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Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
12:47p - have an issue? here's a tissue!
last night i had a killer headache..( which u already know ) but after it went away my sister and i spent quality time together, reading my posts, talking boys, friends.. bla bla. then she's like so explain this blurty.. and i did. and we made her an account. and then gave her a backround, and picked an icon. i still need to know how to make animated icons. someone PLEASE TELL ME! oh ya, coco's new name is VAMPIREBITCH.. catch u later... school sucks balls oh
b4 i go.. matter of attention: jeff and his best friend vic bought these horny goat weed stuff or something... ohh cant stand the stupid things boys do!... bye

current mood: nerdy
current music: printers and boys

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8:06p - pictures...
these arnt "hosted" so i doubt theyll show.. tell me if they do or dont...

my dad cut down my favorite tree. it hurt me somehow.. I GET TO GO TO THE SHOW! that makes me jolly. i talked to jaymee's friend christo today online.. that was odd. i have a million cuts on my fingers. still looking for an answer on how to make icons

current mood: ouchiebible
current music: the unseen "NEVER FORGET"

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