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[22 Nov 2003|05:36am]
man...i havent wrote in this thingy for like a super long time......lets see whats happened since i last wrote i think the last time i wrote was when i met issac and that is super old night when i was out with my cuz heather and aunt debbie3 and pipper and aunt pipper answered the phone when issac called me and she was pretending to my mother and this is what she told him....."Brittaney does not like you so i would really appreaiate it if you would not call her anymore thanks! this is her mother!" so that was that with the issac thing iam really not mean but when someone is like YEA I THINK IAM IN LOVE YOU IN LESS THAN 3 DAYS YOU HAVE TO BE FREAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but now i do have a boyfriend who the best he treats me like a queen (this is how i should have been treated years ago) so now iam really really HAPPY! His name is Joe hes 3 years older than me but i know that what iam doing is right, all i do is follow my heart! thats why i do the things that i do. Me and Joe had our first fight and it was my fault, i was just PMSING!!!!!!!! oh well...hehe. oh yeah and LUIS IS THE BIGGEST FAG he told me he was going to kick JOE's ass i was like HA! YOU WISH! well iam going to leave iam going to an old friends house to have some drinks....muahahahahhha......JOES IN san ANTONIO:( BETTER BE CAREFUL BABE!
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JUST MET A GUY [12 Sep 2003|09:01pm]
heyyyyy whats is up i just meet a boy at the he is so cute and he has already called that iam trying to call him back i cant because he had his number PRIVATE....DAMNIT oh well but iam ganna get it, maybe he will call back but i dunno so i guess ill just wait and see laterzzzzzzzzzzzz...............
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HEY BITCHES!!!!!!!!!! [12 Sep 2003|04:41pm]
what the fuck is up......peeepsssssssss well anyways iam here at my cousins house and were getting ready to go to the donna game.....ghetto i know i'm all from you can rap to that! anyways there was this boy at my school his name is chris and he plays the guitar and i am like in love with him now...well iam kidding but i do like him...and he asked me for my number today and guess what i did i gave it to him...muahahhaha yeah iam cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but today ashley embarrassed me super bad cause it was after school and we thought that edgar was over there and he wasnt but then chris was over there but i wasnt in the mood to talk to him i was just embarressed but i left and flicked her off she got mad me but who cares...she got over it though and she loves me still she wants me to be careful at the game i was all ooooookay...anyways were getting ready to leave soooo laterssssss
***britt uh knee*****
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My FiRsT ENERY..... [06 Sep 2003|04:03pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | 3 doors down-here without you ]

hey this is my first let me tell you about my life so far....i had a boyfriend last i dont...hehe. he broke up with me 2 days ago at the football game because i was "bitching" because he was ''talking talking'' to savannah when he was with me....what the fuck is that???luis is such an asswhole and thats cause i was just going to hear what he had to say because everyone was telling me that savannah was a lieing bitch....but i guess i found out what kind of guy he really was...luis all you are is an asswhole dude get this shit hes 18 and still playing those fucking games that he plays....that little kids pathetic...You would think that he is fucking old enough and mature to not act that way, or should i say that he should be ashamed and embarresed that he dosent know how he should act towards a girl. *smirks* He's a little enexperienced child that doesnt know what the hell he wants in life becides play little games. Its very sad! But hey i could care less, he's a faggit! Heather told me that I could do much better than that little boy that has his panties all up in a bunch! HAH! Well I'm out guys...later!

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MY FIRST ENTERY HOW GAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!! [04 Sep 2003|07:53pm]
well i just made this damn journal heather helped me!!!!!!:) well this past weekend i went with heather to SAN ANTONIO...yeah it was too BAD ASS....on August 30 LUIS asked me out and guess what i said.....YES:) so now hes my first boy toy since i fell in love a year ago with ray!!!!! iam so over him but we are the "best of friends!!!" but i dunno tomarrow Luis and Paul (heathers lover) are coming down from san antonio and were going to go out after the football game after our stupid PANTHERS get creamed....yea yea we suck.....:( oh well shit its okay shit like that happens we will always sux....but now iam going to call the love of my life....ahhhh...just kidding.....lets see how this shit goes....:)
mmmmmmm ------BRITT UH KNEE
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