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depressed and sad [18 Sep 2003|08:02pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Christina Aguilera-Reflection ]

Hi Journal
Today was a pretty good day and at least until later on about 630 when mickey told me i am not his type that is just so cold and mean and then he started to say he didnt really mean it but i know he did and i really sound like an airhead thats so mean right? I mean i am pretty smart actually i am smart im not good at math but i do enough to make a c or b depends on what kinda math it is but that was mean of mickey i mean god i have feelings u cant just tell someone they arent ur type thats so just mean i dont care at all geez it just kinda mean and now i am sad and depressed and i called him at like 7 and he said he was busy well i asked was he busy and he said yeah and he said called back in like 45 minutes but i didnt call back and i dont think i am gonna call him back ever b/c i dont want to b/c i dont want to sound airheadish god like he's smartest man on earth he's always calling ppl airhead he probably calls me an airhead but whatever im gonna go i have nothing to write about really b/c i keep repeatin myself soo peace
Amy Leigha Michelle


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argghhhhhh [15 Sep 2003|10:30pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Ashanti-Rain On Me ]

damn this blurty i wrote in it earlier and it wouldnt freaking save my shit i wrote a long ass entry and boom it didnt even save it ugh i am so fucking madd at this thing well today is a bad day i miss mickey and i havent talked to him since thursday i dont know if he's dead or alive thats kinda messed up i know but i called his cell twice which is bad on me b/c i am grounded off the phone anyways long ass story and he didnt answer either time b/c his phone wasnt on and i dont know i dont think he even turns off his cell phone sooo whats up with that? i dont know i even left him text messages i dont know i hope he's okay but besides that i am real sleepy and its only 1030 that so weird i think i am gonna go to bed oh yeah i got a new gf her name is melissa aka missy shes like 4'10 and 90lbs isnt that kewl? someone shorter than me... ive known her for a while but oh well shes kewl and nice personality same age same grade and pretty much same natz shes italian and german and i am german/swedish and sicilian sooo thats pretty kewl yanno haha well i am gonna go to bednow or something b/c i am kinda tired
ps i am beginning to think i am a hoe but thats another story ill get into tomorrow

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I Love Katie [07 Sep 2003|12:29am]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessionals_A Plain Morning ]

What Do You Wear to Bed?

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Hi Journal
Whats up?nothing much here i am quite sad i was happy and all smiling and shit and laughing with kristen about how i was mean to katie and then boom now i feel sad when she gave me this song called lies and i realized all i did in our relationship was play games and lie and now its too late and i told her like a dumbass i feel so bad i didnt feel this bad at first and i know she is sad and maybe thats why i am so sad now i feel bad i wanna be such a player but i guess its not for me and mickey and i had a fight today wow ummm thats so odd we usually get a long so good but whatever i dont think he really loves me like he says he does b/c kristen tells me he used to tell her the exact same things to her that he's telling me and i kinda believe it b/c i know what they used to talk about but i love mickey and i dont think the feeling is neutral like he says it is but i guess i am gonna go to bed now i dont feel so good yanno well bye journal

Amy Leigha Michelle

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broke....about to go to the football game for free [22 Aug 2003|08:16pm]
[ mood | blah ]


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hey i am bored. well i am about to go to the football game with india for free lol b/c were late haha thats good way to save money for when you're really broke lol and damn dude i think im obsessed with christina aguilera lol my wallpaper on my computer is christina,my blurty wallpaper and icon is christina,my aol sounds are christina and my aol icon is christina lol i LOVE HER she's so hott and sings really good well byeee
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End of the world [20 Aug 2003|09:36pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Boyz II Men-Hard to say goodbye to yesterday ]

Hey Journal,
well my friend died last week on wednesday night or thursday morning. its really sad b/c he had just hugged me and then he was gone its sad when someone dies but i wasnt really sad until i saw his body his face looked so different he had a shaved head b/c he suffered brain damage and his legs werent there at first i didnt cry even when i saw the body and i remember my lil brothers funeral and then my grandmother dying and i cried i had to step out and a man was walking into the funeral home and gave me a tissue and hugged me a perfect stranger and told me it was gonna be okay and god was gonna look after me but its sad how god took him but i am gonna go now im about to listen to i miss my homies by master p (the beat is from boyz II men)

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"Sorry had Bad Day Again" [12 Aug 2003|05:43pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Fuel-Bad Day ]

Hi Journal
Its Amy....How are you? I am okay...I should be happy right b/c i got back with mercedes which i knew was gonna happen anyway I didnt even have to do mack skills i just lied like i was gonna kill myself and acted all dramatic in her face and she feel for it and i kinda feel bad but i dont know maybe it will be good this time...well I am kinda sad b/c kristen hates my guts and even though i usually say i hate her i usually dont i just have anger issues but oh well No One Likes Me.....I will die alone of course but now i think mickey,kristen and kyle are seriously setting me up and maybe im paranoid but i was born paranoid nooo seriously my grandparents make you paranoid like someones out to get you and its true that someones always watching you but anywho my flip flops broke today well 1 of them and i almost fell off the stairs and that began my bad day really wow mickey just got online yipee-----NOT but yea i think im gonna go now byeeeee

Amy Leigha Michelle

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What Ya Got(Oh No) [04 Aug 2003|10:16pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Justin Timberlake-What ya got?(oh no) ]

Hey Journal,
Whats up?sorry I have written you in a while I missed you did you miss me lol I am listening to Justin Timberlake-Oh No lol thats why i got that title right there lol isnt it tight well anywho i think I am gonna ask mercedes back out lol thats easy I know she will say yes b/c I am sooooo irresistable right? lol but anywho why would she say no but I am gonna go I am tired my arm hurts lol omg SCHOOL IS THURSDAY.......whyyyy?????

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Survey Quiz Shit....I am soooo Happy [28 Jul 2003|01:32am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Rockell-In A Dream ]

Hi Journal,
Hey lol I am having a pretty good day although I totally had my work schdule mixed up and instead i work Saturday and Sunday August 2nd and 3rd but anywho I am so happy Wendy decided to talk to me again and wasnt mad at me but anywho I snagged a survey from chelsea lol actually I didnt she emailed it to me except i changed the answer to fit with me lol
What is your...
-Name: Amy Leigha Michelle
-Birthday: October 8th
-Height: 5'2
-Weight: 100-102lbs
-Goal in life: To not be alone and a jobless scrub haha
-Food: Italian(since im half Sicilian)
-Drink: Sprite
-Song: at the moment Rockell In A Dream(old but kewl)
-Movie: Loser and American Pie 1 and 2
-Actor/Actress: Angelina Jolie
-Singer/Band: ::coughs::Christina Aguilera
-Sport: Soccer and Gymnastics
-Athelete: Anna Kornikova and Mia Hamm
All time bests
-Commercial: Piss me off
-Moment in your life:How the fuck should i know my life isnt over
-Feeling:Happy and Wonderful and FREE lol ::sings::I believe I can fly
-Fast food restaurant: Wendy's lol no pun intended
-TV Show: Real World Hawaii lol hellz yea best season ever
-Music Video: 50 Cent-Pimp....Mya-My love is Whoa
-Vacation: Well this one time at band camp...haha jk nah but my favorite vacation spots would have to be either new orleans or boston i love boston and new orleans i only live like 2.5 hours away from New Orleans that place is tha bomb and its like that 24/7 without Mardi Gras
Have you ever...
-Been in love?: Yes.
-Kissed someone of the opposite sex? yea...
-Kissed someone of the same sex? yea...
-Left the country? yes...
-Felt safe because someone you knew was around? yea...
-Cheated on a spouse? uhh...not really...more like played lol
-Wanted to kill yourself? yea..= /
-Do you believe in it? Yeah sure but not for me lol I am the unlovable
- If yes, do you think it will come to you? Or has it already?It has come and gone lol this train dont stop there anymore
-If yes, with who? Kelly lol long ago when I had a heart

haha hope u enjoyed this survey brought to me by chelsea but answered by Amy this has been a Amy Happy Production lol come back and POST A DAMN MESSAGE

Amy Leigha Michelle

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Argh! I am officially a SCRUB [26 Jul 2003|01:10pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Hey Journal,
Whats up? Nothing much here but um I kind of overslept and I didnt go to work that just sucks man but I am kinda glad although I was looking forward to that extra 64 dollars thats now not gonna be on my check this sucks major ass but it will be alright i guess no use crying over spoiled milk well I am watch American Pie lol dont know why but oh yeah I meet a girl yesterday her name is Wendy she's supermodel hott I mean shes kewl and everything but supermodel hott and people are always saying you should like someone for personality that is a bunch of bullshit you always look at them first and then you get to talk to them and everyone knows its sooo true well I am gonna go...Peace the Fuck Out....

Amy Leigha Michelle

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Sup? [22 Jul 2003|06:10pm]
Hey Journal,
Its me Amy today was a pretty okay day I got home from the hospital from an accident and then my boss called and wow i work 2 days lol which isnt bad considering it is a weekend job and i dont mind working I am kinda glad because I havent been in a while well lets see what to talk about I want a gf lol really bad and I keep meeting these girls from Amanda but i am sick of it I want to meet someone on my own thats really cute and cool and plays soccer *soccer chicks are hott* and that isnt a hoe or looks hoeish but is really faithful and honest but oh well lol i dont care anyways sooo I guess thats the end of my entry for today lol um yea sorry for saying all that cursing shit about kristen its just sometimes she makes me sick
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Why the FUCK would I Amy Leigha Michelle be jealous? [20 Jul 2003|09:24pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Wayne Wonder feat.LL Cool J-No Letting Go(remix) ]

Hi Journal,
Once again its me Amy Leigha Michelle ha ::cuteness:: but whatever I'm not in a cute mood.I am in an aggravated pissed off mood. Today my day was pretty good the normal Sunday with a twist nice and boring i swimmed in my pool that was it and so anyway I was talking to Mickey and maybe I was acting a little shady and giving him a cold shoulder but i was kinda mad b/c he said DUH to me okay NEVER say duh to me or whatever to me b/c you will piss me off and maybe I should have told him that but oh well too late now and so I am calmed down now but I am mad at Kristen now that stupid bitch blocked me like i could give a fucking damn i dont give a fuck hun and i hope u read this b/c im really not fond of you lately well anyways whatever you bitch at me about shit and when I tell you about it and how im tired of you you cant take it and you wanna act all scary and shit but whatever im not gonna even sweat that shit b/c I am not mad about that anymore but what i am mad about and what my topic is about is jealousy I am not jealous alright of Kristen and when mickey asked me that that kinda pissed me off and messed up my whole day I am not JEALOUS OF KRISTEN and kristen probably told him that thats why i went off on her but oh well if she didnt i am sorry for going off on her and whatever but I am finished and I am going to stop sounding ignorant and anywho i meet this girl named Brittany at Amanda's house shes cute and she likes me or whatever soooo I'll see about dat...Peace the FUCK OUT....

Amy Leigha Michelle

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who do you tell when you love someone? [19 Jul 2003|11:26pm]
[ mood | envious ]
[ music | Tamia-who do you tell when you love someone? ]

Hi Journal,
Its me Amy Leigha Michelle, I am new to blurty but i have a livejournal.I was bored so i decided to create one of these damn things my friend chelsea has one so now I do..well you wonder what my title means well its a tamia song and I'm listening to it now.I like someone but its wrong to like them b/c they are dating my ex girlfriend so I dont want to upset her anymore or break her heart so what should i do? but people someone anyone tell me please I am confused but I guess thats everyday life of Amy Leigha Michelle. I wish I wasnt but oh well maybe this is a sign from god so I guess I am gonna go now...thanks for listening and this is my first entry lol speaking of which i need to write in my damn LiveJournal its been 2 weeks...Peace the Fuck Out...
Amy Leigha Michelle

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