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Sunday, March 25th, 2012

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    Some Yummy Aquatic Foods
    Cuttlefish make savory dishes

    Cuttlefish are popular foods in many parts of the world. They are served in restaurants all over the world, especially around the English Channel, Mediterranean and East Asia. It is prepared in various forms and is a popular snack in the East Asian countries where these fishes are dried and shredded. One of the most loved dish is cuttlefish cooked with linguine in ink sauce.
    Different countries where the dish is famous

    Among the various countries that relish this food, Italy leads the list. Special traditional dishes such as black cuttlefish rice are prepared in the country. The dish is so named because when it is cooked with rice, the ink cause makes the rice black. Spaniards relish the dish in deep fried form. This is also one of the much liked dishes in Andalusia. In this region, the fish dish is called choco. Sea food cuisine in these regions is incomplete without a generous helping of Cuttlefish. The fish is used in combination with stews, pasta and rice. The ink sauce is also used to add a marine flavor to several dishes. It is a form of fish sauce. Portugal populations like the dish as well. It is shredded into thin strips and eaten fried. The favorite combination that the Portuguese use with cuttlefish is red kidney beans.

    Pollock fishes are available in two kinds of species. It is found largely in the Alaskan region. Fishing husbandry of this fish also takes place in Gulf of Alaskan regions. This fish is a kind of white fish series and comes with very strong flavors when used in different dishes. It is a very popular food in several countries such as United Kingdom and Norway. In these countries, the top fishes in terms of preference in cuisine are haddock and cod. However, since these fishes are over exploited in the seas and their numbers are rapidly diminishing, Pollock fish has become a preferred alternative. The fish is now available in packed form in supermarkets as well. Fillets are the most popular processed variety. One of the most common uses of Pollock in cuisine is to prepare imitation crab meat. It is a delicious dish that is well flavored and delicate to taste.
    Varieties of Pollock fish

    Some of the most common ways in which the fish is consumed are in different forms of fried dishes. Fried fish balls are one of the favorite dishes of the variety. They are eaten with oatmeal. When fishes that are slightly older in age are caught, they are cut, salted and allowed to dry on top of peat hearth. This kind of processing is mostly done in Orkney. The fish is dried until they become hard and assume the texture of wood. Another way of processing the fish is by smoking it. Koreans like their Pollock fish as hwangtae, which is created by alternate freezing and melting of the fish. In countries where cod is extensively used, Pollock is used as a eco-friendly alternative to save cod from extinction.

    Delicious Freshwater Fish Varieties
    Freshwater fish

    Freshwater fish is the fish that is found in inland water bodies that are not salty like oceans and seas. In places that are not on the coast, these fishes are eaten extensively. They taste differently from salt water fishes and have different anatomy as well. Fishes are an excellent source of nutrition since they tend to be low in salts and cholesterol. They are also rich in proteins, which make them a good food substitute for meat. Fishes are also very rich in vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. They contain high amounts of vitamins A, D and B complex. Calcium is also present in high amounts in many freshwater fishes. There are a large number of freshwater fish varieties available in edible variety. However, it is best to eat fishes that are native you that particular place they tend to be the healthiest and tastiest.

    Basa fish is one of the famous freshwater fish varieties. It is found in the fresh water of Vietnam and exported to all parts of the world. It is mostly found n Mekong River Delta located in Vietnam. This fish is also found in Thailand in Chao Phraya basin. In the international market, this is one of the major varieties that are exported. Basa is known by different names in different parts of the world. Australians call it bocourti, British call it River cobbler and in the other parts of European continent, the fish is known by names such as panga and pangasius. This fish largely resembles catfish, which is why some of the catfish varieties are commonly mistaken for basa fish.
    Basa fish farming

    Basa is a very popular fish variety and hence, is farmed in large quantities in various parts of the world. Also, there is a hike in the demand for the fish in different parts of the world, which has made it mandatory to farm for the fish since naturally available fish cannot meet international demand. Fishing of this fish is a common sport in Vietnam. Basa farming is also the major occupation of a lot of people living along the coast of Mekong river. A lot of care goes into fish farming. It is ensured that water is not polluted and the fish get good growing potential. Fishing is done in select seasons and fishes are let to grow and spawn. Although there is a lot of similarity between Basa fish and catfishes, the major difference in their behavior patterns is that Basa likes strong currents while the catfishes like calmer waters.
    An amazingly delicious food

    Basa is among the best types of fishes used in culinary industry. The meat of these fishes has a very mild flavor, which makes it very appealing. The fish also absorbs flavors of ingredients well and comes out delicious once cooked. It is whitish to look at and has a very clean taste. A large part of its taste is also attributed to the way it is bred. So, if you are fond of fish, Basa is a variety that you should try.

    Delicious Freshwater Fishes to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

    The most commonly eaten fish in America

    Pangasius is a fish that is not native to America. However, it definitely is one of the most eaten fishes in the country. The fish belongs to the Basa family and is considered a part of catfish family although they are very different from catfishes. The fish is found naturally in Mekong River in Vietnam and pangasius farming is one of the fastest growing industries in Vietnam. Special breeding techniques are employed to make the fish healthy and tasty. One of the important factors in pangasius farming is to keep water flow continuous since the fish survives and grows best in flowing water. So, cages are specially built to accommodate this requirement. Most of the fish exported is in the form of processed fish fillets.
    Tips to keep in mind when cooking pangasius

    Pangasius is a fish that has very mild and light flavor. This is one of the major factors that needs to be kept in mind when you cook the dish. You should not season the fish with very strong flavors since it takes away the flavor of the fish. Strong ingredients such as garlic and onions should be used very carefully. According to expert chefs, one of the best ways of making pangasius is in the form of rolls. The major advantage is that unlike other fish varieties, the meat of this fish stays in shape even when you roll and fry. Before cooking, you should not defreeze pangasius fillets by heating them or putting them in microwave. The meat should be allowed to thaw on its own. This fish should not be sued in soups and stews because its flavor gets lost. They are best cooked by keeping them as the main ingredient of the dish.
    Cooking and frying pangasius

    These fishes cook very easily. So, when you fry the fish, wait till it is golden brown and take it off the heat. Baking takes less than half an house of you preheat the oven. Chefs suggest that a temperature of 400 °F is necessary for preheating in order to prepare a dish perfectly. A very important aspect is that after you take the fish off the heat, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before you serve the dish so that the flavors sin in and the meat is cool.
    Tilapia fishes

    Tilapia fishes are also some of the most popularly eaten fishes in the world. They are grown in fish tanks. Studies have shown that these fishes are the fifth largest grown fishes in fish farming industry. These fishes require warm water for their survival and hence, they are grown in temperate climates. These fishes come in a number of varieties. There are a large range of fishes to choose from if you are a fish lover. You can have your say and choose the one that tastes best to your palette. Fishes are the best form of meat as well because they are high in proteins and low in carbon dioxide and fats.

    All Time Favorites – Fish Fillet
    Benefits of eating fish

    Fish is known to be the staple food of many people. Most of the people eat fish mainly because of the benefits the fish oil provides for the body, the skin and hair. In some countries, fish is also considered for medicinal benefits. There are many people who purchase the canned tuna and store it at home to prepare fish at any time of convenience. The Canned tuna is one of the best way in which the fish is stored. Sometimes this tuna comes in different flavor; it might be with chili sauce or tomato sauce. These canned fishes are provided by the suppliers directly from the farm feeding centers. Most of the people use these canned tuna to make Fish fillet. This is often served in several places with vegetables. The Fish fillet appears in the form of French fries.
    The Making of Fish Fillet Out Of Canned Tuna

    Alaska is the place where one can find huge Fish fillet. Most of the people take them for snacks and other purposes also. All the fish products which include the Fish fillet and the canned tuna are said to be healthy and nutritious. Many of them have these as their main course. The canned tuna is said to offer a great nutrient for people who diet. It is also an easy process to cook this. All you has to do is to directly remove the fish from the can and then use it for cooking. The fish that is stored in the can is soaked in salt and vinegar water which tends to last long.
    Importance of Canned Tuna

    Fish fillets are the favorite snacks among many youngsters. You can also get readymade fish fillet recipes in the market or it would be easier to prepare fish fillet out of the canned tuna. Mostly canned tuna contains tuna fish along with other ingredients such as preservatives. The canned tuna is said to have several nutrients and minerals that are essential for the body. There high values of unsaturated fats and proteins and are considered as the best dish for people who are on diet.
    Love for Fish Fillets

    Many people love to take fish fillets because of the crispy taste on the outer crust with the soft and mushy taste on its interiors. The solid touch of the Fish fillet is possible only if it is made of good fishes. There are many websites that provides recopies on how to prepare Fish fillet with the canned tuna. One can add the spices and other essentials according to their requirements. Most of the canned tuna are flavored and so one need not add any spices into it. There are also plain tuna that are not flavored available in the market one can purchase them according to their requirement. It is necessary to check through the ingredient list before purchasing the product. Most of the fish fillets are expensive. So it is always better to purchase the canned tuna and prepare one by yourself.

    Get the Best of Antioxidants from Seafood
    A great health remedy

    Seafood is considered to be one of the best foods for health. This is because the minerals and vitamins that are present in the body of the sea animals are said to bring essentials to the human body, so most of the people prefer taking seafood. In older days, sea food transporting was very difficult many people found it very difficult to transport food from one place to another. But nowadays as the demand for the seafood has risen, people find seafood everywhere. There are many companies who prefer giving away Seafood mix and frozen seafood as the demand of consumers are grown. They do this by starting their own feeding farms and they supply frozen fishes and other frozen seafood and Seafood mix.

    The Seafood Suppliers

    The seafood suppliers supply the Seafood mix to different parts of the country. Sometimes the Seafood mix would not only be of fish it would be of other sea animals too. You can also order these frozen seafood online. There are many companies that provide the facility of delivering frozen seafood at your doorstep. Apart from orders you can also get recipes of various frozen seafood online. Most of the people from Asia prefer to eat all kinds of fishes. The fish is considered as their staple food in many parts of south Asia.

    Benefits Of Seafood Mix

    The Seafood mix is considered to be the best food that is available in the market. The Seafood mix has a mixture of several Frozen seafood like the shrimps, crap, octopus, clam etc. This Frozen seafood would be mixed with some spices and garlic and sauce. There are different varieties of Seafood mix. The mix is prepared depending upon the availability of the seafood. In the regions like Thailand and china, the Seafood mix has a different taste. It has only fish as the main ingredient and some other herbs and spices mixed along with it. The Seafood mix is considered to be a healthy food because of the amount of vitamins, mineral and iron it contains. It is quite expensive but it is worth the money.

    Frozen seafood and Its Importance

    Sometimes in Seafood mix, there is some artificial flavoring. It is always a good manner to see the ingredients of the Seafood mix before buying it. This would help you against selecting the wrong mix. They are also many frozen seafood recipes one can get from the web. You can prepare your own seafood mix by looking into these recipes. The most important thing of these frozen seafood are that it provides the body with a stronger immune system that makes one free from illness and other diseases. One can get any kind of frozen seafood in the market. Many seafood lovers love to go for this frozen seafood. Even though they are quite expensive, you can have these seafood fresh at any time of the day. All you have to do is just cook it according to your taste and preference. The Frozen seafood is mainly known for its essential nutrients that they provide to the body. So you must see to that you get the maximum benefit out of it.

    Get Know Some Dangerous Under Sea Creatures
    Underwater creatures

    There are different kinds of creatures found in the sea other than fishes; some of the most common and the dangerous type are the Squid and the giant octopus. The Squid is amoeba shaped under sea creature that has tentacles and suckers. They have a large mantle and large eyes. They are of two types the large Squid and the colossal squid. They are considered to be sharp suckers and are known as the largest invertebrate. The Squid and the giant octopus are usually found in the deep sea that is seven hundred to three thousand feet under the sea. Usually these species are found in the north Atlantic areas, southern Japan and in the northern pacific. Despite being dangerous sea creatures, humans have for years made delicious dishes out of them. There are a large number of recipes that are favored in many parts of the world.
    Facts of the Squid

    Squids are said to be aggressive hunters, they are active and intelligent. Even though both Squid and the giant octopus come from the same species, they differ from each other in characteristics and appearance. The giant squids are sometimes dangerous. They are basically known as great suckers. They use their tentacles for this purpose. With the help of the tentacles they cover the prey and suck them. When the squids are tried to be attacked, they conceals themselves into a Squid shape and jet away by turning pale. A liquid named INK comes out through their ink sac. The giant octopus is said to have smaller movements and it protects itself with help of its large number of hands.
    The food of the carnivorous under sea creatures

    The Squid and the giant octopus are mostly found deep inside the sea. They mostly feed on deep sea fishes like the hokie and the ruffle. Some giant squids and giant octopus feed on smaller squids. There are carnivorous and so they have a wide range of foods to choose from. Their movement is fast. Even though the octopuses are different when compared to the squid, the octopus has a huge body and eight or sixteen hands. It has complete control over all its tentacles and uses it to protect itself, to hunt and to feed. Octopuses breathe through its mantle.
    History of squid

    The movements of the giant octopus are slower when compared to that of the giant octopus. French fishermen were the first persons who found the giant Squid in the Canary Islands in the year 1961.The Squid caught was about 18.5 meter high. A giant Squid can feed on a baby whale. It has that kind of body. It is known to be the carnivorous murderous of the sea. The razor like teeth and the sharp tentacles are their weapons. They easily disguise themselves to get away from the attention of their enemies. When eggs are laid, the male squids are said to guard the female squids. The squids are considered to have the fastest movements. The travel at a speed of 15Kph.Their life span is five hundred years and their blood is iron based.

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