Aki's Journal

Monday, October 27, 2003

8:37PM - Intial.....A.K.A

My finger is pointed at Wai. I didn't want to start this, I swear I didn't. But she insisted that I start an online journal because I've been neglecting emails and haven't been around the online community lately. Honestly Wai, what makes you think that I'll even do this often enough?

Life in college is a pain in the ass. I barely have time to eat, sleep and socialize, IN REAL LIFE, let alone online. But of course, none of my family and friends really believe that. They honestly think that I'm just making excuses because, in truth, I'm really just lazy. Honestly, they haven't seen my work load. They haven't seen my professors. They have NOT seen the people at my work. Balancing school and work is A BITCH.

Maybe, by some miracle of heaven, I will update some time soon...Who the hell knows or cares?

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