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Friday, January 10th, 2003
4:10p - more cough drops please...
Oy. my ears are plugged and my nose is stuffed and my throat hurts and i lose my voice hear and there. im sick. whats really scarry was yesterday (i was sick too) in the morning at school i really didnt feel good, and i was dizzy and nausus(howevva u spell it) and then during math my hands started shaking, and i mean really shaking. i got really scared and wanted to stop it. i want to know whats happening. it couldnt have been becuz i didnt have breakfast, cuz i never eat breakfast. i dont know. it was just odd. i guess my grandma better now. yesterday morning i asked my dad in the car about my grandma and he explained it to me, and he said he was really worried when she wasnt waking up, when he came home that night i asked how she was and he said she was back at home, and he thanked me for asking. my sister tiffany (college) said that when my dad went to the hospitol during the surgery my mom was yelling at him for going and said "its nice that matters more than ur family.." EXCUSE ME. his mom is his family. and if my mom's mom was in the hospitol i bet she would be there, and my dad wouldnt say anything like that! i really cant stand her sometimes. my muscle like thing between my wrist and ankle is still so soar from badmitton, i wasnt shaking as much today as yesterday. school is boring! me n shannon are i guess friends now, but in school i still feel weird when i see her, im used to having to keep my distance and now i dont have to worry about it. its gonna take some getting used to, shannon is not the enemy! haha shannon, so if i seem kinda weird around u, dont fret(i said that to jakey tiffs boyfriend and he made fun of me.) .. im just ajusting. tonight im going to the coffee house. thats why i went to school, so i could do stuff tonight. im gonna go over to mikes house this weekend to try his bass and see if thats what i want to learn instead of guitar. i wanted to learn guitar but EVERYONE plays guitar now, and i dont like to be like everyone. so i kinda like ryan right? but then again i kinda dont, cuz he smokes weed "ocassionally" and i guess that really bugs me. i want someone who DOESNT do weed and DOESNT smoke and DOESNT drink. i have nothing against people who do, but i just prefer my boyfriends not to. ya know? i really need a boyfriend, but i express that EVERY entry, so thats all im gonna say today. who knows, maybe ill get lucky tonight.(HAHAHA) i must say.. my potential crushes are the following(not in any order): ryan, rick(oy! he has a girlfriend, i shouldnt..), and neil. neils pretty cool he always listens to me and he makes me feel like i actually belong. and he tells his friends that im cool, and always sticks up for me. haha i can trust u guys not to say anything right? oh ya so i talked to this kid remy right? and he seemed cool, and so i let him call me. but i am stating now I DO NOT LIKE HIM IN ANY BOYFRIEND-GIRLFRIEND WAY. he's just a friend. people take fone calls too seriously. My ears are plugged, and i want to go watch plucky on tiny toons(ofcoarse after i do the dishes :-P)

Funny fact of today: my sisters are both dating jake's, haha here's how u can tell the diffs
Tiff's jake: jakey, commonly refered to as my brother, jakey poo
Coco's jake: just jake, (katelyn refers to him as "the boy who wears tighter shirts than me?")

current mood: sick
current music: "i love you" by barney(jk)

(dont hate me)

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