt think i had to tell you, cuz you weren't even here when i had it, it's not a big deal" and I'm just standing there with Donny and A.J staring at me...and im like what do you mean it's not a big deal! jeez what a bad day...

Justin just left wrestling practice so he won't be home till like..6:00..since it takes an hour to get to his house from school...*deep sigh*
1*Love Tom DeLong//Blink 182 *

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