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mine and monis convo [19 Jun 2003|08:39pm]
[ mood | haha bein funny ]
[ music | eagle eye cherry-save tonight ]

Mine and monis CrAzY conversation
MoNiFHS05: the light switch is trying to kill me
Lilboo0507: haha how?
MoNiFHS05: he's screaming at me telling me to get a knife
MoNiFHS05: make it stop
MoNiFHS05: make the voices stop
Lilboo0507: haha just concentrate and DONT get the knife
Lilboo0507: haha we need oreos
MoNiFHS05: we do we do
MoNiFHS05: have you tasted the uh oh ones
MoNiFHS05: i havent but i want to
Lilboo0507: but im not riding with u bc last time we almost hit a tree
Lilboo0507: lol
Lilboo0507: nope I havent
MoNiFHS05: i know
MoNiFHS05: i heard they were good
Lilboo0507: yeah me too
Lilboo0507: I take it the lits switch isnt trying to kill u anymore
MoNiFHS05: i'm gonna get some
MoNiFHS05: he
MoNiFHS05: s not
Lilboo0507: haha ok
MoNiFHS05: i told him to leave me alone
Lilboo0507: men lite switched are evil
Lilboo0507: switches
MoNiFHS05: i know i know
MoNiFHS05: the one in my room is a girl tough
MoNiFHS05: so its okay
MoNiFHS05: i can just run in there next time
Lilboo0507: ooh ok so she dosnt try to kill u
Lilboo0507: yeah she will save you
MoNiFHS05: man this is one crazy convo if you havent noticed

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Hey [19 Jun 2003|05:21pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | even stevens Another perfect day ]

Heyhey....I am so0o bored so0o well I am about to go watch my movie again...(even stevens movie )

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HeYY [18 Jun 2003|12:32am]
[ mood | blah ]

Hey just wanted to write lol well I dont do that much but I am writing here now lol bye

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hey [15 Jun 2003|01:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

well i just got done watching the even stevens movie (i taped it) yup

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hey this is my subject [14 Jun 2003|02:15pm]
[ mood | haha thats great ]

this morning at like 4:30 I watched tru confessions I almost cried it so sad whenevr his dad yells at him anyway ima go

lata days

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hey [14 Jun 2003|02:54am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | even stevens-another perfect day ]

there is this really cool grl that is doin my journal thats awsum bc there was like 5 grls that said they woukd but she got rite on it and thats cool she even made me a background so0o cool u kno wut I dont even kno her name I gotta ask her that but anyways lata days

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hey [12 Jun 2003|01:20pm]
[ mood | curious ]

hey ppl I am writing in my new journal it probably looks gay rite now but thats cuz there was this gurl that said she'd be done on like an half hour and its beed like 2 hours and its still not fixed

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new journal [12 Jun 2003|02:10am]
[ mood | dorky ]

heyhey I just got this journal and I have no good stuff i signed up for a journal makeover but its gunna be a while and I cant even figure out how to get an icon lol im such a dork my friend helped me with some of it but se said I have to figure it out so comment if u can help

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