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[03 Dec 2003|07:43pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | thursday ]




i'll save it for later cause i'm a terrible moderator [30 Nov 2003|03:12pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | five times august ]

x. name = matthew
x. birthday = july 24th
x. piercing = tongue
x. tattoos = 1, on my wrist
x. height = 5'8 I think
x. shoe size = 12-13
x. hair color = brown
x. length = not too short, not too long
x. siblings = 2 sisters
x. pets = cats, dogs, fish

x. movie you rented = the lizzie mcguire movie
x. movie you bought = finding nemo
x. song you listened to = some song by saves the day
x. song that was stuck in your head = "hover" - five times august
x. song you've downloaded = downloading is illegal!!
x. cd you bought = outkast: motion city soundtrack
x. cd you listened to = saves the day
x. person you've called = lauren
x. person that's called you = avery
x. tv show you've watched = rich girls <333
x. person you were thinking of = kim

x. you have a crush on someone? = yes sir
x. you wish you could live somewhere else = eh..sometimes
x. you think about suicide = only when i'm emo
x. you believe in online dating = I guess
x. others find you attractive = I hope
x. you want more piercings = nope
x. you want more tattoos = nope
x. you drink = sometimes
x. you do drugs = no
x. you smoke = no
x. you like cleaning = yeah when it's really dirty
x. you like roller coasters = hail yeah
x. you write in cursive or print = print
x. you carry a donor card = nope

for or against
x. long distance relationships = for
x. using someone = against
x. suicide = against
x. killing people = against
x. teenage smoking = against
x. doing drugs = inbetween
x. premarital sex = for
x. driving drunk = against
x. gay/lesbian relationships = for..I think
x. soap operas = for?

x. food = chicken fingers
x. song = save it for later - five times august
x. thing to do = play guitar & hangout with people
x. thing to talk about = no clue
x. sports = I don't play sports..but I like lacrosse lol
x. drinks = sprite
x. clothes = jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt
x. movies = finding nemo, ghost world
x. band = the juliana theory, five times august, jamisonparker
x. holiday = christmas
x. cars = don't have a favorite
have you...
x. ever cried over a girl = yeah
x. ever cried over a boy = yeah
x. ever lied to someone = yeah
x. ever been in a fist fight = yes
x. ever been arrested = nope

x. shampoo do you use = loreal kids :)
x. perfume do you use = the stuff from hollister and sometimes lucky
x. shoes do you wear = converse and my vans
x. are you scared of = spiders
x. of times I have been in love? = twice
x. of times I have had my heart broken? = twice
x. of hearts I have broken? = no clue
x. of boys I have kissed? = one
x. of girls I have kissed? = too many
x. of men I've slept with? = none
x. of girls I've slept with? = two
x. of continents I have lived in? = one
x. of drugs taken illegally? = one
x. of people I consider my enemies? = 1
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = too many times
x. of scars on my body? = 4-5
x. of things in my past that I regret? = I regret alot of things



[30 Nov 2003|09:41am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | weezer ]

Pictures from last night?
Sure thing, captain.

last night after the show / me in the bathroom )

avery! )

Last night was good. Alot of
people turned up so I was happy.

Yesterday sucked. Kim left, after that I
didn't talk to her the rest of the day.
Most likely I won't today either.

Avery and I hung out after I got
home last night. She stayed for a
long while and we talked about stuff.
Just stuff.

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[29 Nov 2003|11:58am]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | at the drive-in ]

A is for - Age: 18
B is for - Beverage of choice: sprite
C is for - Career in future: Teacher
D is for - Dad's name: Richard
E is for - Essential item to bring to a party: uh..I'm not sure lol
F is for - Favorite song at the moment: blueside - rooney
G is for - Guy/Girls you've kissed: well..alot of girls lol but guys..only one I think
H is for - Hometown: Bay City
I is for - Instrument you play: guitar
J is for - Job title: student
K is for - Kids: none at the moment
L is for - Living arrangement: dad, step mom, two sisters
M is for - Mom's name: my real mom's name is Jill, my step moms name is Karen
N is for - Number of people you've slept with: two
O is for - Overnight hospital stays: I think..3?
P is for - Phobia[s]: I hate spiders. I'm deathly afraid of them
Q is for - Quote you like: "I haven't been this high since like.....20 minutes ago!" - T-Smith
R is for - Relationship that lasted the longest: umm..with Mallory in 8th-9th grade..almost a year I think
S is for - Sexual position: lol anything but anal. gross. poop dick.
T is for - Time you wake up: 7 on school days and about..9-9:30 on weekends and vacations but in the summer it's around 1 lol
U is for - Unique trait(s): my hands are really big
V is for - Virgin: nope
W is for - Worst habit: assuming things too quickly
X is for - X-rays you've had: 2, on my arm and on my leg
Y is for - Yummy food you make: pancakes and spaghettios lol
Z is for - Zodiac sign: Leo

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[29 Nov 2003|08:43am]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | saves the day ]

tight pants )

Well, the reason i'm up so early
is because I need to practice alot
today. I'm nervous ;[ even though I do
this all the time I just feel like i'm gonna
screw up tonight.


i get knocked down, but i get up again [28 Nov 2003|09:49pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | chumbawumba ]

b&w pictures )

Tonight. was fun. I haven't talked to
Kim since last night though :\. I miss
her. Alot.

I can't wait until prom. I'm almost sure
Kim's going with me :) Yay!

We have a show tomorrow. How grand. I
bet i'll do really bad seeing as how I haven't
played my guitar in like..a week and a half.
Oh well. I don't have anyone to impress anyways.

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all I want for christmas is you [27 Nov 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | christmas songs ]

So today is/was thanksgiving. All I like
about it is the food. Oh..and my family coming
over of course..psh not. Although I like
talking to my cousin Andy because he's
such a jackass to the little cousins that it's

After I ate I bolted out the door to
go meet people at the movies. We went
to go see Love Actually. And throughout
the entire film I sat by myself, while the
others held their girlfriends hands and made
out trying not to make it obvious. It kinda sucks
when the person you love is along ways away.
I thought about her the entire movie. I think about
her 24/7 actually.

So, the movie ends, and of course I have
to drive people home. I saw a couple girls
from school on my way out. They gave me
dirty looks. Oh well, I never liked them
anyways :)


happy effin thanksgiving [27 Nov 2003|09:40am]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | rooney ]

Stay away from my friends
They're smooth operators
Looking for a way in
Stay away from me tonight
I've made other plans
And you'll just be distracting me
In a good way
She doesn't know
That I love her
Yes I love her

Make a move on me baby
I can't be the one
Who's always taking chances
See me down
So you get down
No you've got me all wrong
I just want to kiss your lips
And you kiss back
She doesn't know
That I love her
Yes I love her

Leave us alone
Your friends and my friends should go far way

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[26 Nov 2003|04:32pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | tv ]

I AM: sam
I WANT: a slurpee
I HAVE: a cold
I WISH: kim was here
I HATE: hot weather
I MISS: shawn
I FEAR: spiders
I HEAR: the tv
I SEARCH: on ask jeeves
I WONDER: what time i'll be home from practice today
I REGRET: getting in fights with kim
I(am in LOVE with): kim
I LOVE: kim
I ACHE: my whole body aches
I AM NOT: gay
I DANCE: in the shower
I SING: everyday
I CRY: when i'm sad
I(used to)WRITE: poems
I NEED: a life
I SHOULD: not sit on my computer all day

x. father thinks i am: a fag
x. mother thinks i am: my mom's dead.
x. my boyfriend/girlfriend thinks I am: drop dead gorgeous
x. three things you are often complimented for: my voice, my clothes and my hair
x. you get embarrassed when: i'm infront of girls
x. makes you happy: talking to kim
x. upsets you: my dad

yes or no...

x. you keep a diary: this thin
x. you like to cook: hail yes
x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: maybe, but it's a secret
x. you bite your fingernails: yep
x. you believe in love: of course

Who is...?

The weirdest person you know: shawn
the Loudest Person you Know: my sister
Your close friends: shawn and kim
the Person that Knows the Most about you: meghann
your most overused phrase on IM: lol, omg, like
the last image/thought when you go to sleep with: kim
Inside joke: bill!

Do You...?

take a shower everyday: almost
have a(any) crush(es): mhm, only 1
need to tell sum1 sumthing: i love you kim
think u were ever loved by someone: i am right now
want to get married: yep
have piercings/where?: my tongue
get motion sickness: nope
think you're a health freak: hail no
get along with your parents: i used to get along with my mom, but i dont get along with my dad
like thunderstorms: yeah, but I get scared sometimes


Ryan: asshole
Rob: bowling
Drew: jock
Aaron: pedophile
Amy: the pink power ranger
Paul: no clue lol
Kelly: barbies little sister
Eve: rough ryda
John: gay
Jacob: asshole
Jack: queen

SCREEN NAMES: too many to name
SIGN: leo
CURRENT HAIR COLOR: brown and blonde
EYE COLOR: my eyes change but normally they're brown or blue
BIRTHPLACE: traverse city


COLOR: pink
DAY: friday
MONTH: december
SONG: dont have one
FOOD: wendys
SEASON: winter
SPORT: dont have one
DRINK: coke
ALCOHOLIC: wine coolers
VEGGIE: carrot




HELPED SOMEONE? my little sister make breakfast
GOTTEN SICK? i am sick
WRITTEN IN A JOURNAL? i am right now
HAD A SERIOUS TALK? eh..sort of
MISSED SOMEONE? yeah, alot

Would You Ever..

1. Eat a bug? no
2. bungee jump? yeah
3. Hang glide? sure
4. Kill someone? no
7. Have sex with someone of the same sex? no
8. Parachute from a plane? sure
9. Walk on hot coals? no lol
10. Go out with someone for their looks? no
11. For their reputation? nope
12. Be a vegetarian? eck, i'd never make it
13. Wear plaid with stripes? uh..
14. IM a stranger? sure
15. Sing karaoke? yeah I guess
17. Shoplift? noo
18. Run a red light? yeah
19. Star in a porn video? lol yeah
20. Dye your hair blue? eck no
21. Be on Survivor? i'd never make it
22. Wear makeup in public? no
23. NOT wear makeup in public? i do everyday
24. Cheat on a test? sure
25. Make someone cry? no :\
26. Call your math teacher a motherfucker? if they were mean
27. Kick a baby? no
28. Date someone more than ten years older than you? no
29. Cuss out a priest? noo
30. Take a job as a janitor? sure
31. Wear a tho-tho-tho-tho-thong? no those hurt
32. Stay up all through the night? yeah
33. Drink straight espresso? no
34. Betray a friend? hail no
35. Go for a friend’s sibling? no
36. Run away? no
37. Go out w/ someone u hardly knew? no
38. Be on Jerry Springer? no
39. Have a one night stand? no
40. Give an ex a 2nd chance? if they deserved it
41. Date a friend? yeah
42. Kidnap ur friend’s kid: psh no
43. Dress as a clown in public? maybe
44. Dress up as any weird character? no
45. Go on a blind date? no
46. Be on the Bachelor/Bachelorette? no
47. Jump off a cliff? if there was water at the bottom
48. Pick up a hitch-hiker? if it were a girl
49. Commit suicide? no
50. Go out w/ ur friends’ crush? nope


my tongue's the only muscle on my body that works harder then my heart [26 Nov 2003|02:38pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | brand new ]

New journal, yippie!
My other one was too old so I decided
to make a new one..and because I was
kinda bored :P.

I'll have to add all those pictures
back on here in one post, I will
when I have some free time tonight.

Last night was awesome. Eric, Ben, Jack
and I went driving around town in Bens
convertable with the top down. I had to sit
in the back all by myself after we dropped Eric
off and I was so cold. I had a blanket
Then we were driving around downtown blowing
a foghorn at people we knew. How cool are we?

I wish Kim lived here. It'd be hella awesome
to hang out with her almost everyday.
She could keep me warm when I get
cold too :) Things are good
again, and I hope they will
be for a long time.

<3 xox


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