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Monday, November 3, 2003


halo everyone, i dont no y but im wide awake!hehee i duno y though went bed at like 2 got up at 8:S
newasy i gota get used 2 this journal now i liked the blurty one better but 4 a while im guna have comments on both untill i make up my mind, im so blooming confozuled in my little brain!ohhh well
smeff ring me wen u r wake i need 2 a...talk 2 u and b..SKATE!

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Sunday, November 2, 2003

10:07PM - wuhhhhhhhhhh!

woooooooo the gig now that was kool!well b4 we get 2 they gig lets have an update onhockey...girls and boys both lost JOY, sk8ed with my bor kiearn for an hour inbetween the matches it was kool i lernt fakie 2 axal's pretty radical i recon!
neways GIG>>>me and ella went as pink ladies,it was realy kool hehe val and rache wore bunny outfits like the playboy bunny it was sooooo stupidly funny.ther was no alchol at this gig pretty rad i think jeromy was stoned and lorrie was so out of his head that he let everyone spray paint his hair!james demayo went as a townie and shaved all his hair off he looked weird,but val still thought he was fit EL O EL!elliott joe and josh were kinda boring the whole gig they were just sitting down on chairs like old ladies 4 like the whole thing it was funnni and kinda gay cause i only went with elliott twice!
nat and beth finally lost ther lip virginity!LOL natalie went with kieran ...how sweet and beth went with tom pelly and matt the little slut, yet tom still has a g/f?=oSjoe fancies natalie it's realy kool but gay cause i still like him well i have r ever but u no i dont mind!
mmmmmm jake and rache didnt go with eachother even though they both wanted 2 so thats rather gay i think dont u!?!ummmmm i cant remember much else about the gig except me and elliott have rythem;o)!i saw mark ther that was kinda gay cause i do still like hima nd apparently he had been crying=oS =o( i feal realy bad and dont no weather i shud have finished with him or not ekkkk how gay
ok then...2day umm i finaly had a good lie in slept around ella's and stayed in bed untill like ummmm 12 YAY hehe!we did nothing much all day except eat go on msn and begging amanda and mark 2 move 2 the house over the road and we cud have the back house ooo how cool we cud have a band room for our band... The MoFo's! shure the name is kool!and have a ramp and everything!
neways no one will b readying this it's 222222222 long!newasy went hockey and had a burger king ooo highlight of the day i reackon!
going!loves and hugs loisx

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Friday, October 31, 2003

6:19PM - hair=oO

hey hoe
just came out of the shower i've now dyed my hair looks pretty rda it's gone black which is kinda kool cause its halloween and all, my roots wer realy bad so it does look better that it did this mornin!got a kool new hat from chopper its grey with a little pink grvis sighn on it its kool yesyes
im megger frustrateds i wana c everyone the only people i've seen 2 day is my mum and dad my dog and random people in chopper arghhhhhh gota go hockey l8a c the hockey crew shud b a bit of fun it's most funni when i beat the boys ther they go crazy it's like but but ur a girl wat the fuck?!
so basicly girls are better than boys FULL STOP!go on...
www.girlsskatebetter.com that prooves girls can sk8 just as well as boys!

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11:56AM - kinda happy!

hey it's 11-45 and i'm usualy out with the possy by now but they have all gone 2 peterbough without me=o(steff won't wake up grrrr WAKE UP she did go 2 a party last nite but that realy is'nt a good enough excuse 4 me!mum's at work till 1 and then i have 2 get hair dye the joys off my life!actualy i think the time on my phone is wrong i duno i'll ask beki....yep its 12 only one hour till mum's home thats gay
i've decided that im guna go on a diet and get fit!i want 2 get a good p.e grade >GEEK<
It's raining again how stupidly stupid it realy is so lame i need 2 move countrys!
might go radlands l8a with beki but i dont have nemoney so i dont c that happening ther is seriuosly no where 2 sk8 when it rains morrsions has bevcome realy lame and wont let neone sk8 ther and josh is at peterbough so we cant sk8 his ramp =o(
ringing smeff she has 2 wake up now.........
i h8 hannah mac and all the other grebs they r allways dissin me wen realy i havn't done nething and they seriously need 2 get a life!swing swing wooooowooooooo i dont think im guna bother goin out 2day i have loads of crazy homework and english corsewotrk i realy shud do but thats 2 geeky i think im guna sk8 in the house and land the god dam kickflips I WILL LAND THEM!
got sum realy kool etnies 2 replace my gallaz yesterday from chopper they r lovely and cool
neways this is like the entry ofbordem im goin 2 just edit this and shit probly guna b loads of entrys 2day!
loves loisxx

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Thursday, October 30, 2003

10:48PM - Annoyed with life

beth if ur reading this matt wants 2 no if you will go out with him!how funni, neway at this very moment intime i am annoyed with life as everything seems 2 be goin wrong with it at the mo,arrgueing with joe again GOD DAM we were just geting 2 be friends again, getting more gay holes in shoes even though its pretty kool but not wen the rain gets in your shoes and your feet get wet grrrrrr ekkkkk joe is goin all mad at me=oS not goin 2 see elliott 4 like 2 days minimum o well gig shud b funni arfter that ther shud b one hell of an entry on here about it loads of stuff allways happens ther!gd and bad stuff,me and ellaface are going as pink ladies from greece shud b funi!
playing hockey all day on saturday and i realy can NOT b bothered nemore it takes over my god dam life arghhh
lernt swing swing on the gitar 2day pretty easy actually but im still quite proud!i need 2 calm down!i feal like punchin someone i think i'm guna watch the t.v allways a gd plan

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8:05PM - First entry

Hey this is my first entry on here and i dont realy no wat to put el o el!ok well here we go... 2day was pretty crap had a hair cut in the mornin looks pretty lush bit 2 short but who realy gives a damn!met smeff at chopper and sk8ed at morrisons 4 ages untill the security guard thru us out again arghh he's so gay, actualy i wunder if he is?!
neways me and smeff were doin realy lame shit like ollie off curbs and up them haha it was funni though!finaly made my kickflips stay kickflips instead of going into variel kickflips wooooowooooo its all good!didnt see smelliot 2day which is rather gay cause smeff dint want 2 sk8 the prk grrrr i love mini ramp and i havnt sk8ed it in like more than a week cause my gay ass foot,still swolen and lookin like a tennis ball its kinda gay i'm still liveing on ibraprophene EKKKK!
joe's a jew and ses shag 2 much HAHA joe if you r reading this hehe =o)do you wana come derby on saturday?
neways that the end of 2days entrie so i'm guna love ya and leave ya choi 4 nowxxx

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