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    Sunday, November 18th, 2012
    10:29 pm
    What Does It Mean By Tilapia?

    The word “Tilapia” is extracted from the Tswana word for fish as thiape. Tilapia is a mall, low fat fish that is originated in Africa where it was using to make thousands of delicious food items. Nowadays it stands as the most important “aquaculture” fish in all over the world that is found in the large fish farms. It is produced for the mass consumption on the big level in the world. Several kinds of Tilapia recipes are designed that are famous in all over the world for their wonderful texture and the soft flavors. We also can differentiate it in the hundreds of cichlid species as tilapia also belong to the Tilapine tribe in the world that was mostly found in the fresh water. We can also find these fish in the cleaned river streams. This type of fish has been fished out by millions of fishermen since thousands of years that were a significant aspect that they have given to that fish as so important. It was fishing out in America and the Levant region in which many of tilapia recipes are designed for the past generation. Some of them are still existed that are using by new generation in every corner of the world.

    Nutritious with Amino Acids the Pollock Recipes

    Pollock is related to a fish species that are commonly found in the northern Pacific Oceans ranging from Alaska to Japan. This type of fish is consuming by millions of fish lovers, as these are the main source of low fat and calories and rich in the source of Protein. Hence, this wonderful creation of the god is always adorable by a tumid range of the people that is liked for the ground of many nutritious. Additionally, these fish are valuable for its fine significant and the hundreds of benefits that are consumed by many athletes on regular basis. This fish is consisted by low calories, protein, low fat, carbohydrates, glutamic acid, aspartic acid and lysine, which are the main source of good physical conditions. These all nourishments are essential for removing all kinds of infections.

    Substantial Features of Tilapia and Pollock

    Physical characteristics of tilapia fish is similar to the sunfish in the appearance but the fish tilapia is reflectively recognized by the fish of cichlid family as the main body of tilapia fish is made up by different colors that is the main advantage in developing these fish species on a large basis. These all developments are associated with the brands of tilapia fish like Nile tilapia and blue tilapia in casual form. The brand of Nile tilapia is differentiating in the outline figures as it has some of vertical caudal fin. In addition, the brands of Blue tilapia are intermittent in the nature, as they do not have the caudal fin. Pollock fish supports the length of about 120cm, as they are normally less than 110 cm. These kinds of fish have the life span of 18 years. Additionally, Pollack fish are found in the short temperature in which they can move for spawning to north-south places. The majority of female Pollock is about 62cm long along with the age of 5 to 7 years.

    10:23 pm
    The Prominence of Vietnam Seafood and Seafood Mix

    If you want to keep your body system in balance then you must start to eat seafood mix because it is the best way to generate more energy in your body. As well as the more vitamins and proteins can be received through these kinds of food. When you go in Vietnam with your family and friends then these kinds of food are the best dishes that you must eat over there. There is no side effect of these kinds of food to your health even these increase the life periods. You can eat the mix of seafood on the regular basis to maintain your body shape and fat. The people, who are really health aware, eat the seafood on their daily diet. This seafood mix is the best other than vegetable foods in the worldwide countries. The Vietnams restaurants have vital seafood dishes in the fish related to many ocean species fishes.

    Enjoy the Best Vietnam Seafood with Seafood Mix Category

    The Vietnam seafood is famous among other countries seafood’s as there you can get the huge varieties in the seafood. If you are fond of seafood then Vietnam is the best place because here you can get the fresh fishes dishes in more forms like salad, soups and many more. The Vietnamese enjoy the seafood on the many occasions because the seafood is available in abundant quantity in the Vietnam. The people who visit Vietnam like to have special Vietnamese cuisine in seafood form like crawfish, boiled snails, crab legs with lemon and fish curry. The seafood mix is known as the traditional food of Vietnam, as people love to eat this food category whenever any occasion is held in that country. The Vietnamese take the seafood in their daily meal to keep the health in the balance. If you want to add zest in the fish dishes then you can mix the lemon juice.

    Where You Can Get the Vietnam Seafood and Seafood Mix

    If you like to eat seafood in your meal, then Vietnam seafood is very delicious and healthy for your life. It’s become very easy to get best seafood from Vietnam as there is many seafood outlets in the market that offer you huge varieties in the seafood. If you are sitting in your home country and like to eat seafood of Vietnam then you can order the seafood mix from the various internet website as at present technology time it’s become easy to order food from internet whether you are sitting in that particular country or not. This seafood has the enough quantity of salt that is sufficient for your body system. so these kinds of food give you more texture and taste of food and when you eat shellfish, then you will promote your health in good way as this shellfish has good quantity of salt and other vitamins. You can buy them in seafood outlets in the many varieties.

    Saturday, October 27th, 2012
    10:22 am
    Frozen Shrimp Is Best For Health In Form Of Frozen Seafood

    The frozen seafood and frozen shrimps food have become the best way to take vital vitamins quantity in your body as it is perfect than other animal and vegetable food in the world. These types of foods are very good for long life and perfect health. People are having different types of dishes of these kinds of foods and also availing the health profits from these foods. People get vitamins, oil, nutrition, proteins and the necessary Omega-3 from these kinds of seafood’s and frozen shrimps. The shrimps are the best way to eat in the form of seafood and these shrimp foods are very popular across the world’s continental countries. You can cook these types of food at your home and also if you want to buy then there are many foods store which offer a wide range of these foods. These food control your metabolize system and heart system in the body as these are healthy and light food for whole day.

    The Best Way To Cook Frozen Seafood And Frozen Shrimps

    At present people are very curious to know that how to cook shrimps frozen seafood when they like to have delicious seafood as you can buy these shrimps and seafood and keep for long time in the freezers. Sometimes these are available frozen when you purchase from stores. The boiling of shrimps in frozen is the best way to cook frozen shrimps and seafood. You can also make the delicious salad of these foods with including tomato, lettuce and cucumber; it is very taste way to eat these kinds of food. When you purchase the seafood and shrimps in frozen then it is advised that do not defrost them in the microwave. You can also cook these foods to make the grilled shrimps with adding orange, tomato, lemon and other vegetables. This way is very good to take benefit of more vitamins and proteins from these kinds of frozen foods. These foods are very good to eat in summers and with a glass of water of beer or wine.

    Frozen Shrimps And Frozen Seafood Are Most Popular In Continental Area

    It is fact that people who lives in the overseas countries and continental area like to eat shrimps in the form of seafood in frozen way. The frozen shrimp is the best when you need to like seafood as it is a perfect form of seafood. From England to New Zea land the shrimps are mostly prefer by the people in the form of frozen and frozen seafood. The cooking way is also very easy and these can be cooked in very short time. These are available in many foods store in the continental countries and you can buy them and freeze at home to eat them for 2-3 days. These kinds of food is very expensive but available in huge quantity as people like to have it in dinner and lunch mostly in summers and winter seasons.

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    10:17 am
    Count Freshwater Fishes And Buy From Reputed Fish Suppliers

    When you are planning to set a tropical aquarium then you should first of count the freshwater fish which you need to put in your aquarium, here it is advised that you should count fishes according to your aquarium size and shapes as if you will put more fishes then it would be wasted and the more fishes will not alive long time. On the other side if you put more fishes in your aquarium then you will have to force yourself to clean that early basis. There also fishes will be scrambled in the aquarium for food and due to this the fishes will be killed. So it is good that count the fishes as per your aquarium size and shapes. Another point is that whenever you buy the fishes for your aquarium, then you must check the healthiness of the fishes as the fishes may be dead in your aquarium within some days. So look at the fishes that they are healthy while buying to the suppliers. You can check the suppliers store tank in which they keep their fishes to sell. If their store tank and aquarium are not clean then the fishes also will look dirty and dull.

    Just Learn More While Buying Freshwater Fishes Through Fish Suppliers

    You must learn as much as you can about the freshwater fishes for your aquarium, because this necessary information’s will help you to buy fishes from the suppliers. Sometimes you may need to choose the colors and some fishes breed so for that you must learn more because these the different types of fishes need higher maintenance. We have some suggestion in this way that you can choose the zebra, golden, pearl and neon fishes breed while buying the fishes for your tropical home aquarium. Now we move on the suppliers of aquarium fishes as whenever you set up your tropical aquarium, and then first find out the reputed suppliers that provide huge varieties in the aquarium fishes.

    Try To Buy Different Freshwater Fishes From Best Fish Suppliers

    There are many freshwater fishes that can keep in the aquarium for long time in this category you the first is killifish. Killifish is good for home aquariums and perfect when you are starting first aquarium at your home. These types of fishes do not seek high maintenance on daily basis as you can wash your aquarium in a month also add more species of fishes with these fishes. There is one piranha fish that is not good for other fish as this type of fish suppliers will kill the other fish’s species in the aquarium. This kind of fish also needs more cleaning and care as you have to wash the aquarium within a week. So this kind of fish suppliers also is very expensive to maintenance. Therefore whenever you buy the fishes species, then consider good fishes that are able to survive with other fishes in the aquarium.

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    10:12 am
    Basa, A Wonderful Flavor Of Catfish

    Basa is a type of catfish that locates in southern Asia, mostly in Vietnam. This fish is adorned by its valuable appeal on variety of food source that is especially brought in the market for its incredible texture and the flavor. You can find this type of fish elsewhere in the world including United States. Mostly adults use this fish in their daily meals. Most of the basa fish are fished out by the local farmers in the Mekong River in which they use to search that fish in the natural flow of the river. This lets them to remove any of the impurity that may build up over time.

    Many of the species of catfish may not have the strong currents but basa fish differentiate it by having extraordinary consistency on which it is preferred by the tumid range of people. The technique, which is used by many fishermen to catch this fish, is absolutely follows the innumerable advantages for the farmers and enlarges its reputation on the flavor of this fish in all over the world. This fish is also known by its mild taste, white and flaky meat in which it challenges the other sorts of catfish in the world that prefers this food catfish. The raising amount of the catfish in the Mekong River helps to create the millions of advantages among those who want to eat this kind of fish.

    Pangasius, Developing An Eminent Influence In The World

    In the world of Aquaculture, Pangasius is commonly known as a very active catfish. It is also called an Iridescent Shark, which swims to make a marvelous display in the water. These fish have the high levels of consumptions that are expected by the consumers for having the sufficient knowledge about this product. This fish originates by the harvesting methods that passed on its all-different species in the range of large countries as Europe and America. It influences by the variety of imported fresh water that makes it as the tenth most popular seafood product that is eaten by the people of United States on regular basis. A people can eat almost 6 ounces of Pangasius per year and requires for the moderately priced selection, which is expected to increase its production. This is the elegant example of a kind of seafood that is increasing on the high demand.

    Delicious Recipes That Drive On Basa Fish

    Basa is seriously known as the wonderful texture catfish that differentiate this fish from all the other species of catfish. You should try that kind of fish even on when you do not like to eat any catfish, as it will give you smooth flavor and true aromas that you did not feel before. Many of the mouth-watering recipes are formulating on that fish that you will definitely like. You can also try for a simple recipe on basa fish as it is very simple to use this fish and you can cook any of extraordinary items with this fish.

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    Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
    9:56 pm
    An Overview on the Asian Shrimp and White Shrimp

    If we talk about the shrimps then it is a kind of fish species that is commonly known as shrimps, these mainly are found in worldwide and Asian countries. There are very popular species of shrimps included asian shrimp, Prawn, freshwater shrimp, lobster, white shrimp, which are utilized to make different types of Chinese and other kind of dishes in the Asian continental countries. These shrimps are mainly found in the corner of the sea side, coast, rivers and lakes as well as these are available in abundant quantity in the worldwide. These shrimps are usually found in the sea corner but these shrimps move under the water due to escape from the sea predators. The life of shrimps is around one to eight years. These are born in thousands of species in the worldwide in the sediment of the sea. These shrimps are commonly available in the season of May to October as you can buy huge quantity of these white and Asian shrimps specially to make the different types of seafood dishes.

    What Is the Used of Asian and White Shrimps

    If you like to have seafood and you are crazy for fish food then shrimps seafood is the best option for you. There are many benefits of eating seafood’s of shrimps. The omega-3 acid in the fishes is good for heart as well as this kind of food reduce inflammation that is major cause of many health diseases. Hence the shrimp’s seafood is best for health and you can be healthy for long life, if you use seafood of shrimps on the regular diet. You can eat fried shrimp with nuts that gives you taste of delicious food. These Asian and white shrimps are mainly used in making seafood and the recipes are very famous. People mostly prefer shrimps food while they spend their vacations in Asian countries. If you eat the shrimp seafood then your cardiovascular system will be protected. Wherever you go in Thailand, china, Mexico and Atlantic countries, you will find taste food of these kinds of different shrimps.

    A Short Comparison between Asian Shrimps and White Shrimps

    Here we will talk about the shrimps of Asian and white species that both have some differences. Shrimps of white specie are less nutrition in comparison of shrimps of Asian. As well you can eat many dishes of shrimps of Asian in many ways like salad, soups, curry and pickles while in you can take the enjoyment of shrimps of water simply in the iodine, protein and calcium. So these both shrimps are good for whole family in order to cut the huge fat and burn calories. The recipes of these white and Asian shrimps can be prepared in few minutes without losing its delicious taste. These dishes can be stored for long time like one or two days as you can eat for 2-3 days frequently by storing them in the refrigerator. Some useful information white shrimp by Siamcanadian.

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    9:47 pm
    An Overview on Seafood Suppliers and Frozen Fish

    The seafood is most popular food in the world and preferred by huge population of worldwide. The seafood is liked by huge people because it is best to keep your body structure in the balance. There are many suppliers and dealers distribute and import the seafood from the worldwide countries, where the plenty of seafood is available to import in other countries. As the seafood suppliers play an important role between many countries dealers and sellers of seafood. The suppliers import the fishes from the Asia and eastern countries, and then pack them in safe buckets. These suppliers do not interact directly with the customers even these have various dealers and retailers. These suppliers do not keep perishable items in buckets for long time as after delivery the dealers dispose the perishable items immediately. These suppliers of seafood have their warehouse to keep huge fishes to deliver the retailers and dealers of seafood’s.

    What Types of Fishes and Frozen Fishes Are Supplied By the Seafood Suppliers?

    There are many seafood supplier of frozen and seafood fishes in the worldwide, they distribute the fishes among the world different countries dealers and retailers. There are many types of fishes of seafood like crab fishes, yellow horse fish, child fish, sher fish, shell fish and dry fishes. There are the numbers of fish supplier’s website on the internet, where you can find various types of fishes for seafood. These online seafood fish suppliers are the international level and provide high quality fishes in reasonable prices. These online suppliers are able to provide anywhere sea fishes like abalone, catfish, conch, anchovy, barracuda and bass European sea fishes. You can get the fishes testing kit from these suppliers in discount prices.

    Tips While Purchasing Fishes or Frozen Fishes through Online Seafood Suppliers

    Here we will inform to all the dealers and retailers about the some suggestion while buying seafood and frozen fishes through fishes suppliers. First of all you can buy these kinds of fishes directly from the internet online fishes for seafood suppliers as these are authentic and do not cheat with anyone. But sometimes it’s rare to buy fishes for seafood from these online suppliers so you must check some points like the dullness eyes fishes as you should check the dullness eye fishes as these are safe and good to eat. Except the online suppliers you may go to buy the seafood types Frozen fish to the roadside fishes outlets, then also you should check some cleaning and freshness aspects. You should check the freshness of fishes as are the fishes looking shine or clean so these things you should check at the time of buying fishes to make seafood. After checking the cleanness, now you must check the smelling of fish as if the fishes are nasty smelling then it would not go after cooking, so smell the fishes while buying from the suppliers. Information about frozen fish by siamcanadian.

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    9:41 pm
    An Expensive Source of Protein Is Alive In Canned Tuna

    In many American domestic families, canned tuna is the most convenient and inexpensive source of protein that we can get from a canned tuna sandwich, salad, melts etc that all cooked in the soft texture and fishier flavors of fresh canned tuna. However, the taste will absolutely differ from brand to brand. It is labeled as the white kind of meat or a light meat that comes in the three grades. These grades depend on the size of the tuna chunks in form of solid and large fancy chunks.

    It is followed by the smaller pieces of chunks that are flaked or grated bits of the smallest chunks. These chunks are the valid form of protein that is an essential for good health and hair. Many companies uphold the “dolphin-safe” label from the department of US while the transferring the canned tuna in a state to different areas. That means as no dolphin is killed or terribly affected during the catch.

    In Which Form You Will Get the Canned Tuna

    You can purchase the already cooked canned tuna that is packed in the water or in the oil. In two variants of this protein source are different in taste, as oil is considered as tastier than water packed tuna. In addition, the price is also vary from one to another package of canned tuna as water packed tuna is less expensive than oil packed tuna. In the recent years, US Food and Drug Administration and US Environment Protection Agency have made some restriction on canned tuna that are applied to a pregnant woman or breast-feeding woman. Moreover, these slots are applicable on the woman who is considering as becoming pregnant.

    Analysis and Fabrication about Giant Octopus Meat

    An octopus is generally related to the squid and cuttlefish that live in most of the seas. It is also meant as a firmed and flavorsome that is highly regarded in the ethnic neighborhoods of Australia. Giant Octopus belongs to the faction of Cephalopods that is famous for the high quality products that are offered by Siam Canadian t its buyers. It is also covered in competitive prices as many food-storing companies offer them globally along with the high grades, quality, firm and no water added sequence.

    These all companies are the source of premium octopus that comes in giant form. Although, the quality, size and grades can be differ from one to another organization. However, they all give you the quality assurance along with tested containers. You can grill or fry the giant octopus in order to evaporate them in a liquid form during cooking. You can also sauté the octopus over a low heat without adding liquid until it evaporates, and then you can prepare the dish according to your choice. You can also store them in your fridge for 1-2 days after washing them. You can preserve them even if they are cooked too. These octopuses are known as the delicious marinated seafood in stir-fried or quick-braised form. You can serve them well with garlic sauce, tomato sauce, onion frills, ginger, olive oil touch, cream and soy sauce. For more information visit giant octopus by siamcanadian.

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    Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
    9:57 am
    Things You Should Know about Asian Shrimp Farming

    Asian shrimp is one of the most popular shrimp verities available for you. You can easily buy Asian shrimps from nearest fish market. These types of shrimps are mainly imported from India and china. Thailand shrimps are one of the delicious verities of Asian shrimps. These shrimps are taxonomically related with pacific Vannamei shrimps. Like all the other shrimp verities, Asian shrimps are widely used as food. They are often seen in oceans as well as fresh water rivers. The biological adaptations will help them to survive in salt water and hard conditions. These Asian shrimps are one of the best choices for cultivation. No external constraints can affect the growth of shrimps. If you can remove the threat of other predators, you can earn a lot of money from shrimp farming. There are many things to remember before shrimp farming.

    Learn about Shrimp Farming

    If you are going to try your luck in shrimp farming, try Asian shrimps. These shrimps are highly compatible with difficult situations. Sudden climate changes, salt content, and other parameters will not affect the cultivation easily. There are mainly two types of Asian shrimp farming ideas; outdoor farming and indoor farming. Both these methods can help you to cultivate Asian shrimp. If you are not a traditional farmer, it will be better to seek the help of professionals. Large scale shrimp farms can use the help of scientists and government agencies. Shrimp farming is quite easy, if you know how to feed them. It will not be a good idea to use unhealthy food items. If you want to create healthy shrimps, you can use commercial shrimp foods.

    Pacific White Legged Shrimp

    The pacific white legged shrimp is also known as Vannamei. It’s actually a sub species of shrimp. The Vannamei is widely used as a food item. You can easily cultivate this shrimp, with the help of salt water farmers. Salt water farming is entirely different from other farming ideas. Most of these shrimps will grow larger than 8.5 inches. These shrimps are widely seen in Pacific Ocean and Mexican sea. These sea shrimps can also survive in fresh water.

    More about Vannamei

    If you want to enjoy the taste of Vannamei, you can prepare the shrimp food. It is quite easy to get the Vannamei recipes from online resources. Continental, Chinese, and Indian shrimp recipes can be used to make Vannamei items. Just search the internet, to find a good shrimp recipe. Some prawn recipes can also be used to prepare Vannamei.

    Asian Shrimp Recipes

    Asian shrimp is one of the most delicious shrimp verities. If you want to find a good shrimp recipe, you can seek the help of internet. Almost all the famous restaurants will have a separate section for seafood items. You can also enjoy a nice evening with professional Asian shrimp food, in restaurants. It is also possible to get recipe books from book stalls and shopping malls. It will help you to prepare Asian shrimp food easily. More Information about thailand shrimps by siamcanadian.

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    9:48 am
    Some Serious Facts about Frozen Shrimps

    You know that, shrimps are one of the most delicious food items. Asian shrimps, Thailand shrimps, and white legged Vannamei shrimps are imported from different countries. Ice cubes and freezers are used to retain the freshness of these shrimps. You know that fresh food is the best food. Frozen shrimp is certainly not fresh. There are many advantages and disadvantages for using frozen shrimps. Lack of freshness is the main drawback of frozen sea food items. You cannot get these shrimps within 24 hours of catching. Main advantage of frozen shrimp is its reliability. You don’t have to worry about any sort of bacterial infections, after purchasing frozen shrimps.

    More about Frozen Shrimps

    In America, almost all the available shrimps are in frozen form. It is quite hard to get fresh shrimps from American markets. There are many industrial standards for the shrimp exporters. You don’t have to worry about the quality of shrimps. It is possible to understand the origin, name, weight, and size of the frozen shrimp from its packet. It is possible to purchase frozen Shrimps in bulk, without bothering about anything. These are comparatively cheaper than fresh shrimps. The frozen shrimp will last longer than ordinary shrimps. You can easily purchase frozen shrimps from nearest fish market. Almost all the imported shrimps are frozen first, and then defrosted for domestic use.

    Frozen Shrimp Cooking

    There are many things to remember, before cooking frozen shrimps. If you are going to purchase a frozen white shrimp packet, it will be sensible to learn about cooking ideas. It is not a good idea to cook frozen shrimps directly. You will lose the original taste and essence, if you directly cooked the frozen shrimps. You have to defrost them, before cooking. Frozen shrimp will take more time for cooking. You have to remove its coldness, before starting the cooking procedure. There are many ways for natural defrosting.

    Defrosting of Frozen Shrimp

    Before cooking the frozen white shrimp, place it in water. Water can remove the coldness of frozen shrimps. After bringing the shrimps to atmospheric temperature, you can start cooking. If you forgot to defrost the shrimps, it will consume more time and energy. You can avoid all these losses, with the help of defrosting techniques. It is also possible to save water, by placing the entire bag in a small bucket. Microwave ovens can also help you with defrosting. It will be better to heat the shrimps after placing it in a tub of water. Do not try to overheat the shrimps. It will ooze out the natural taste.

    Prepare Frozen Shrimp Items

    After reducing the coldness of frozen shrimp, you can start cooking. It will be better to find a good recipe for cooking. Most of the online web sites will help you to find excellent shrimp recipes. Shrimps are used as food in many countries. It is possible to get wide verities of recipes from internet. Printed cookbooks will also help you to get unique tastes. Please visit asian shrimps by siamcanadian.

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    Tuesday, September 18th, 2012
    11:42 am
    Physical Features and Anatomy of Rohu and Squid Fishes

    Physical Features of Rohu Fish

    Rohu fish is a kind of fish which belongs to the carp family Cyprinidae. It is largely found in streams and freshwater ponds in and around South Asia and South-East Asia. This fish is of omnivorous type and it is very delicious. This fish is largely liked by the people of Bangladesh, and in Northern India. The Brahmin community of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh consider this Rohu fish as their sacred food and they eat this fish on all auspicious functions. The Rohu fish is called in different names in different languages. This fish is reared in Kerala and it is a non oily white fish.

    Physical Features of Squid Fish

    Squids are cephalopods, a large phylum of invertebrates, of the order Teuthida. There are about 300 species of squids. Squid has a different head, two-sided regularity, a lawyer, and arms similar to other cephalopods. Squid has eight arms organized in pairs and two, typically longer, tentacles similar to cuttlefish. Though the Squids are very good swimmers , they can even fly for a short distance above the water.

    A Dish Prepared From Rohu Fish

    Rohu is an important water civilized freshwater species in South Asia. When civilized it does not breed in lentic atmosphere and as a result induced eggs becomes essential. The dish Potoler Dolma prepared from the stuffed Rohu is considered to be a delicious food. Rohu is well-liked by the people of Northern India and Pakistan and it is a part of special food in Lahore cooking when it is prepared with butter and spices. The people of Iraq admired this food to a great extent.

    A Dish Prepared From Squid Fish

    Numerous species of squid are famous as food in China, Greek, Japan, Turkey, Portugal and other countries. Most of the natives of English speaking countries in the world admired this as a food to a great extent. To prepare squid for food the body of the squid is cut into flat pieces or sliced in circular form .Almost all the parts of the squid are eatable except the beak and the Gladius. Since Squid is rich in zinc, manganese, copper, selenium, vitamin B12, and riboflavin it is recommended for inclusion in daily food.

    Anatomy of Rohu Fish

    The scientific name of the Rohu is Labeo Rohita and it forms a major part of the Indian commercial fishing industry. This typical fish can attain a maximum length of 200 cm and a weight of 45 kilos. There are blue or black scales on the back side of the fish and lightly and silvery scales on the stomach. This fish has a sole dorsal fin besides two pectoral and anal fins, a forked caudal fin. The mouth of this fish is small and the fish has no scales on the head.

    Anatomy of Squid Fish

    The main body mass of the squid is attached in the mantle. The mantle has a swimming fin along every side. These fins, which are different in other marine organisms, are not the major cause of movement in most species. The skin of the squid is concealed with chromatophores . This chromatophores eases the squid to alter the color according to the atmosphere and conceal itself. The bottom portion of the body is lighter than the topside to hide itself from the prey and the predator. More information about rohu by siamcanadian

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    11:34 am
    Physical Characteristics and Productivity of Tilapia and Pollock Fishes

    General Description of Tilapia Fish

    The main origin of the Tilapia fish is from the Mediterranean and African countries. The body of the Tilapia fishes is very firm and they flourish in ponds and the highly skilled water tanks where the water is recycled. Since Talapia fish eats pellets made of grains its flesh is of high quality and delicious. The appearance of the Talapia fish is similar to bream. The Talapia fish has a very good resistance against any type of illness and it suits to various atmospheric conditions. The Tilapia species builds their own nests and the eggs are taken care of by the brood parent Tilapia. As far as Oreochromis species are concerned the mouth brooding is done by the females only. In case of the species of Sarotherodon the mouth brooding is done by either male of female Tilapia.

    Brief Description of Pollock Fish

    Pollock is the general name used for either of the two species of aquatic fish in the Pollachius genus. There are two well-known species in this genus. They are Pollachius pollachius Pollack and Pollachius virens Saithe. The length of both the Pollock species is extended up to 3 feet 6 inches and the maximum weight will be 21 Kilos. The Pollock fish has a strong silver line running laterally down the sides. The color above the lateral line is greenish black and a white stomach. This Pollock fish can be found in deep seas up to a depth of 180 m over the rocks. Pollock is designated as white fish.

    Physical Characteristics of Tilapia Fish

    The Tilapia fish is similar to sunfish in appearance but the fish is recognized by the feature of the interrupted line of the fishes of Cichild family. The body of the Tilapia fish is made up of different colors . The main developed species of Tilapia can be differentiated by dissimilar banding outlines . The bands of the Nile Tilapia are vertical on the caudal fin. The bands of the blue Tilapia are intermittent in nature and there are no bands for the Mozambique Tilapia on the caudal fin.

    Physical Characteristics of Pollock Fish

    Adult Pollock can reach maximum lengths of 120 cm, but they are normally less than 110 cm . The maximum life span of the Pollock is 18 years . These fishes will catch 3 to 6 years old fishes as their food. The growth rate of the Pollock is fast till sexual maturity. After sexual maturity the growth rate of the Pollock decreases. Pollocks are training species and they are found throughout the water column . The Pollocks are mostly stationary species except they will have a short migration due to change in temperature they will move for spawning to north-south places. The females Pollock will reach maturity when they grow to 62 cm long and at the age of 5 to 7 years. The male Pollock will reach the maturity when they grow 58 cm long and at the age of 4 to 7 years. Some useful information Pollock by siamcanadian

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    Thursday, September 13th, 2012
    12:09 pm
    Methods of Preserving Freshwater and Frozen Fish and Packaging of Frozen Fish


    Some foods can not be supplied in miniature form without losing their delicious taste and essence. We cannot expect live foods at all times of the year since they are not readily available. So it is better to have the frozen food instead of searching for the fresh food. Though the frozen foods are costlier than the fresh food , the frozen foods are the excellent alternatives when provide for fry or picky eaters. Nowadays most of the petty shops are selling the frozen foods and numerous companies are even exported the frozen foods from one country to another country. India is rich in domestic freshwater fish, with about 940 species recognized from its rivers, lakes and aquariums. Among these species about 500 species are main freshwater fish with approximately 65% common, secluded in the two hot spots of India, the Western Ghats and the North East. Many of these freshwater fishes are sole to certain stretches of the assorted rivers particularly the upper reaches and numerous species are being reported from these forested hills. The only way for a freshwater fish fanatic to save the freshwater fish and its habitats are generating consciousness among the people.

    Description of Features of the Frozen Fish

    Fish are hard hearted, water vertebrates and they generally possess a streamlined body wrapped with scales and the body is divided into head, gill, trunk and tail parts. The salt water fish is divided according to the shape of their body into circular and flat shape. Frozen fish is the most excellent fish quality as it is frozen by the flash or rapid freezing process. As a result of the rapid freezing method the cell walls of the fish will not break and do not lose cell fluids. Rapid freezing results in the formation of only very small ice crystals which are different from large crystals, do not break the cell walls and thus do not result in the loss of cell fluids on melting.

    Preservative Methods of Frozen Fish

    Inconspicuous smell, rigid and flexible flesh, sparkling red color of the gills, vivid, silky color, silky black pupils are some of the main factors used to assess fresh fish. The fish should be properly frozen while loading it and if it is not properly frozen the fish will spoil during transportation. Periodic Checks should be carried out during loading. Since the frozen fish is maintained at chill temperature for a long time , the body of the fish is rigid like the wood when struck. The meat thermometer should be used to measure the core temperature of the body of the fish by drilling a hole into the central part of the body of the fish

    Packaging Methods of Frozen Fish

    The frozen fish is usually packed in plastic film and is transported in cartons or boxes. But the Oily types of fish should be packed in an oxygen-impermeable film to avoid rancidity due to the high oil content. Care should be taken on the dimension of the packing modules of customary pallet sizes. For transporting the frozen fish only the ultra-low temperature refrigerated containers should be used, as they are capable of transporting goods at a very low temperature. Information about freshwater fish by siamcanadian.

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    Main Differences Between Seawater and Freshwater Fish

    A species of fish that spend most of its life in streams or ponds in which the water is totally salt-free, is called fresh water fish. The name itself refers that the fresh water fish lives only in fresh water which is salt-free. The fresh water fish require a variety of bodily adapting to live in fresh water. Some freshwater fish eats worms, caterpillars, insects, and smaller fish. Largest freshwater fish fish eat small mammals or frogs. The seawater fish is found in seas and oceans. Some seawater fish eats plants and algae and some eat fishes.

    Tissues and Gills of Freshwater Fish

    The gills of the freshwater fish should be competent to disperse melted gasses during retaining the salts in the body liquids inside. The scales of the fresh water fish decrease water dispersal through the skin and if the decrease in scales goes to maximum level , the fish will die.

    As far as the fresh water fish is concerned its tissues contain more water than the water in which they live. So a large amount of water will goes into the body of the freshwater fish through its skin and gills. So the fresh water fish has no necessity to drink large amounts of water. Since more water enters into the body of the fresh water fish , the fish will produce large amounts of urine.

    Tissues and Gills of Seawater Fish

    The salt water fish owns healthy kidneys to get back salts from the liquids of the body before emission. The natural atmosphere of the seawater fish is stable and they are not readily compatible with the main changes in water and temperature.

    The tissues in the body of a seawater fish contain less salt than the water they live. The seawater fish will disperse water through its skin and grills as the salty atmosphere outside the water draws water from the tissues of the body of the seawater fish. To avoid dehydration the seawater fish drinks more salt water and dispose little urine. To compensate and prevent dehydration, a saltwater fish drink large quantities of salt water, and emits salt from this water through its gills. When a seawater fish is put into the fresh water it will die.

    Differences Between Seawater Fishes and Fresh Water Fishes

    There is a vast difference between a fresh water fish and a salt water fish as far as the physical condition and the nature of habitats are concerned.

    • Freshwater fishes are capable to survive in different variety of habitats whereas Seawater fishes are capable to survive in salt water habitats only.

    • The size of the freshwater fish ranges from an inch in length to big size of 400 pounds in weight whereas the seawater fish range from 0.47 inches to 13 meters in length and 21 tonnes weight.

    • Freshwater fish possess gills that operate to disperse water when ensuring physical solutions stay inside the fish. Freshwater fish have great, healthy kidneys that are capable to process huge quantities of water. The seawater fish lose huge quantities of bodily liquids through their gills due to osmosis. As salty water is less diluted than the bodily liquids of the fish, the salt water flows in to restore the internal liquids to form stability. For more information visit seawater fish by siamcanadian.

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    Learn More about the Preparation of Thailand Sea Food
    Thailand is famous for the production of shrimps. Thailand sea food items are one of the most famous food items in Europe and America. Shrimps can grow in fresh water as well as salt water. That’s exactly the reason behind high shrimp farming possibilities. In order to develop a large scale shrimp farm, you have to seek the help of scientists. Environmental scientists will study the climate, water purity, and food items to provide excellent assistance and advices for farmers. These types of shrimps are not considers as sea food items. Only marine fishes are considers as sea foods. Thailand seafood is famous for its affordability and taste. You can easily purchase imported Thailand seafood items from nearest fish market.

    Thai Sea Food Items

    Thailand is famous for sea food items. Thailand seafood preparation is quite interesting. They use large verities of methods for the preparation of sea foods. It is possible to find more details about Thailand sea food preparation from online resources. Thai mussel is one of the most popular recipes in Thailand. It is used as an appetizer before food. You can also use this amazing seafood item as main course, by furnishing it with salad. The mussels are dipped in white wine, followed by coconut cream. Fresh red chilies are also used for the preparation of Thai mussel. You have to clean the mussels before and after slicing. It will help you to avoid bacterial issues. Just boil the mussels with coconut oil and red chilies. Ginger, garlic powder, and coriander are used for the preparation of mussels. If you want to get the full recipe of Thai mussel, it will be better to seek online support.

    More About Sea Foods

    Endless sea food items are available on the markets for you. Tuna, Pollock, salmon, trout, and dog fish are some of the most common sea food items. Frozen seafood items are used for exporting. Pollock is one of the most popular sea food items. It is available in most part of the world. It will grow more than a meter in length. A fully grown Pollock will weigh more than 20 kilograms. Pollock is widely distributed in the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most common food items in Europe and Central America. Due to the affordability and availability, it becomes popular in other parts of the world. Frozen seafood items like Pollock and tuna are popular in Australia, Asia, and America.

    Thailand Sea Foods

    In Thailand, seafood items are easily available. Thailand is one of the most important fish exporters in the world. Thai prawns and sardines are famous in many countries. If you want to enjoy the recipes of Thailand seafood, you can fee to use online help. Internet is one of the most important resources of Thailand seafood recipes. Thai seafood recipes are unique from all the other recipes. It is unique due to the vivid and unusual nature of ingredients and cooking methods. More information about Frozen seafood by siamcanadian.

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    Learn More About Shrimps And Recipes
    Shrimps are one of the most delicious food items available for you. These fresh water creatures are rarely seen in oceans. Its capacity to survive in salt water as well as fresh water, made it compatible for cultivation. There are plenty of shrimp farms around the world. Shrimps usually eat small fishes or insects living close to the bottom. There are many specialties for shrimps. Black tiger shrimp and Thailand shrimp are some of the most common shrimp verities. Its ability to swim backwards, make it difficult to catch. Large fishes, turtles, and even whales eat shrimps. There are many verities of shrimps available for you. Shrimp is a common name for all these species. The word prawn is also used to mention big shrimps. They are largely cultivated in America and Europe, and southern Asia.

    Black Tiger Shrimps

    Black tiger shrimps are not different from other common shrimps. The skin color of black tiger shrimps is unique. Black tiger shrimp is grey in color. You can distinguish them from other shrimps, by looking at skin color. You can easily sauté them, without using any expensive recipe. You have to peel out the foreskin and devein the shrimps. Some exotic recipes require the outer skin of shrimps. This will give you a different essence and taste. Almost all the other recipes will tell you to remove the outer skin. You can easily cook the meat, after removing hard outer covering. After washing it clean, you can start cooking. If you are searching for a good recipe, try to seek the help of internet. Almost all the online recipe web sites can help you to find a good shrimp recipe.

    Black Tiger Shrimp Recipes

    After finding a recipe web site, you can start cooking. Before making a continental shrimp item, you have to devein the shrimp. You can use many oil types to cook the shrimp. Olive oil is one of the best available choices for black tiger shrimp. Just boil the prawn in oil for 3 to 4 minutes. Addition of garlic powder and black pepper will enhance the taste. You can add salt, according to your taste. After cooking these items, you can either add white wine or lemon juice. The lemon juice can provide a different taste to every food item. Shrimps are made up of simple and soft tissues. It will not be a good idea to overcook them. You can easily create prawn sauté, within minutes.

    Learn About Thailand Shrimp Recipes

    The Thailand Shrimp is another important shrimp item, available in the market. You can easily purchase them from nearest shops. These are imported from Thailand. Thailand shrimps are considers as one of the most delicious seafood items. You can create many food items, using Thailand shrimp. There are thousands of Thailand shrimp recipes available on the internet. You can either select a continental recipe, or traditional Thailand recipe. You don’t have to use any expensive ingredients, to make delicious shrimp food items. Information about Black tiger shrimp by siamcanadian.

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    Learn About Vietnam Seafood Recipes
    Vietnam is one of the most river-rich countries in the world. Both marine fishes and fresh water fishes are available in Vietnam. Vietnam seafood items are extremely affordable and vivid. If you want to prepare a Vietnam seafood item, you can seek the help of internet recipe sites. Vietnam shrimps are famous due to their deliciousness. You can easily prepare Vietnam shrimp foods, with the help of online recipes.

    Caramel Shrimp

    Caramel shrimp is one of the most populate and tasty Vietnam seafood items. You can easily prepare this delicious item, easily. You have to purchase caramel syrup, vegetable oil, red chilies, garlic powder, and other important ingredients. In order to create this special vietnam seafood item, heat the vegetable oil using a fry pan. When the oil boils, add some chilies and garlic power. Keep frying these ingredients for 1 minute. Mix the chilies and garlic powder thoroughly. Now, you can add the shrimps followed by pepper powder. It will be better to add the caramel milk with constant stirring. You can add the salt, according to your taste. Just boil this mixture for another 30 seconds. Vietnam Carmel shrimp is ready to use. You can serve it along with plain boiled rice. This delicious food item can be prepared easily and quickly. No expensive ingredients are used in the preparation of Thailand caramel shrimp.

    Vietnam Seafood Mix

    If you want to enjoy some Vietnam seafood mix, feel free to seek the help of nearest restaurants. Most of the international seafood restaurants can provide Thailand sea food items. If you want to prepare the sea food, you can get recipes from internet. Grilled fish is a good sea food mix. You have to prepare delicious sauce, in order to serve it along with grilled fish. You can easily find Vietnam sauce recipes.

    Vietnam Grilled Fish Sauce

    In order to prepare sauce for the seafood mix, you have to gather unsalted butter, olive oil, carrots and other ingredients. Boil three of four tablespoons of butter using the help of olive oil. You can use a medium sized sauce pan for this. After boiling for a minute, you can add onion, chopped carrots, and pepper corns. Cook until the carrots and onions become soft. Constant stirring is essential to enhance the taste of sauce. You can also add the fish bones and small pieces after boiling for 10 minutes. This will induce a different taste to your sauce. This sauce can be served along with grilled fish. This Vietnam recipe is extremely affordable and delicious. Before serving, you can garnish the sauce with cream and vegetable pieces.

    Importance of Vietnam Seafood

    Vietnam seafood recipes don’t contain unhealthy food preparation methods. You can prepare these items, without bothering about anything. Deliciousness is the best reason behind global appreciation of Vietnam seafood recipes. There are plenty of food recipe books available on the internet and book stores. You can either purchase a copy or download eBook versions from online resources. Some useful information seafood mix by siamcanadian.

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    Learn About the Seafood Mix Preparation Methods

    There are many ways to prepare seafood mix. First, you have to find a reliable recipe web site. It is possible to find thousands of recipe sites with the help of search engines. Try to search with the help of proper key words, in order to get reliable results. After finding a good web site, you can start your kitchen hours. There will be thousands of recipes in a single web site. Try to select an affordable recipe with simple steps. You can also sort the results, according to the rankings. It will help you to find the best ranked recipe easily.

    Seafood Pasta

    You can seek the help of a seafood supplier, to purchase fresh fishes and prawns. Seafood pasta is one of the most popular seafood mix recipes. You can easily prepare this delicious food item, without any complicated steps. Take a large sized frying pan for the pasta preparation. You can either use coconut oil or olive oil for the pasta preparation. Heat the oil for 2 minutes using fry pan. Chopped onion and garlic can be added in to the hot oil. Heat these ingredients for another 4 minutes. When the onions become soft, you can add two or three tomatoes. Add one glass of water, to avoid the smell. Constant stirring is essential for the deliciousness of your seafood mix.

    Steps to Prepare Seafood Pasta

    After boiling the mixture for 5 minutes, you can turn the heat down. Constant stirring can avoid sticking of seafood items. You can add your fish pieces in to this delicious sauce. It will be better to boil the mixture for another five minutes. This will enhance the flavor of fish pieces. Fresh fish pieces can increase the taste of every sea food item. You can seek the help of a seafood supplier, to purchase fresh fish. If you are running a restaurant, you have to seek their help. International seafood suppliers will help you to purchase different fish items in bulk. You don’t have to worry about the cost.

    Different Sea Food Recipes

    The typical ingredients of a seafood item are squid, prawn, clam, and Pollock. You can prepare delicious seafood items, with the help these fishes. There are many recipes available on the internet for you. You can also customize the seafood mix recipes. Most of the seafood items are available in frozen form. You have to reduce the coldness of fish items, before cooking it. Direct cooking of frozen fish will destroy the natural taste. It will also increase the fuel expenses. You will have to heat the fish for a long time, if it is frozen. There are many methods for defrosting.

    More About Sea Food Mix

    After finding a good seafood mix recipe, you can start your kitchen adventures. If you are not confident enough to prepare the food, it will be better to seek the help of a professional chef. You can also seek the help of family members, to prepare delicious food items. Information about seafood supplier by siamcanadian.

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    Fish Supplies Procedure and The Methods of Fish Fillet.

    Procedure To Attain a Valid Permit By a Fish Supplier

    A fish supplier is the one who supplies fish to other places with valid permit for exporting the fish from one place to another place. Before exporting the fish the permit holder should get approval for exporting or importing the fish from Board of Animal Health of the concerned state. For this purpose the Board of Animal Health is operating a toll free telephone number to get the application for permit and get the permit. Each Application for the permit to export or import the fish should be enclosed with the following documents.

    • A copy of valid Fish heath inspection report on the fish lot which is meant for exporting or importing.

    • A certificate from the competent authority of state for aquatic animal health certifying that the sample of fish to be supplied has been sampled and examined for VHS negative according to norms.

    Guidelines for Fish Suppliers to Supply Fish

    • All the fish suppliers have to give warranty to the fish they are supplying .Some suppliers give warranty for live fish they deliver, but it is possible that the fish may die afterward due to stress or sickness.

    • Each fish supplier should know whether the fish supply by them is raised by them or procured from others. So it is significant for the fish supplier to know the source of the fish they supplied.

    • The fish supplier should also possess the information on the species and the size of the fish they are supplying. Some fish suppliers only sell or raise particular species or sizes of fish they are supplying.

    Details of Fish Fillet

    The fish fillet is nothing but the fish is cut into pieces and they are supplied from one place to another. While filleting the fish, the scales and the contents in the stomach of the fish should be removed. The fish fillets can be got by cutting them parallel to the spine. The remained bone with the flesh is called a frame and the frames are used to produce fish stock. The fish fillets do not include the backbone of the fish. Though the fillets provide less flesh they are easy to consume. The large blocks of the fish are taken and cut into fillets of a rhombus or tail shape. They may be with skin or skinless and the pin bones may be or may not be removed.

    Different Ways of Cutting a Fish Fillet

    There are numerous ways to cut a fish fillet. They are ,

    • Cutlet fish fillet: Cutlet is acquired by cutting the fish at the back of the head, around the stomach and narrowing the tail-end. The fish is then spun and the process is repeated on the next side to make a double fillet.

    • Single fish fillet: This method is more difficult than the cutlet. Two separate fillets are made and processed one from each side of the fish fillet.

    • J- Cut fish fillet: The method of producing J-cut is same as that of single fillet . The only difference is the pin bones are removed from the fillet by cutting into J-shape from the fillet. More information about fish fillet by siamcanadian.

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    Description and Physical Characteristics of Cuttlefish and Giant Octopus

    General Description of a Cuttlefish

    Cuttlefish are aquatic animals and belong to the Cephalopoda class . Actually Cuttlefish are not fish but they are molluscs. Cuttlefish eats small molluscs, crabs, shrimp, fish, octopuses, worms, and other cuttlefish. The killers of cuttle fish are dolphins, sharks, fish, seals, seabirds and other cuttlefish. Their expected life span is about one to two years. The cuttlefish is the most intelligent invertebrates among their species. Cuttlefish also possesses one of the largest brain-to-body size ratios of all invertebrates.

    General Description of a Giant Octopus

    Octopus is a kind of generally moderate octopuses. The members of the genus are distinguished by their large size and are generally called the giant octopuses. The giant octopuses have longitudinal wrinkles or creases dorsally and laterally on their body. The head of the giant is narrower than the width of the layer. The hectocotylus of the male giant octopus is on the third right arm. This hectocotylus is long and tapered when compared to other genus in the family Octopodidae.

    Physical Features of The Cuttle Fish

    The cuttlefish looks like a picture having eight arms. The origin of the name of the cuttle fish provides some insight into its look. The pupils in the eyes of the cuttlefish are in W in shape. This w-shape pupils enable the cuttlefish to get a deep vision in deep sea conditions. The eyes of the cuttlefish have two concentrated points of sensors. One sensor is in the front to look forward and the other which is located back enables the cuttlefish to look backward. The cuttlefish has the capability to change its body color in different shades for different purposes like contacts, protection, to attract its mate and catching its prey. The cuttlefish does not actually Swim but float with the help of its cuttle bones.

    Physical Features of The Giant Octopus

    The giant octopus has eight numbers of flexible arms and these arms will follow the fish when it swims. Most of the giant octopus squeeze through firm places since they are not having the interior or exterior skeleton. The giant octopus has strong beak and its mouth is at the central point of the arms. The giant octopuses are the most intelligent among its species. It will save itself from its predators by hiding, rapid fleeing, splitting ink like liquid and changing the color of the body. This giant octopus is similar to other cephalopods, with two eyes and four pairs of arms.

    Cuttle Fish as a Dish

    Cuttlefish are used as food in many parts around the world. It is an important and delicious food for the people in East Asia and Mediterranean sea., This octopus is very famous in Spain and where it is chiefly used in pastas and rice. It is popularly used as snack in many countries.

    Giant Octopus as a Dish

    Most People around the world use octopus meat as a side dish for the wine. The recipe chili lemon octopus is a very famous recipe and is admired by the people all over the world. This total time for the preparation of this recipe is only 25 minutes. Visit Cuttlefish by siamcanadian.

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