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Thursday, July 24th, 2003

Time:6:33 pm.
Mood: full.
Music:none right now.
hey peoples..*sighs* my stomache hurts. i just ate chili and too much is too much *laughs* i feel like i gained 200 pounds! *laughs* well.. today i went to the mall. i only had 10 bucks so i got a poster.

tonight: tonight.. hmm, probably just gonna chill watch some tv and stuff like that. tomorrow i have to do some wash and get packed because i am going down the shore with a few of my cousins. so..i won't see my friends for a week. i will miss them. so.. not much to say i am really bored there is never anything on tv anymore. i wanna see the movies 'Trainspoting' 'Sid & Nancy' and 'A house of a Thousand Corpes'. i will try to find them soon. ok well i'm going to talk to Elise (my best bud) online um...i will try to update one or two more times before i go down the shore.

luv ya Joel
luv ya Benji
as u already know!

... s h e / b y ...
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Subject:`nother day
Time:3:23 am.
Mood: weird.
Music:Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love?.
yo people. ok...i got this comment i found rather funny. *laughs* i duno i love GC and i`m obsessed and u all probably know. hmm... i don`t think that punk music is fake..and no it isn`t a fu*kin boy band...then again i still find it rather funny.

well..nothing special once again. i'm very tired trying to fall asleep have been very hard lately. i'm just talking with friends..i may be going down the shore this week .... *hm...* but i'm not positive i never know what i'm gonna be doing jees...*thinks* ooh in fall i will probably go to the GC concert. oh yah i seriously don't care who does and doesn't like GC. People who don't u don't know what u are missing. anyways...leave comments i love to laugh and i like to hear what y'all think!

oh and to the person who left the comment if people have problem they listen to GC u should try it the song 'Hold On' help me and a few friends get through a lot. so.. pfft to y'all who don't like them.

love ya Joel
love ya Benji

... s h e l b y ...
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Monday, July 21st, 2003

Subject:...i`m back
Time:10:36 pm.
Mood: happy.
Music:I Don`t Wanna Stop - Good Charlotte.
> aww... sorry peoples! i haven`t been able to update! right now... hmm... listening to some GC. Noting Special going on ... well.. gotta go bye for now... STUPID HUH? ur probably thinking WTF?!

Anyways...nothing special herre... gonna make a site bye

... s h e l b y ...
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Friday, July 18th, 2003

Subject:...rainy, humid? URGH!
Time:7:02 pm.
Mood: gloomy.
Music:The Innocent - Good Charlotte, Mest, and Goldfinger.
hey everyone. it is sooooo damn humid outside and to top it off rain? two things on my "Things i DON`T love" list! urgh..humidy and rain is soooo evil.. good thing for A/C! anyways.. woke up late again. i love staying up but i hate waking up whenever i wake up late i feel like i missed a whole lot.

Right now i`m watching TRL. Trying to see where GC fell in the countdown.
Dream is on now...urgh! i hate them soo much teenie boppers! ugh! they
don`t deserve to be on the countdown!

Anyways...i will try to update later.


... s h e l b y ...
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Thursday, July 17th, 2003 yes. too much!
Time:5:53 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Music:In This Diary - The Ataris --»stuck in head!!! luv it though.
damn... i just went to the mall for like that 15th time in 2 weeks! *laughs* i don`t mind though. but, at the mall i go to there isn`t a Hot Topic! Grr! *sighs* that is the best store in the world. they have ... MADE clothes (Benji and Joel`s clothing line) Level 27 Stuff (Billy`s Clothing Line) posters, jelly braclets, band shirts, and a whole bunch of stuff i love! stupid mall *laughs* but i will live. i got a magazine! woo hoo! it has GC pics in it! i get mags only if they have GC in it. i`m working on my wall! (my wall: a wall in my room has pictures of GC but mostly Joel and Benji) i can`t wait until it`s done!

Anyways.. i`m making some spagetti..*mmm* didn`t eat anything today i`m starving! i gotta go! *laughs (inside joke)* u wouldn`t get it. lol
alrighty then bye for now.
i promise to update later tonight! I must go clean now *sighs again*


... s h e l b y ...
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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

Subject: . . . can hardly wait . . .
Time:5:48 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Music:The Anthem - Good Charlotte.
heyy once again! well. i woke up at 3:38 today. Yes! in the afternoon, i fell asleep around 4:30am. i was watching TV and right after GCs video came on i went to sleep.

well this is called "can hardly wait" that is because i can`t wait until tonight @ 8! GCs Hard Rock Live concert! Woo hoo! ok..! ...Well i dunno what i`m gonna do tonight. May go over my friend`s. So..i`m very happy right now last night and the night before that i was pissed but not anymore! i hate being pissed..but oh well.

i`ll update asap - email me if u have any questions or anything:
or AIM: Sickgurrl311

bye for now

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Time:12:30 am.
Mood: pissed off.
Music:no music right now.
i didn`t get to update for a few days...i forgot. i`ve been busy! anyways.. my friend elise and i were really pissed last night when we saw that Benji and Joel didn`t host ATR..urgh, i hate the Donnas! Poor Benj, we heard that he was roller skating or something and fell! i hope he is ok! :)

well...i dunno nothing new! i`m watching the Tom Green Show..i find it hilarious!
Really wanna see the movie: The House of a Thousand Corpes...or however u spell it.
Gonna get it on DVD. i love freaky movies! LOL!

bye for now. ...EMAIL ME:
comments. byebye
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Sunday, July 13th, 2003

Subject:dizzy dude
Time:1:57 pm.
Mood: crappy.
Music:Rooftops - Mest.
omg..i feel so dizzy. i just woke up and it is 1:57 in the afternoon. i must get something to eat, ahh, my stomache hurts, dizzy, and have a headache. alrighty then, nothing really to update...i might go to Vans Warped Tour ((woo hoo)). i really wanna see Mest, Rancid, AFI, All-American Rejects, Sum 41, The Ataris, Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line..i guess Simple Plan. i really dunno that rest of the bands but i will see and probably wind up like them... *laughs* Bash is on tonight..i hate Carson i hope he gets really embarressed *evil giggles* hah, anyways i must go now. ew..i said "must twice" yo..that isn`t normal for me...*laughs* gotta go.

Still can`t thinking about Joel and Benji Madden!
`:.Sickgurl _ - SheL --»
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Saturday, July 12th, 2003

Subject:back from movies...
Time:8:06 pm.
Mood: lonely.
Music:no music at the moment.
...just came back from the movies. saw: The League of Ex. Gentalmen ... it was good ... had some action was funny my type of movie. i have no idea what i am gonna do tonight though. me and my best friend elise r probably gonna talk on the phone all night again. like we normally do. i love talking to people..hah! i`m weird don`t mind me. i wanna get some e-mails and comments and stuff...hmm, i guess u people don`t like asking questions. u know i like answering them me sometime... nothing special on tv tonight (i dont think there is anyway) i will be in a state of boredom tonight. but, hell who cares i will get over it. i will chill listen to music heh..that will work. and i can also go on sites to see GC and Joel n Benji ...anyways... send me comments and questions and stuff! b y e w i l l w r i t e s o o n !

`:. Sickgurl _ - SheL
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Friday, July 11th, 2003

Subject:info! info! info!
Time:2:06 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Music:Festival Song - Good Charlotte.
yeah! i got some more info on Joel and! they were sooooo cute when they were little heh, i don`t understand why people dumped them because they weren`t cool enough...i wouldn`t care as long as they liked me and i liked them. Those people should feel shame for what they did.
As my friend Elise says: "They must Die!" LOL!

anyway... b y e

l e a v e s o m e c o m m e n t s !
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Time:4:50 am.
Mood: tired.
Music:Jaded (These Years) Mest f/ Benji Madden.
dude! it is friggin almost 5 in the morning! and i can`t fall asleep...insomnia is horrible! grr! anyway..i can`t stop thinking about the two most coolest guys in the world Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte. i love them..and their music. And i found out about a band called "Mest" they are their CD it`s great Benji made them my second favorite band. Of course GC is my favorite of all time. Anyway..i will write later! i`m gonna go TRY to fall asleep i hope it is possible.


`:.Sickgurl _ - SheL --»
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Blurty for Shelby.

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