19th April 2003

2:43pm: The concert.
Well, I woke up and went to the church to pray for Leah. I thought it would be a pretty good way to start off my day. It was refreshing, considering the fact that I have never received much pleasure from waking up early in the morning to go to church. After that, I went and picked up crawfish and carried them to the concert where I met Chris, Sabrina, Jenny, Ethan, and Mikey. The concert was kick bootay, but I got there a little bit late so that sucked. The best band there was probably...oh gr. I dunno. They were all frickin' awesome. Jive, Momento, FORTY PERCENT, Trust Company...they were all great. I really had an awesome time. We left there at like 6 PM and went back to Chris' apartment to chill and hang out for a while then I came hom at like... 8:45. OH! Get this load of...crap. I got to meet the guy from Jive, Joe and I commented him on his bass. So, he was like, " Well, wanna come and see my whole collection?" and I was like, " Yeah, sure. Sounds cool." So..I went on the tour bus and looked at his collection for about ten minutes and just talked, then as I was getting off of the frickin' bus, these girls called me a GROUPIE! Oh my god, it pissed me off so bad. You really have no idea. Chris had to come and get me and make me sit down before I got into a fight with those preppy ho-bags. I don't even know why they were there in the first place. -sighs-

Anyway...that was my exciting day. Yay. I got autographs on my school I.D. and my tummy. Oh and on my ticket stub. I had fun.

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