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Sunday, December 5th, 2004
3:47 pm - This weekend...
this weekend pretty weird and ok i guess. i went to work on saturday at 5...got there on time kinda it was funn to me and my cousin had funn and laughed alot and earned 44 $ each in tips cuz we did coat check so it was goood. but i dont even think i wanna spent my money yet. cuz i dont really need to buy nething cept christmas gifts for everyone. i got home like around 130 and i went to sleep but i watched sum of the real world first cuz i needed sumthing to go to sleep to. then this morning was crazy. cuz my cuzin didnt make it to work beacuse she got into a car acceident so everything was crazy around here. then we foundout she was at fairfax hospital and we went there wit my aunt and my mom and then my other aunt and my uncle and my sisters husband was there. can u tell i have a big family. haha but yea shes ok now i dropped her off at her house lilke 20 mins ago. now im doni nothing hungry kinda. its my aunts and my moms boyfriends bday so probly goin up to va later. alrite im out peaace.

current mood: okay
current music: usher,lil jon, ludacrius- lovers and friends

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Saturday, December 4th, 2004
12:19 pm - saturday
alrite well this week of school has been ok i guess. yesterday diana jen rach and me and chelsea went to the movies and saw the grudge and almost got kicked out...hahaha. then after we went to taco bell it was so fuckin freezing. we were so loud in taco bell. then after wards went to pick up sumthing from jordans...then went to dianas and chilled. did the ouji board since rachael is obeessed with it. then went home. i fell asleep like around 1 or sumthing. i was tired. i work today at 5 so im excited ahha kinda i guess. im gettin my permit next weekend. cuz....well nothing but watevers ill wait. thats all for now. im out peace

current mood: exhausted
current music: eminem-encore

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
9:36 pm - Yo
todayy wata day full of adventure....i geuss u can call it that. went to skool BOring as usual like was ok i guess read the jokes on laffy taffys! those things r beast! neways later after skool went to rachaels house chilled...u kno dont really wanna say wat else happened but it was cooool...haha neways after that went to the mall wit rach and she used her moms ae credict card....funn stuff huh! and she didnt even find out. then went to her house and then to the Y to work out i hope i burned a lot of carlories today cuz i did alot of running. then went bak to her house did stuff...hahah fun stuff once again. then WENT DRIVING yes me cecilia i drove didnt do that well...u dont even wanna no! but rach drove pretty good better then me and o yea i can get my permit on satrudya well i coulda got it today but ima get it on saturday! cool stuff huh! well im out peace.

current mood: crappy
current music: FRIENDS

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
6:15 pm - survey

1. What is your name? Cecilia

2. What are your nicknames? Cecilio, Cc, alcholic, ceci others

3. Age, Gender, Race: 15 Female Spanish

4. Hair Color: brown blondish

5. Eye Color: hazel or orangish greenish brownish as colin says

6. Do you like your hair and eye color? yes i do cuz my eyes arent brown so Im GOOD

7. Height and Weight: 5'0 1/2! hm..i dont kno how much i weigh

8. Sign: piesces

9. Mood: cranky..haha

10. Time: 6:20 pm

What are you...

11. Wearing: khakis and my ae black shirt

12. Doing: listening to music

13. Eating: Nothing

14. Listening to: Pure Imagination by maroon 5

15. Sitting on: a chair..

What was the last...

16. Song you listened to: "Pure Imagination" By Maroon 5

17. Person you kissed: my mom on the cheek wen i said hi to her just 5 mins ago

18. Person you said 'I love you' to: my seductive seven on my info haha

19. Thing you ate: a sandwich

20. Thing you drank: diet coke


21. Song: true by ryan cabrera toy soldiers by eminem

22. Phrase: hm i have alot

23. Thing to wear: sweats and a t shirt

24. Person(s): the seductive Seven of course Jordan jon o and my bro sis and mama!

25. Time of day: Night

26. Thing to do: sing wen no one is listening

27. Food: tacos, spagetti! , Chips, nething else

28. Drink (non-alcoholic): sprite

29. Drink (alcoholic):bracardi things...nething Mudslides...oh yes

30. Day of the week: FRIDAY!

Just some other stuff...

31. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope

32. Lefty or righty: righty

33. Do you go to school? yup

34. High School or College: high school

35. If High School, what High School? watkins mill Hs

36. Do you like it? HELL NO

37. If College, what College? not yet

38. Do you like it? not yet

39. Anything else left to say: PEACE Out my bitches


current mood: cranky
current music: true- ryan cabrera

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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
9:41 pm - life sucks
hm well skool sucks as usual i cant stand watkins mill anymore at all. its so stupid i just cant stand it. i really wouldnt mind moving now. i just dont care about skool nemore ppl are fake stupid and motherfuckers. its just stupid. cant wait for the weekend so we wont have to be in fuckin skool. didnt do much today either. im feeling kinda sick ive been sneezing like no other and my throat hurts too. hopefully i wont go to skool tomrrow but ill end up goin. Shit. i took a nap today like around 4 and wokeup at 6 and did nothing but Chill here by myself...sad but tru. Ah fuck i hate life. watever im out.

current mood: crappy
current music: switchfoot- dare you to move

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Monday, November 29th, 2004
2:57 pm - wata day
today pretty boring day. let me tell u about the thanksgiving break tho. thanksgiving was ok i ate alot but only one plate and then after eating watched football andi wanted to go home cuz i was so bored. then on friday we went to pick up anna and we went to the montgomery mall i bought a sweater and we jsut walked around. then afterwards we went to chris's house chris steven eric and alex were there we stayed there til 8 and just watched their video which was hiralous and then the exorcist drank like 2 shots and didnt really get me nething. then me and anna went bak to my house and chilled then went out to dinner. i had a terrible headache basically all nite. but then we rented white chicks and it was soooo funny. we stayed up till lik 2 or sumthing then saturday anna went home like around 1 or sumthing then i went to pick up my pics they really turned out good. then i took a shower and chelsea picked me up and then we went to her house with christine and jenn. we watched friends and we chilled in her car! haha then ate subway then went to daves house in sterling which was pretty far. little steve big steve jon o and dave were there and we just chilled drank...sumwhat. and thats about it. then went bak to chelseas and slept did i mention that those guys are such grls. yea they are. neways sunday....didnt do much did my english essay was so tired and i had to go get my binder at skool cuz i 4got it there then went to dinner like around 8 and came bak and watched football took a shower and talked to rachael on the fone for a good while. so it was basically a good break from hell. but skol was gay today and it sucks we gotta go tomrrow...damnit. im out peaace

current mood: crappy
current music: usher,lil jon, ludacrius- lovers and friends

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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
1:03 pm - happy thanksgiving...
hey all its thanksgiving happy thanksgiving every1 reading this. rite now its like 1 and im so bored my mom kinda finished all the cooking. finally thanksgiving break came i was waiting for it since monday. yesterday me jenn and rachael skipped and left to dianas house. kinda didnt work out as well. cuz dianas dad got home randomly and we had to get the fuck outta there and we didnt ko where to go and we saw that ethan was home and we went to his house! haha thanks ethan for being home! so we stayed there till like 230 and then diana had to go bak home cuz my pants werethere and jenns fone was there too. her dad notcied the popcorn and thats how she got in trouble. it sucks man. it sucks cuz diana cant party with us this weekend. im so excited for the weekend....partying starts tomrrow hell yes bitches. last nite i went to the mall with rachael so she can get her hair cut and it looks nice. then we kinda looked around. then got food then she took me home. then i didnt do much just chill her watch friends. so yea thats all for now. later bitches

current mood: cold
current music: the alchemist ft. nina sky- hold you down

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
5:00 pm - tired
one more day till skool is over well not all over just over till monday. im so excited cuz i dont have to do that essay for ms vachon till like sunday so siked. and my weekend starts on friday so im excited cuz ima party my ass off since last weekend wasnt sucha party weekend. but yea school today was pretty gay first i woke up late at 645 but i still got to skool on time then health was ok all we did was watch a video abuot a guy eating mcdonalds for a whole month which is so gross. then my other classes were ok i guess nothing exciting happen. then lunch was fun by the way im alcoholic spice...apparently...hahha thats funny. neways i got home ate and took a long ass nap cuz i was so tired cuz i didnt get enough sleep the other night. i was just talkin to my cuzin and she told me stuff that just make me crack up. i swear ppl r so stupid these days i just dont understand....its funny but stupid at the same time. i just cant believe it hahahahha. o well watever floats his boat....im out bye

current mood: sleepy

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Sunday, November 21st, 2004
10:20 pm - today
today was a pretty good day. i woke up like around 11 or sumthing and got online and then rachael called me and we talked and then i showered ate sumthing then i cleaned my room for a little while so it wouldnt be dirrty. then we went to the mall at like 2 and bought sum stuff and rachael bought a shirt from ae and then we saw maggie there and jon. and we were with them for a good while. then we went to red robin once again i swear ive been there like so many times this month. we ate and then i went home and watched the rest of the redskins game which they lost and they coulda won if they were actually good. but o well. my uncle from colorado came today wit my aunt and little cuzin. they drove down here. hes staying here for a while in md then goin back to colorado then goin to iraq. which sucks cuz hes gunna be there for like a year or so. after the game i watched scary movie 3 cuz i was so bored and it was like 7 and it felt like it was so late and it realyl wasnt. but yea now im talking to my cuzin paula. i cant wait till thanksgiving i dunno why i just dont wanan be in skool. well we got skol tomrrow which sux ass but its only a 3 day week which is awesome. only 3 days of skool. thats all 4 now ill wb later. byebye

current mood: blank
current music: snoop dogg- drop it like its hot

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Saturday, November 20th, 2004
7:18 pm - blah...
saturday nite its like 720 or sumthing im really bored i just got home from va like an hour ago. we went to eat with my aunt uncle my sister and her husband then went to see my cousin who was in the hostipal. yesterday was pretty funn. school was retard tho as usual. we went to red robin like at 7ish and ate wit jenn rach chelsea jon o jordan and dave then we after we ate we just walked around the mall. then we went to rachaels chilled there and then i drank 3 shots...of bracardi which was really really really goooood. and then i wasnt drunk but i was just a little bit tipsy which i really didnt care. then jenn and chelsea went home and then me and rach went driving that nite she drove i didnt. it was funn. then in the morning we went driving too around her neighborhood...funn nite. well im out cya

current mood: crappy
current music: crime mob-nuck if you buck

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Thursday, November 18th, 2004
5:54 pm - um........
thursday almost friday dont kno wats up for the weekend yet so not excited haha. hopefully sumthing fun that involves my seductive bitches and my other homies! skool has been ok the past couple of days. i got a 85% on my last alge. 2 test! but i got a 66% on my last quiz which only had 3 probs. o well i have an A in nsl still which is weird. and i got a bio test tomrrow which sucks cuz i hate bio wit a passion. we ate in health class today it was funn there was alot of food. hm....nothing else to say...i got the new eminem cd encore its really gooood. neways thats all 4 now ill write more later or tomrrow. cya

current mood: crappy
current music: eminem-mockingbird

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
7:56 pm - so tired
sunday nite and im so fuckin tired i swear i didnt get ne sleep last nite wats so ever. fun nite tho. gotta admit that. no regerts. friday we went to hooters wit the grls...anna rach diana jen christine and chelsea. and we ate chicken wings and grilled cheese. then we got shirts at hooters. which we r gunna wear tomrrow. then we went to dairy queen and ate ice cream. after that we went to rachaels house and chilled there cuz we were gunna sleep over there. we took pics of us in our hooters shirts which were hot and the nite was just full of funness. we drank the 80. and i dont think we got even tipsy well i didnt. then saturday i left rachaelshosue like around 12 ish and took a shower and did stuff here first then i went to best buy and bought my new camera fone. then went to va to my aunts house and we were there till like 7 until we left to md again and i went to red robin for the powder puff dinner. i didnt really eat cuz i wasnt hungry. but it was fun neways. then afterwards we went to jordans chilled there wit diana jen chelsea jordan jon o dave steve and other steve. it was funn we drank well sum ppl did then we walked to jenns like around 1230 or sumthing. it was so cold but we got to jenns fast. then we all stayed at jenns cept jon o cuz he had to leave. and we chilled there all nite and didnt actually fall asleep till like 6 or 5 but i didnt really sleep at all i think i only slept for 30 mins tops. and i was so tired wen i got home i showered then i went to gmu wit christine daniel and her mom it was fun i guess. then i got home like around 430ish and went rite to sleep till now. but yea nothing too exciting then everything just sucks for me But wat else is fucking new. watever im not sweating it.

current mood: crappy

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Friday, November 12th, 2004
3:29 pm - um...
its friday....ohh yess so excited for the weekend. we are goin to hooters tooniteee. that is gunna be funn. well yesterady was the powder puff game. we won against the freshmen of course! i scored a touchdown one the first play we did thats how good we were! then paula i think scored the other td cuz shes so fast as hell! we won 14-0. then we had to play the seniors cuz no1 signed up for the juniors. we did good against the seniors paula scored the first td and i scored the extra point for it on the varen play. me and rachaels awesome play it was great. but we lost 13-7 only by a td which is good for us and we r sophmores. its raining it sucks im about to go take a npa cuz im so tired from yesterday and im sore. so im out peacce.

current mood: tired

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Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
8:12 pm - blah...
hello, its wednesday nite. not too excitiing just got back from the mall. got sum shirts and shit. school was ok today i guess but i was relaly cold cuz skool was so fuckin cold and their too poor 2 have heat. sike their just really stupid. we practiced for powder puff today at the mv foundation place. and we did most our plays i think we r gunna do pretty good. but i think we r gunna play the seniors. which im not relaly scared to play em cuz we ll beat em too! hell yes bitches. u better believe it class of 2007 is gunna beat those freshmen and the seniors...see how much spirit i have. neways i think im gettin my new cell fone on friday. finally cuz my fone is a piece of shit. im excited for the weekend once again. this noe is gunna be espeically Funnnn stuff. friday Hooters, 40s(80) saturday jordans porn fest and drinkin there too...and sunday probly drinking too....fuckin rite bitches...im out Peaceeee

current mood: blah
current music: terror squad- take me home

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Sunday, November 7th, 2004
8:59 pm - weekend
this weekend wen by pretty good. friday i went to dinner wit my home dawgs jordan julien anna and diana we went to joes it was funn. then after wards we went to jordans house and chilled there till about 1130 or sumthing then i came home and watched the lakers game which they lost..:( it sucks but i still love em. then saturday morning i had a dentist appt. and after that i went to virginia to my aunts house and stayed there for most of the day then we went to potomac mills wit my cuzin aunt and little cuzin. i bought sum clothes then my cuzin picked me up and i came home and did nothing all nite but listen to music and watch tv not too exciting. then today i went to powder puff practice and got my football on prettty fun cept i kinda got hurt thanks 2 robert...haha sike i love ya robert! haha then i was tired watched football redksins finally won which is goood. then my cuzins came from va and we watched mean grls and i was so tired that i fell asleep. well now im out cya.

current mood: crappy

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Friday, November 5th, 2004
4:56 pm - um...
well this week has been ok i guess starting with monday was pretty ok iguess didnt do much i was at my sisters house for the day then i went home then tuesday had powder puff practice at daly which was ok iguess i m running back cised about that shit! we r gunna beat those freshmen. and oh yea bush won the elections i was really mad abuot that which mad the week get worse. then wednesday had to go back to gay skool where all the bitches and hoes are. i was feeling really sick on wednesday neways so that just made my day just about as worse as nething then i heard sum shit on top of other shit which made me mad but watever im over it now. thursday...yesterday wasnt so bad dont even remember wat i did so lets just skip to today. went to red robin with rachael at step...or lunch watever the fuck its called. it was funn. i missed like 10 mins of spanish which was stupid cuz we were playing a game. then nsl and english were stupid. now im home doin ntohing. tonite im goin to dinner wit my home dawgs which would be funn. then goin to jordans after thats always a fun time. i wanna watch snl cuz i havent seen that shit in a long while. but yea im lookin forward to the weekend hopefully it wont be too gay..wel im out later.

current mood: crappy

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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
9:58 pm - blah...
hmm....today boring day pretty much...it was hawaiian day i didnt do nething cuz i woke up late this morning but in algebra 2 stephanie LAID ME! hahah wit those thingys it was green. so yea i only had like 10 mins left in my first pd which was health so i ddint miss much. then child development. we played sum game wit paper and closing our eyes. cuz the kids werent there that class is like so easy. then algebra 2 was ok i guess we have a quiz tomrrow on shit i dont really understand. and i need to keep a good grad ein that class. i have a B now so i cant get lower! then bio i hate that class so much. then LuNch! fun as always haha then the rest of my classes were stupid. then i went home i was so tired. we had a game today but we lost...but we dont have practice tomrrow so cised abuot that. fuckin kinnetz hes sucha loser i hope he dies...sike jk. but i dont like him. so neways hc this weekend so excited about that. that shit better be fun and the after party better be too shittt....neways im out peaacee.

current mood: blah
current music: jojo- baby its you

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Thursday, October 14th, 2004
11:50 pm - um........
this week has ended offically cuz we have no skool tomrrow. let me tel how it was this past week. well monday was boring day as usual we had a game and we tied i think rite? then tuesday we went to chiptoles for the team dinner but me jess mary taylor and sula just went no1 else joined us! those bitches...sike! then wednesday we won our game 1-0 i did bad but we did good i guess. i was really tired and i had tests quizes and all that shit today alegbra 2 test bio quiz and nsl quiz. hoepfully i passed all of em. i kno i passed the bio and nsl one. dunno abuot the math one but i think i did ok on it. then earlier we went to marys for the team dinner cuz we have a game tomrrow but i cant go cuz i gotta work in dc which sucks ass! and i cant hang out wit jordan or anna either. damnit! but o well. im so glad theres no skool tomrrow i needed a break from all this shit. homecoming is next weekend im so excited! i think i have my dress but i wanna get this other one i like better. and our group 4 hc is so hugee! its like me jen rach anna justin janet and so other ppl. i dont want ppl that i dont like goin so we gotta find out whos goinand whos not. so yea im out PEACE

current mood: crappy
current music: john mayer- not myself

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Thursday, October 7th, 2004
6:18 pm - retard day
hey well today was a gay day. soccer mostly ruined the whole thing. not soccer in genereal just kinnetz he is the stupidest guy in the world i hate him with a passion. i swear i wish this season was like last years. but no he just has to be a dick about everything i sriously dont like playin for him at all. o well only a few more weeks of this soccer season. im just gunna suck it up for now. even tho hes sucha dick. watever. skool was gay i think...haha i got to skool late cuz i woke up kinda late so my mom just drove me. the kids came for child development today but we didnt teach cuz we had to research so it sucks. i just made myself food cuz my mom is in va once again goin to drop off my grandma cuz shes goin to bolivia again. but yea i got tons of hw. so im out laters. xoxo

current mood: stressed
current music: sum tego song

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Sunday, September 26th, 2004
1:19 am - weekend...please dont end
its saturday nite well its sunday cuz its like 120 now. this weekend turned out to be pretty goood i guess. friday skool was ok i guess it was picture day i dont kno how my pic turned out probly bad. school and everyone in it has been queer as hell especially sum ppl who shall not be named but fuck em. kinnetz ended practice early so that was a good way to start the weekend. it ended at 4 and then i went home took a shower ate talked to anna. and made plans. then we went to pick up anna with my mom and then we went to jordans and jon o steve and julien were there it was funnn. we were watching them play def jam then we watched the grl next door it was ok igeuss not really good movie tho. we chilled at jordans till like 11 ish then annas mom picked us up and we went to krispy kreme! haha we got donuts then went to annas house wit the goods....oo yesss! we had fun last nite. we drank....ahah ate donuts ya kno. the good stuff. we called ppl and they didnt even call us bak those dumbasses. wen we called robert we wanted to leave a message but he picked up! so we talked to him while we were laying outside it was so fun. kinda cold tho. then we called dave and left him a long ass message then we fell asleep outside till we got up and went inside. then we were knocked out haha kinda funny story. then in the monring we chilled and chilled. then steven called us but then ditched us that loser. then dave called i was like woa he actually called us back. THEN we went to my house and my mom took us to jenns and we chilled there till 11 wached the blair which project scary movie! haha and christine came like around 1030 it was funnn. neways sunday tomrrow then monday....ooo no! sucks like nething. well im out peaaacccee

current mood: relaxed
current music: my boo- usher and alicia keys

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