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26th December 2003

11:27pm: well im not really gona write much in here anymore.. heh it takes to much time out of my day.. .my busy day of doing nothig.... then more nothing.. then masterbating.. as u can c.. i have a really busy schedule.... so srty if it takes me a while to post or whatnot
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19th December 2003

11:27pm: Today
Tosday was an odd day.. on the outside and most of my insides i was filled with joy. my whole day was goin aong great until this one period.. but that was sumwhat a short period.. now im in pain... my damned leg is like.. um.. hurting... hehe... i spent like the whole day with kyle n kristian.. n nick.. we went to the ball park.. and Char hut.. um... ::thinks:: what else happened today.. um.... we walked home.. well not really... i was busy talkin to sam.. and everyone left without me... so THEY walked home and i caught up with them at pines ice. heh.... a bit after i gave Kaje the note... heh.... still no response from him.. ::Sigh::.. i hope he understands... well otherthen that nothing else happend.. um.... TOMMROWO MY GIG AT THE HOTEL THINGY FOR MERCY HOSPITAL...woohoo 1 hr long cocktail playin! wooohoo
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17th December 2003

11:23pm: bored
heres a thing to a test... :ARTIST
(Dominant Introvert Abstract Feeler )

anthony moose
Like just 4% of the population you are an ARTIST (DIAF)--creative, adventurous, and deep. Although you are an introvert, your dominant ideas lead you to assert yourself often--especially through your work. You actively put your creativity to constructive use, and because you are ruled by your heart you are less likely to be inhibited by logic.

You have an intuitive understanding of emotion and know how evoke it in others, but the real world can be a prison of foolishness and embarrassment if you don't get your head out of the clouds a little more. Also, you are 87% likely to write poetry. Please, for the love of God, stop now.
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9:48pm: too long
as i ve sed b4 its hard to do journal entries.. and like last week blurty was beign gay...hehe.... but now.. im gonna start writing whenever i can.. nothing new has happened much.. i went to kristins party on the 13.. kicked ass... and like.. i got my case for chirstmasss but can open it til then.. um... WOOHOO I LOVE U SAMM SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH she got me a fuckin kickass AFI shirt WOOHOOOOOO. i love u.. and lindsey.. i hope u dun get me sumthin big.. heheh.. um.. hwta else has happened.... i guess thats it.. hehe bye bye
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12th December 2003

11:59pm: pok this is realy hard to keep up with this... considering im punished and im not really alowwed to com online.. um... well i heard an intereesting conversation with my parents.. and yeah.. i dunno..w/e.. im nto gonna tell u.. i should make this private but tjheres nothing private in here.. heh.. well... bye i guess it may ba while for my next writing
Current Mood: disappointed

10th December 2003

5:23pm: Well.. ive decided not to do my sceicne fair at all... heh.. jus not worth it.. again.. im not caring anymore.. i dont casre of schoool much and since interims im punished until i raise 3 of my grades..ive already raised like 2... i think 3...well i dont care anymore....w/e....... i found a out a new thing of myself... if im REALLY close to u... and i feel like it... maybe.. jus maybe ill tell u what this new thing
Current Mood: frustrated

7th December 2003

11:57pm: hello.. its been again.. a long ime since my last blurty.. internet explorer has beenr eally gay... OMG OMG TODAY WELL A FEW HRS AGO LIKE.....12.. i had a concert for ASM it was sooooooooooooo fuckign awesome...i had my distorted Joy to the World solo hehe.........HM... and i was one of the lead guitarists.. me.. which IS... pretty cool.. woohoo go me.... it was an awesoem show and CARLA IM COMING FOR u... dont .. bye bye homies

PS.... still havent started science fair lol
Current Mood: accomplished

6th December 2003

1:08am: WOOHOO
hello everyone ..................OMG nori the play was sooooo fucking awesome u oooked soooo beautiful (dont get jealous sam... ::cough::.. hehe)... im sorry no1 else came.. :(.. but it was sooo funny teh eels..... hehe little children are in love with u ... hehe
Sam.. theres something i have to tell u........
...........Nori poked me.. and i dont thinnk im immune... :(
im scared.. now that im announcing this... ::scared::... bye bye... hehe and jake thanks for saying taht new vow to me.. it realy meant alot to me although ur probably not reading this hehe... people to thank.. everybody i loveu all my freinds... and Danny thanks so much ...hehe.. shhh.. its a secret
Current Mood: giggly

3rd December 2003

10:47pm: Its' Been a while....
...since ive made an entry.. woo thats corny.. hehe... DAMNIT JAKE WE NEED TO PRACTICE BUT I CANT THIS SUNDAY... gr i have this ASM thingy its a holiday concert at the radisson hotel in miami.. woohoo
um.. todays was ok.. i mreally hyper i came home and fel asleep on teh couch.. and woke up like at 7.. taht was fun.... and now im getting.... TIRED....????... its too early :(... ok then i guess ill jus nap..or read or something bye bye
Current Mood: bored

2nd December 2003

5:18pm: heh i dunno y but im pissed...... maybe its because.. (JEN STOP SAYING PENIS) ...cuz im not an imbecile.... in the chat room.. hmm.. when i said im the worst thing tah has happened t u.. all of u.. its true.. without me .. u ppl wouldnt be so perverted... ud be more.. for school.. more u kno.. proabbly less depressed cuz everone started opening up after i started.. u kno.. my problems.. evryone opened up after i "opened up" ::sigh::.. i dunno... theres nothing wrong and i dont need any advice or help or anything.. jus.. time... bye
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11:27am: no school for me
woohoo i felt like shit so now im home... shit i jus rememebred of benchmarking test today
FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK...ok im done...woohooo.. guess what jen.. i can do 19 today...lololo.......no1s home ;)....bye bye
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29th November 2003

8:38pm: Today.. was mediocre
to sum up my day:
i awoke at 11 something.. to the shreiks of my little sister and the annoying dinosaur, Barney... then i left to my step grandmothers' house to watch the gators/ seminole game... THE GAME WAS RIGGED... the referees had the worst calls 4 fumbles were supposed to b fumbles were called DEAD!!! bastards... um...yeah well gators lost..::sigh::.. and after that i had to go and look at lights... it sooo fuckign pissed me off..and now i coem home.. alredy pissed.. and no1s online or they r and jus away.. i need something to do.. my whole day sucked.. .::sigh::.. damned referees ruining my day... now the canes game is on.. woohoo theyre losing... woohoo...
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28th November 2003

8:02pm: 2200 steps
well i dont fel like writitng much so iwont.. im in a rush cuz im getting kicked off anywasy.. hm.. today i went ice skating.....::sigh::.. twas kinda fun.. i fell a few times..heh.... hung out with sam.. that was about the highlight of my day (as it is any other day)... ::sigh::.... after that i walked to jakes house... about 2200 steps from gels house to jakes' (and jareds')house... ::sigh:: now u kno i have no life... im so bored.. at jakes' (and jareds') we watched a movewent to rosies and then back to jakes (and jareds').. now im here typing this herein my house alone ... or so i think... for there may be a hobo masterbating inside my house.. i really think i should help him out... lmfao... heh.. thast about it
bye ppl...


PS.. i was wearin jareds beanie i looked pretty cool.. heh.. i may buy one... u may judge as u wish.. bye
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Current Music: Hobos masterbating

27th November 2003

1:24am: she still loves me hehehe
sick munkey789: taylor do u love me?
fLoWiNgScAlEs: no1 loves me:-(
sick munkey789: and kristen.. do ulove me?
sick munkey789: i love u
fLoWiNgScAlEs: ::pouts::
sick munkey789: do u love me?
EvilAtomicManiac: surrre...
fLoWiNgScAlEs: u spelled it wrong
sick munkey789: u do?
fLoWiNgScAlEs: there fore u dont love me
sick munkey789: kristin
sick munkey789: ********8
fLoWiNgScAlEs: better
sick munkey789: taylor u love me??
fLoWiNgScAlEs: yes but no1 loves meeeee:-(
EvilAtomicManiac: GODDAMN
sick munkey789: so u love me??
EvilAtomicManiac: fine
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Current Mood: hyper
Current Music: nOTHING
1:20am: taylor loves me, a blurty moment :)
sick munkey789: no1 cares about me
sick munkey789: from whom
fLoWiNgScAlEs: yes i do
EvilAtomicManiac: um...i fergot
fLoWiNgScAlEs: but u had sed it above
EvilAtomicManiac: we all doo...
sick munkey789: u do?
sick munkey789: yay
sick munkey789: lol
fLoWiNgScAlEs: lol
EvilAtomicManiac: thats the only time i say it so...cherish it...
EvilAtomicManiac: no more sentimental crap form me
fLoWiNgScAlEs: i feel like frolicing
sick munkey789: screw that
sick munkey789: im putting it in my blurty
EvilAtomicManiac: *from
sick munkey789: its a blurty moment
fLoWiNgScAlEs: lol
EvilAtomicManiac: ack... >.<
fLoWiNgScAlEs: lol
sick munkey789: lol
fLoWiNgScAlEs: bwahahaha
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24th November 2003

11:57pm: Jen read my other post hehe
jen jen ish: you know how you could even express those words you just said.. BECUASE YOU HAVE EMOTION and no some music does come from the heart ande even the main stream music comes fmor the heart just becuae its by some ugly fat dude tht makes millions by selling it to them but it came froms some way or another from peoples heart and you do have emotion you either just dont ike it or dont know how to express it becuase u lost your oone unhealthy way of doing it which is cutting which is why u cant relate to slipknot cuase u arent as angry which is why u havent listened to them.. but if u picked up their cd and listrned to it right now.. yould see it in a diffrent light then you did it before
sick munkey789: o
jen jen ish: when music means something to someone its becuase of the emotions they feel... AT THE MOMENT ... no matter how long its been since uve listneed to them ull still have feeling
jen jen ish: no matter what
jen jen ish: its just a matter of ur emotions changing
jen jen ish: sou r feeling for the music changing
jen jen ish: towards and what music u like
jen jen ish: its a matter of u
jen jen ish: and who u are at each secound that decides what u like and how u react to things
jen jen ish: so u do have emotions
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11:37pm: conversation my n isabella... there mayb e more continued
A Izz 4 ApPLE: wow, i think i just wrote the best answer to the question whats ure fav band..
A Izz 4 ApPLE: the best answer ever
sick munkey789: 8....
sick munkey789: i cant have a favorite band
A Izz 4 ApPLE: ask me the answer tony
sick munkey789: for all music has become nothing butmindless and mediocre and wasted talent
sick munkey789: wasted on their spndings of oney and /or there drug abuse which cuased them death
A Izz 4 ApPLE: wtf?!
A Izz 4 ApPLE: not all music
sick munkey789: jus the majority
sick munkey789: and my "favoirite" bands
A Izz 4 ApPLE: and ure gonna get ur ass kicked by someone who loves you very dearly so relax
A Izz 4 ApPLE: lol
sick munkey789: well
sick munkey789: im glad to hear that
sick munkey789: cuz
sick munkey789: if id known id b like this 4 yrs ago
sick munkey789: id kick myown ass
A Izz 4 ApPLE: not only that but you cant judge the music on the actions of the musicians, b/c just b/c they fuck up and are the idiots that get themselves killed, as they tend to be, the music that comes out of them so emotionally, so passionatly, so strong is still music, and is at most time some of the best ever heard
sick munkey789: but many and the majoirty of the times
sick munkey789: these "emotions" are nothing
sick munkey789: theyre nothing but scracth written down by record companies n labels
A Izz 4 ApPLE: how could you say something like that? i truely thought you were one of the few that could appreciate and realize that its not the majority of the music that are controlled by the record companies, its the majority of the "popular" music which is in no way close to what the best truely is; think aobut the feeling, the meaning you put into a song, the way you feel when you pick up that guitar and play something so dear to you you can feel it surging through ure veins, now imagine someone saying its all fabricated by the companies just because alot of todays society is..... not true and luckily in the music industry alot of bands have taken control
sick munkey789: ur right
sick munkey789: but i have..
sick munkey789: if ud call it faith.. ive lost faith..
sick munkey789: for whenevr i feel such strong emotion
sick munkey789: immediately its killed by my brother yleling at me to stop or thr rents telling me to go to bed
sick munkey789: my power.. my emotions.. have all died...
sick munkey789: and my writings
sick munkey789: are all fake
sick munkey789: for i hae no real emotions
A Izz 4 ApPLE: dont ever say that, its never true you are one of the only people i know has true emotions, what ure expressing right no, that loss of faith just shows ure emotion for which you felt so strongly and everything is taken from you, without emotion u woudnt care but i know you do
A Izz 4 ApPLE: dont ever lose faith tony, once you do that nothing is worth anything, you should always have ure faith to be able to shove it in their faces one day when you acoomplish ure dreams
sick munkey789: but my dreams have died
sick munkey789: from all thr truth thats been shoved in my face
A Izz 4 ApPLE: such as?
sick munkey789: evrybody .. in their own little world expects so much out of me..
sick munkey789: and i give it to them.. and weaken myself
sick munkey789: then i losefocus
sick munkey789: on evrything school.. musuic. frends
sick munkey789: and now...
sick munkey789: loook atme
sick munkey789: i cant rememeber the last time ive lisetneed to slipknot
A Izz 4 ApPLE: the only expectations you should ever live up to are your own, you are the only one who can ever make ureself happy or better; and what alot of us see as "the truth" is nothing but bullshit thats getting us down at the time which is why no matter what others may say, no matter what you may think is obviously the truth, if its got something negative to do with ure faith for something you love, somethign pure and good, then its wrong
sick munkey789: yes
sick munkey789: but...
sick munkey789: ::sigh::
sick munkey789: i hae nothing
sick munkey789: im jus weak,....
A Izz 4 ApPLE: you have alot, you have ure talent, you have ure beliefs wich i know you value no matte how weak you may think you are, you have your intelligence which i am every day astonished at i can never comprehend how someone so young could be so knowligable (cant even spell that, you have me i will always be here, and you have ureself, which you should value above everything else, you are so much , smarter, better than anyone i have ever met you just need to open ure eyes and realize it
sick munkey789: i have
sick munkey789: and as soon as i open them
sick munkey789: theyre stapled shut by my brother
sick munkey789: whom
sick munkey789: i love more then almost anything
sick munkey789: if only hed kno this
sick munkey789: and if he understood hwo much his opnion mans to me..
sick munkey789: ::sigh:: i kno sum1how this will get to him now
ick munkey789: but le my bro
A Izz 4 ApPLE: .... lost me there
sick munkey789: .... i get all this inspiration.. like id c john frciante (from RHCP) ontv or w.e and id start playing.. andhed tell me to shut up.. it fucikgn brings me to tears and it hurts so much mor coming from him... cuz he jus doesnt understand my passion.. and how i realy feel.. i want him to kno.. that i dont suck.. i want him to respect me.. but with all of this
sick munkey789: he'll nevr respect me
Izz 4 ApPLE: but see thats what im saying talk to him, if ud just let him know this without crying just tell it to him
A Izz 4 ApPLE: then maybe it wouldnt be so bad
sick munkey789: i cant eanymore
sick munkey789: ive tried so hard not to cry
sick munkey789: but i..
sick munkey789: ..just cant
A Izz 4 ApPLE: i wish i could help ya ther... but i cant... i gtg to bed the "rentals" screamin lol
A Izz 4 ApPLE: oooooooooo my answer that i wanted to show you like an hour ago
A Izz 4 ApPLE: dont have one, like too many to chose; music is my life, all music i would die without it, its my escape, my sanctuary, you cant pick one spot out of paradise.. it wouldnt be paradise you need it entirely, thats how i am with music
A Izz 4 ApPLE: ok yea thats it talk to you tomorrow punkin
A Izz 4 ApPLE: night night
sick munkey789: lol
sick munkey789: love u
sick munkey789: night mi bella
A Izz 4 ApPLE: love you
A Izz 4 ApPLE signed off at 11:55:16 PM.
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23rd November 2003

3:05pm: From chaos comes clarity, I tell ya
what you appear to be, you ought to know
glycerin tears don't fool me, I tell ya
delusions plaguing everybody
-311- From Choas

heh love that song... lmfao my bro jus came home.. and i was jus at th computer in my towel... he probably thought im bteaingoff... im not.. ....yet.... hehe... um... ::headbangs:: 311's fucking awesome hehe
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22nd November 2003

8:34pm: PISSED
im so fucking pissed right now.. i may not get my cd for tonight.. and im getting yelled at for no fuckign reason.. my parents are fucking fighting and bringing me into this shit... i havent done a goddamned thing today... grr this whole day ive done nothing but watch about 2 hrs of tv and ive been onle the rest of the day. .and the majoirty of the day no1 was on .. gr.... another fucking day wasted....i dont think i can put up with any of their bullshit anymore really.. one day im jus gonna run.. for at least a week... i dont give a shit where to.. ill jus run.. and hope i die out there.. alone.. with evryone loooking for me...
Current Mood: pissed off
Current Music: Manson- Rock N Roll Nigger
4:47pm: Hehehe...
Well im home right now.. i jus came back from my.. step grandmothers house.. we were watching football.. bleh canes beat Rutgers :(.. and Ohio won :(.. heheh but its ok ::sigh:: my sister is listening to barney grrr... goin insane hehehe...stupid dinosaurs didnt they die...?... um.... YAY I WON...... I WON ::gloats:: ha Jen... lol 18 WOOHOO..... i almost did 19 hehehe thats it .. for now
Current Mood: hyper
Current Music: Slipknot- Heretic Anthem (live)
4:45pm: im not pissed but i love this
I stand and watch
I sit and cry
I let all the evil things you do
Slip right by
Afraid to say
What goes on
When we're not watched
By dad and mom
Abuse by parents
Not as bad as by you
I not only bleed on the outside
But the inside too
In front of my friends
You step on my face
Or if you're in the mood
You throw me around the place
But I still look up to you
Even though I don't know why
Sometimes you make me proud
But mostly you make me cry
I wish there was a way
To make you be nice
But I know that for you
Would be a hard sacrafice
We used to be close
What happened then?
I'm really not sure
But I want it to be like that again.

-- Beans

thank u Beans, i love u this is credit to my best bud.. beans..hehe love u bye...
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21st November 2003

7:08pm: HM...
ive turned all my sadness and depression into hate and anger .. in a good way.. hgehe.... this'll be fun and less pain for me n my freinds... lol so.. um... yeah hehe im havin fun ::singing::....::dancing::
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