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Heh...I'm not sick. *Hack, cough* [03 Jun 2003|01:42pm]
[ mood | allergy-ridden ]
[ music | Old Photographs - EBO ]

Staying home from school, doodoodoo...This is a bit of fun. Scratchy throat, though. *Curses the pollen* I missed the bus this morning (I refuse to take those rides in the morning with Nami's scary friends. And in the afternoon.), and mom told me just to stay home because she couldn't come home to get me. I slept too late, that's all...Until about 9:30. Hah. But I DO feel a bit nauseous...And I keep gagging...Oi. /min

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probe indicator. Log time. Without writing. [03 Jun 2003|10:27pm]
[ mood | wheeze-y ]
[ music | Fame - David Bowie ]

I'm not sure what my subject is all about, but I just decided to put it there. Having an assload of trouble trying to get my background image up here...Damn it. Frustration. And the background picture is really nifty, too. *Whine* But...I love this icon!

Hm. David Bowie. Don't know why, though. He's just...There right now. Yeah /min

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