01:30pm 21/04/2004
mood: confused
It's been a long time since I've posted. I've been sleeping...a lot.

My mind still hasn't gotten any clearer. I still have no idea as to what to do....
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02:04pm 09/04/2004
mood: improving
music: Alex: It starts with F ends with "uck" and it isnt firetruck
I've only been home for a while now. I need to sort out my life. Need to get rid of some bad habits.

I'm working on one. It's been a long time since I've woken up alone and in my OWN bed.

And I need to figure out what i'm going to do. I can't just sit around and moop in my apartment all day, waiting for the others to get off break.

I'm tired...tired of doing nothing...but I don't know what to do.
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05:03pm 08/04/2004
  ((Pretty new layout...just for Shinya-chan! ^^))  
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05:02pm 08/04/2004
  ((Pretty new layout...just for Shinya-chan! ^^))  
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03:46pm 08/04/2004
mood: discontent
music: Josh: Your hair smells all fruity and clean.
Well, I'm already on my way home. I didn't even bother to get my stuff at Kao-kun's. I did stop by the hosiptal though. He was sleeping. I do feel terrible, leaving now. But, things are just to hetic right now for me to around. I do somewht feel like this is my fault. If I had stopped Totchi from going, maybe... Kaoru wouldn't have gone so insane.

I think it's better to just be at home right now. *sigh*

I hope you guys understand.
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12:40pm 07/04/2004
mood: crushed
I heard what happened to Kaoru. *sigh* I knew it was a bad idea to come back. I should have stopped Totchi from going to Kyo.

I should just go back home. Nothing good ever happens when I'm around.
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10:17pm 06/04/2004
mood: disappointed
Well...I'm back. It's okay here. Totchi ended up asking if I was happy. I never answered, the doorbell rang. He told me never to go near Kyo. It showed me his scars. I ened up following Totchi later. He went to Kyo. I didn't even mean for Kyo to see me, but he did. I followed them up but couldn't find them. I do hope Totchi is okay. I do sorta feel kinda left out. Everyone has their own lives here. I had to admit that I was glad to see Totchi and Kaoru again. To see Kyo...even if it was at a distance. *sighs* I should have just stayed at home.
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10:22am 04/04/2004
mood: bored
Well I've been on the plane for a few hours. It's so boring on here. The movies suck and my head is pounding. I always hated planes. I already had one perosn reconized me. *sigh* Atleast they arn't a crazed fan. I wish this flightl would end already.
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06:56am 03/04/2004
mood: sleepy
My flights tongiht. I'm kinda nervious. I hope everything goes alright.

I managed to keep myself inside that night and not drink. The hangovers are bad and the places I wake up are usually worse.

I so tired.
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06:10am 02/04/2004
mood: worried
Once again, I won't be stating were I woke up. *sigh*

I finally finsihed packing, it's not much, but I don't plan on staying to long.

I hope going back is a good thing.
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10:19am 01/04/2004
mood: sore
music: Gravitation Music Video
Once again, I went out drinking. I won't even say where I woke up....

My flights the day after tommorrow. I must say I'll be happy to get out of the apartment. I'll miss Miyu though.

I'm tired and I ache.
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08:59am 31/03/2004
mood: drunk
I have the worst hangover ever. I don't even remember last night.

I'm going back. The flights thurday night. Is it even a good idea?

I don't know. I'll probably only stay for a little while, maybe a week.

I can't even think straight. I wanna go back, but I don't. It will be so weird being around them. Not just them, but everyone. I've hardly left the apartment in 5 months.

Kaoru hopes everything will go back to normal when I come. Normal? What is normal with their life. What's normal with mine.

Why am I so frightened about going back though? It's been so long since I've even talked to them or seem them. It will be werid. But what isn't werid.

Ahh..I'm rambling. I have to get some sleep, my head is pounding.
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06:11am 28/03/2004
  ((p.s. This is from long long ago. The last time I gamed with Totchi....which was Dec. *sweatdrop* And i'm posting, cause I have nothing else to do))

I don't know what I wanna do. Should I go back? I'm still thinking about Totchi's call. What's the point in going back? He couldn't even come up with a good enough excuse other than he misses me. I was there long enough before. I was just ignored, other than the small fling with Sugizo. Everybody else already their own life.

I'm happy here? With just Miyu here.

I'm fine right?
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06:25am 26/03/2004
  (*cries* All you people are already doing stuff. How am I suppose to come in? And which Toshiya is playing? Is it Bliss or someone esle?)  
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10:33am 25/03/2004
  (HEY!!! *glomps* Kikasa said I could do this. Shinya misses all of you guys. So..I'm back...where are we?)  
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