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    Thursday, May 8th, 2003
    3:25 pm
    Flying with no baggage
    There's not really a reason why i'm writing, but im here because im turning in circles very fast. So much things are running through my mind, it's making me feel very light headed. So many things can come to you in life, it's kind of like rain that's falling in different motion, sounds, and at different times of which one falls. Or maybe a cloud that comes and goes, or maybe even one step after the other when your taking a walk or maybe even a jog. I don't know there's many different examples we can use on how reality sways, it can be any direction. We all have are own paths, turns, jump offs, or can i say decision we chose to make, whether it be good, bad, maybe not really understandable, confusing, i mean the list can go on and on. Even though so many things can be jumping at u all at one time. Just think on how you can be hanging from monkey bars, now i know anyone that has ever tried going acrossed monkey bars, in all your might you wont to make it acrossed. It may be hard trying to hang on and make it all the way, but if u use every bit of your strenght, u some how some way will make it all the way. In life there's ups and downs but we should never ever giveup when something rough and difficult has come are way. There's always some sort of encouragement that we can build up in are self's, even if no one else helps. I can go on and on and on but all i can leave u with is, hang on, you can make it, look straight ahead don't bother looking behind ya. Encourge yourself with good thoughts instead of negitive, and never let your soul tear you down with all sort of emotions or just things that bug you, never let your mind control you, you control what goes through your mind. Try and always be a happy and loving person

    Current Mood: thoughtful
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