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I go to shows' Journal

23rd January, 2006. 10:59 am.(dtrshauna)

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19th March, 2004. 9:46 pm. SHOW ON CAFE ON A(spidsuhxmang)

theres gonna be a hip hop show in cafe on A in oxnard on SATURDAY at 8PM...

check it out..some people from san jose are comin all the way to perform...

check it out...

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19th January, 2004. 1:23 am. The Phenomenauts,the deadbillys,confessions of a monster.(longduckdawn)

show today at the livery

it was a rockabilly show. i don't really listen to rockabilly but i have to say that the bands that played tonight where hella sick. the deadbilly's had a good feel to it. kinda reminded me of kill bill vol 1 or even like bar fight music. i did't really know any of the songs they played but they coverd "holloween" which was fucking hella sick that is prolly the only timee the pit was actully a pit. the phenomoenauts had a good stage show they used a lot of smoke and lights and i had some great pictures( that i will be posting as soon as i develop them.) i only got to stay for one song of the phenomenauts becuase i had to take my fridnds homee but with that one song i knew they were gonna be good.

there where 2 other bands one kinda sucked becuase it was like weird music i couldn't even explain but it didn't belonge in a rockabilly show thats for sure. then there was luck of the draw they seemeed like old truck driver types the singer has like a beard and had it like braded or something.

confessions of a monster where sick as hell. i eman i seriously a not into rockabilly at all in fact that music annoys me sometimes. but i have to say th drummer of the band is hella sick she used double bass so much that it was insane becuase it went so well. a girl was singing and i didn't get annoyed that it was a girl. one dude was playing a stand up bass and i must say he fucking rocked at it. it reminded me of tiger army which i must say are sick as hell. i really don't know what else to say but the show was fun...not my kind of music but if you are in the mood for something doffrent i suggest u go check out any of theese bands......minus thee stranded boy did they blow.......

well i guess that's it later


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4th January, 2004. 6:22 pm. Saosin & avenge sevenfold(longduckdawn)

last night was sick!

i saw saosin and avenge sevenfold at the ventura theater...saosin had the crowd moving and the pit was always the singer had mad energy. there sound system was actully pretty good contrary to last time where it sounded all muffled. they didn't have the hoodie i wanted but it's ok theband still freaking rules.....

avenge sevenfold played so good. everything was insane from the crazy lights the intense backgrounds...and all the smoke...the pit was insane....i have never expirenced sometyihng so crazy! i wasn't really into avenge only ebcuase didn't know any of there sougs except for like one and it was ok........but they did have everything moving and fists flying......they sounded like an emo band breeded with a hard core band and made something crazy.........and i thinik everyone should really go check them out ebcuase i have never heard there stuff beefore and i was all up in ( becuase i don't realy get into bands i dont know) there were alot of hardcore kids there it was kinda crazy becuase they were like all wearing there bandana's and looked like they were gonna rob someone or something......people were even doing those crazy moves from the afi video "leaving song part II" where they were kicking and punching looked cool yet stupid and the same time.....i guess it's just something you'll have to bets friend even got pushed by some guy but he just got up and did like an ariel spin kick and totally got him back in the stomach....that was so great...well all in all if saosin or avengee sevenfold ever come to your town don't miss out........


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