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(Playing in the snow)

[20 Dec 2003|02:45pm]

its been about a year since i've updated this shit, well tomorrow will be a year.

im still alive

(Playing in the snow)

[21 Dec 2002|08:40pm]
i love nancy. i have wrote in this thing in like a week or so..
i didnt attend school monday
i met a kid this week his name is tim. and hes so awesome, a guy have never been this great. since ben. but he blows ben out of the water. i hope to meet him someday.
tuesday was gay
wensday we got progress reports.. SUCKS to be failing science
thursday didnt do to much
friday- got a ride home from the awesome justin toye, went to as220 with monica. fucked shit up at mc donalds. lol actually we got scared to peices. richard sean ferri proposed to me last night. i wish i could decide. tim, timmy, ben, rich, goooooood damnit. jk i'm wicked ugly
kaylees mad at me because i love to many.

(Playing in the snow)

[08 Dec 2002|04:04pm]
lalalaallaalala.. i turned 14 yesturday. yay

today sucked. i still havent got to do anything fun. tonight i get to clean my rokm so i guess i'm not making plans for the night either.. this sucks the big one. i just got done doing kyle curley's livejournal.. it sucks. well i suck at making these things. its cold. my thumb is swollen.. really bad. and i need to decide how i'm cutting my hair... any suggestions? its thick, sholder length, and med. brunette with some blondish peices..

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[02 Dec 2002|06:23pm]
radio today
me and ben did hang out
friday and saturday night
god those boys are fine! eh nancy?
minus damein
i sucked at the station
nancy sound great for news/sports i forgot what she did. it was confusing
i guess i'm in trouble for being a bad DJ
this boy named matt houle keeps talking to me. i guess hes cool
hes a rapper fo sho
kris is very fine.. he def should get a mohawk
i'm in love with this song
i played it today and its been on repeat since i got home
(midtown- like a movie)
soo.. nancys still single all you crazy cats best call up so we can find her a lover
even tho nancy has a boyfriend
haha, we all forgot about him this afternoon
i do like ben and rich. as much as i hate to admit it

those are my thoughts of now

(Playing in the snow)

HELL YES [27 Nov 2002|10:32pm]
[ mood | touched ]
[ music | taproot ]

yeah so WHOS hanging out with ben friday.. yes me! i guess he doesnt wanna go to tims. i dont think tims gonna be home anyways. YESSSSS just what a neeeeed. to bad moms not gonna let me over unless adults are home. hmm.. i'm sure i can get out of that. game tomorrow morning. 9 am. i like seeing rich in the morning. he looks so "un-rich" so pure. his has bags under his eyes. they squint up. and his hairs always a mess. and his voice doesnt kick in. so innocent. i went to nancys tonight. yay. my hair smells like "mudslides/hazelnut coffee" my bad.. i cant smell correctly. i have a pen and i wanna draw on something. and finish my bracelet. its thanksgiving colors. i'm gonna give it to ben. i think he needs a bracelet. his wrists look empty. or for him it'd be a ring. god that boys to old looking to be 13. i'll be 14 next saturday. yayyyyyyyyy! oh so young.

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yeah.. coventry is a pussy town. [27 Nov 2002|04:18pm]
no school today seeing it snowed. the buses couldnt get out to greene and shit so they just canceled school. no school equals, no rich, no lunch with nick, nancy, and mitch, no pep rally (Thank GOD!), no charlotte, no band, no spanish. oh well. band sucks anyways. dad bought me a snickers. to many phone calls. nancy, UJ, bob, and shannon lee. savers is dead. not alot there. the jackets are cool tho. but none fit. i found a really cool sweater but it was way to wide. short and wide.. a fat man wore it. maybe a midget.
i watched rich come on and off in like 2 seconds. i have a feeling everyone did something today cuz no ones online. coolio. hmm.. i only had half that snickers and i'm full. nancy made a snow duck (applause)

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private journal.. [26 Nov 2002|09:16pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | taking back sunday ]

i hate the way things have been turning out. i'm so jealous of everyone. they all have such good looks. tomorrow will suck. theres a pep rally last period. band sucks. i hate band. but i have to stick with it. i truley enjoy ben's company. hes been so humble to me. its a change from the "i hate you" attitude. and rich. he bothers me alot too. these guys are weighting me down. its not fair. i promise myself to allow this. but self control has been hard lately. which results to deciding something i've been thinking about for a while. its gross. but i still shall try it. after school. i'm thinking about finding some. with my friend. she says she'd love to try it just once also. shes kind of the type who will try anything to be cool. which shows. but as long as i dont experience it alone. i'm fine.

this is my private journal. i didnt tell anyone about this place. i have a live journal too but its the cool thing so i'm prolly gonna stop writing so much. atleast i get to write something not public. i always get introuble for my words.

nancy left during computers today. i wish she didnt. i miss her. tomorrow she promised to stay atleast till lunch. so she can go to mine and we can enjoy times with nick. and people.

the concludes my first entry. to my new journal. i'll leave it with a "i dont hate you. i dislike the things you do. the way you tease, and of course the way you hurt"

added on: "i think your wicked cool dani, but i hate it when you trash yourself" well, i hate the way you fucking kill me inside. i'm glad we chatted tho. i got some venting out. i'm gonna turn this mutha fucking place into a trend.

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