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Monday, April 14th, 2003
6:58p - have some pie and tell a lie
i got home from school fine. had some cake, then fell asleep. woke up and felt like some one was crushing my head, but i already told jeff that id meet him over at west. so i went over there sick as can be. which the good thing is that it prevented him from making a move. sure before i wouldnt have mind. but now personally, i cant stand the kid. then mandi goes ashley.. come here. so i go there. "do u like jeff" and i know that i cant tell mandi the truth. i know she'll tell him. or tell someone else. and thats what makes me sad. that i cant even tell mandi the truth. so i tell her "ya why" and she said he doesnt think i do. god even when i try to make it seem like i like him it doesnt work. i need some advill. i bumped into mrs roll on the way home. she was talking to me and then she asked how my sister was. i like mrs roll sometimes cause she actually cares unlike people who just are like "What ur sister might have cancer? well then he said that..." well... i hate school. tomorrow i have a test. thursday i might have to stay home cuz "rusty will be scared because of the storm" ...headache. i cant keep lieng. i have to tell him the truth. just end it already.

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