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Recap Extravaganza [20 Jun 2003|06:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Now: While You Were Out

It's update time. I'm not in the best mood, so I'll just do a recap of the past couple days.

-Went to Denny's Wednesday night with Eliza. I rocked the Caramel Apple Crisp. Go get it, now. Sooooo freakin good. So good.

-Me and Lauren. The Dollar Store in Lawrence Park. Three thrift stores on MacDade Boulevard, and then the MacDade "Mall". The highlight was the pretzel I bought at the "mall". The spicy mustard was so good. Yum.

-Here is Roawry's take on last night, because I don't feel like typing it all:

"Last night was the Baltimore Pike Leg of the Delco Denny's Crawl Tour. I took the subway home to meet up with Tammy and Christina and their badass Upper Darby friend. They went to see the movie about the lost fish and then picked me up out front of the Tower Theater. At Dennys, grease-soaked mayhem ensued. Our waitress claimed to be psychic, yet she screwed up Tammy's food and didn't know what salad dressing I wanted when I told her I was thinking about it *REALLY* hard. To kill time, we played 'Name Every Store on Baltimore Pike from Burlington Coat Factory to the Springfield Mall,' and I must say, the competition was limited. Christina would scream out 'IHOP!' every time her turn rolled around, and Tammy quit about three times, then would re-enter the game with a zinger like 'House of Carpets!'"

-Yes, me and Tammy saw "Finding Nemo". It rocked my socks like they have never been rocked before. I loved it. Go see it. Then go to Denny's and order the Caramel Apple Crisp. It will be fun.

-A WHOLE LOT of butter on movie theater popcorn + Coca-Cola float at Denny's= Me feeling very sick later. No fun.

-We broke up. I'm still kind of numb to it. When I think about how things were up at school, I want to cry. When I think about how things have been since we went home from school, I'm not all that upset. I think the wanting-to-cry feeling might be winning. We'll see.

-I went to the Media courthouse for my boss today to look some stuff up. A big "fuck you" goes out to the parking situation near the courthouse.

-I was supposed to babysit tonight, but it got cancelled until next weekend. That kind of sucks.

Anyway, that is all. Blah. That's how I feel right now.

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