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The Truth [27 Feb 2003|01:40pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | operation ivy-warning ]

Today I feel like im nobody. Not that I dont feel like that all the time its just now i have a way to say it. I dont feel like people think I have a good personality or am attractive or even remotely pleasent. People tell me "You are really cool," or, "You look good, you play drums well." As much as I would like to believe it, I dont. I feel like people tell me that just to make me happy when in reality they dont give a fuck. The people I see myself with always say "Yeah you look good", but they wouldnt want to be seen with me. There are a few people I would love to get really close to, but its always the same. Maybe I should just stop talking to everyone and say FUCK IT. I probably sound like a fucking idiot but wanting something you know have the power to get, and not getting it, is fucking sad.

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Shit [26 Feb 2003|11:30pm]
Did god create us or did we create god? It has been said that God created everyone in his own equally, so eif we were created in his image why is he so different from us? Why should we spend our lives bowing down to something that may not ve real but in reality, a waste of man kinds time. People say they wont velieve it till they see it, so whats the problem? Our children are bein fed christian values, when this in fact, is just a way for scared people to believe they have some where good to go when they die. We should spend more time believing in our selves, than spending it on a money machine or a crutch. We are so filled with material mentallity that we dont see whats real. We live our lives in fear that someday we will pay for our sins, so why is eeryone still sinning? Its sad that America walks in a fogged knowledge that everything is ok, when in reality you are dying as I write this. The same people you see buying drugs and buying whores are the same people you see in church on sunday. I would not call that very christian of them but they claim to stand by "Jesus." The world would be better if everyone saw things as they are and not try to turn them in to some sugar coated breakfeast cereal.
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