11:15pm 01/12/2003
mood: pookish!!
heavin and a sweatin on a hot stick can
cravin chocolate exlax and my ge fan

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a hip goo for a new generation   
01:28am 30/11/2003
im thinking   
01:27am 30/11/2003
  I feel like switching over to Xanga now.  
or at least   
01:27am 30/11/2003
  maybe ill have both  
01:27am 30/11/2003
  poo is my newest sensation  
09:53pm 18/11/2003
mood: gloomy
today wasnt a bad day
i like it when it rains all day long

i hope tomorrow isnt so bad with all the stupid stuff going on at school
im really pretty tired

im going to go now...
10:04am 18/11/2003
mood: pookie is tired
music: change class bell
alright, im supposed to be working and stuff
ive got a project due for GAII and one for US History
i hate us history with a passion
if it existed as a being i would tear its eyes out and shove my foot into its stomach while i poured motor oil down....
maybe i wouldnt..
i dont feel as if im wasting my time though
i think really they are wasting my time
this period is almost already over because i had to come in late after i broke my braces on a stupid frozen snickers bar. i need some caffeine.
my eye twitchiness has left me
i must leave
huck jam!   
08:32pm 15/11/2003
mood: bouncy
dude the huck jam ruled
but i dont think it was quite as intense as it was last year
but they got rid of those stupid people in white suits and threw in the freaking loop
but all the riders seemed pretty exhausted to begin with

anyhow we were able to bring kelley and jared so it was really awesome having them there
kelley is really awesome and im super glad to know her, jared is a truly rad individual and hes got some crazy tricks up his sleeves watch out
i also spotted some kickass skate spots near the phillips arena i really want to check them out sometime

well i know everyone had a pretty good time and i definitely did
bob burnquist was there this time and he rocked some crazy shit!
the motos were amazing too
rick thorne can get kind of annoying sometimes, and i think he looks like an old man
12:51am 14/11/2003
mood: pookie
music: random garbage (shirley manson style)
so right now im working on this poop ass thing for US HISTORY
im not even supposed to be in this class
i dont think anyways back to whining
so its about Pro-Imperialism
and im supposed to be working in a group, its due tomorrow, and weve got two out of the six things needed for it
but you know its allllll gonna be okay
its up to me to finish this right here right now and i decide to tell it to my journal! so journal if youre good for something youll give me some answers
alrighty its not working
imagine that

so other than that it was kelleys birthday today and she told me to go to Fuji Hanas, dude its so freaking cool!! i havent been to a place where they cook in front of you in so long!
but anyways i think all the chinese people were really pissed the shit off because we sat around in their way and talked really loud for like a half an hour before kelley arrived and we suprised her. i felt kinda bad for the old charley's.
oriental people are the freaking bomb dude!!...... kind of makes me wish i owned one myself, as well as one of those really kick ass grill things and he made me some chinese breakfast and stuff...
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07:57pm 12/11/2003
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the way she said... "poop"   
06:40pm 10/11/2003
mood: drained
music: Happatai - YATTA!
maybe i am sick
the entire last week i was totally sick
i had a sore throat from sunday to like wednsday
and then it switched over to a stuffed up nose and a terrible cough
but the show had to go on
this weekend i was sick
i didnt want to get too close to anyone
--={({({(for fear of spreading the sickness)})})}=--
but now i think it may be a sinus infection

whatever the case
i slept all day long today (fell back asleep at 8:30 until like 4:00!)
too much sleep

i still had a good weekend
i hung out with devin, some of his friends, kelley, lauren, and leslie at this girl named natalies house on saturday. that was crazy (i took way too much cough medicine so everything had a sort of rhythmic dance to it =) [dxm is g;#?xd)
then sunday i hung out with kelley again (really i just skated with these guys in my slippers) kelley is really awesome and shes sooo funny. i hope i can see her again sometime this week... hm i hope i see anyone this week, fuck sickness!!
08:26am 10/11/2003
  i hate myself  
08:23am 10/11/2003
mood: pissed off
i slept in and missed the damn bus
and everyone is telling me to stay home because i look like shit or something
12:46am 10/11/2003
  G R Double-E N Leaves
G R Double-E N Leaves

It's so easy! Happy-go-lucky!
We are the world! We did it!
Hyuu! Hyuu! Hyuu! Hyuu! Osu! Osu! Osu! Osu! (Ai!)
Yatta! Yatta!
Daigaku gohgaku
Yatta! Yatta!
Shachoh shuunin
Happa ichimai areba ii. Ikite iru kara lucky da!

Yatta! Yatta!
Tohsen kakujitsu
Yatta! Yatta!
Nihon daihyoh
Yannaru kurai kenkoh da.
Everybody say yatta!

Nippon kyuukyuu (demo)
Ashita wa wonderful
Ijiwaru saretemo futon haireba
Guu guu guu guu! Pass pass pass pass (Ohayo--!)

Yatta! Yatta!
Kuujikan suimin
Yatta! Yatta!
Neoki de jump
Donna ii koto aru daroh ikite ita kara lucky da!

Yatta! Yatta!
Kimi ga kawareba
Yatta! Yatta!
Sekai mo kawaru
Marugoshi dakara saikoh da massugu tattara kimochi ii--!

O-mizu nondara umee! (Yatta!)
Hi ni atattara attakee! (Yatta!)
Koshi kara warattara omoshiree! (Yatta! Yatta!)
Inu-katte mitara kawaii! (Yatta!)


Surechigai-zama hohoemi kureta
Nido to aenaku-tatte ii kimi ga ita kara lucky da!

Heisei fukyoh seiji fushin
Reset sae surya saikoh da! Minna iru kara tanoshii--!

Yatta! Yatta!
Daigaku kyohshitsu
Yatta! Yatta!
Movie star
Happa ichimai areba ii. Minna issho da happy da!

Yatta! Yatta!
Iki wo sueru
Yatta! Yatta!
Iki wo hakeru
Yannaru gurai kenkoh da! Everybody say yatta!

[Repeat *]

I have a translation if you want it...
12:41am 10/11/2003
mood: panic!
music: badgers
badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers


badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers

mushroom mushroom

badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers

panic a snake!
snaaake ohhh!
a snaaake!
ohhh its a snaaake!

badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers
badgers badgers badgers

(repeat over and over)
12:57am 09/11/2003
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12:56am 09/11/2003
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12:16am 08/11/2003
comin out of the whole room
white flys
hangin here in fruit of the loom

my new disguise
hide away in this cocoon
butterfly comin out of the whole room

a plate of meatballs
caught on fire
my inspiration is getting higher
pay attention
did i forget to mention
a plate of meat balls
caught on fire

you say freedoms in my deal
that cannot be
am i getting through to what i though was

freedoms in a deal
that cannot be
am i gettin through to what i thought was

back in moscow
it was still illegal

herr eyes were closed
so that made it better
her life
was long
underneath her ???

back in moscow
it was still illegal

you say freedoms in my deal that cannot be
am i gettin through
to what i thought was
freedoms in a deal that cannot be
am i getting through
to what i thought was

In 2001, music producers and friends of Siobhan, Andre Chatterly and Richard Norris "uncovered" a song called "Hot Room". To their knowledge, the track was an old 1960s song which they saw as a perfect song for Siobhan to cover for inclusion on their forthcoming compilation album for their God Made Me Hardcore label. However, what transpired was that the song was, in fact, a new song by Linda Lamb and was to feature on the Electric Stew compilation album.

The most noteable aspect of "Hot Room" is the obsurd lyrics: "Did I forget to mention/A plate of meatballs caught on fire"; "She danced her dance/Whilst making soup".

However, despite this, they still asked Siobhan to cover the song and, preferring her version, will include the song on the compilation album due out this year. The compilation will feature tracks by all the artists on the God Made Me Hardcore label.


Written by: Linda Lamb
Produced by: Gully, Chatterly, Norris
Published by: n/a
Released by: God Made Me Hardcore
Copyright Owned by: n/a
Source: Compilation
Duration: 5:24
11:44pm 07/11/2003
  x ac1d sh0ck x: there is no more of my magical substance
x ac1d sh0ck x: hm
barbiONacd: im very sorry
x ac1d sh0ck x: lol its okay though
x ac1d sh0ck x: everything is going to be perfectly alright now =)
x ac1d sh0ck x: ive got two chocolate sprinkle doughnuts and a 64 ounce energy drink
x ac1d sh0ck x: from quiktrip
x ac1d sh0ck x: i live the american dream
Saggitarius Natal Chart   
01:49am 07/11/2003

As a future-oriented Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, you are considered the most prophetic of the signs because you have the urge to understand the meaning of life. Also the most mobile sign of the zodiac, you explore beyond physical and mental boundaries, and thrive on freedom and liberty.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is the ruler of Sagittarius, and brings optimism and joy to life. Jupiter is also associated with a person's spiritual beliefs and philosophic standards.

Sagittarius is the third fire sign. This fiery influence is like a candle in the dark, lighting the way to knowledge and wisdom. You walk through life high-spirited and openhearted, always seeking the truth. You are farsighted and goal-directed and are gifted in grasping general principles.

Sagittarius rules the ninth house of the chart, the section associated with the exploration of the intellectual mind or the physical world. Therefore, this house stands for religion, philosophy, higher education, as well as long journeys.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, making you a communicator and teacher. Since you have the natural ability to gain profound insight into scientific and spiritual fields, you feel that it is your mission to contribute your knowledge on to the world.

One of your main strengths, dear Sag, is that you achieve your goals through the power of positive thinking. Your happy-go-lucky, future-oriented nature opens many doors for you. You are direct, honest, and jovial, which makes you a very humane and amiable friend, lover, and coworker.

Of course, you also have some weaknesses; due to your disposition, your head is often in the clouds, and you are oblivious to reality. You also run the risk of being hypocritical, and get so opinionated and dogmatic that you impose your "truth" upon others. You also don't tolerate any kind of restriction, and develop restlessness and unquenchable wanderlust.

holy wowzers
that pretty well describes it