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New Journal [02 Nov 2003|08:20pm]
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[02 Nov 2003|01:34pm]
life is great. Halloween night was fun. Work was good, wasnt busy but thats ok, it was nice to see all the workers dressed up.. haha. afterwards matt and i went over to Jimmy's Party, there was only like 10 people that showed but thats alright it was still a good time. I got to see Britt so it was all good. I'm so glad to be hanging out with my girls again... Carryne, Britt, Chrissy... mmm Skippy!!! LOL good times

Yesterday was such an awesome day. In the morning I went with amanda to Kohls and got a new oufit and new shoes. We grabbed a bite to eat then I came home, did a little cleaning, then headed to Matts. What a fun day. We went 4 wheeling and he let me drive for a long time! It was awesome, i actually drove on all the paths and stuff over all the rocks and such, it was a blast! Afterwards we just hung out at his house, we ended up making Tacos, picked the stuff up at Shaws, saw Finch and whatnot, then we rented a movie and went back and watched it with the rents. It was a lot of fun.

Today was church, it was good. Got to see everyone, and now I am home and getting ready to go over Garys to get foooood. And I get to see the new baby, so its all good. Welp, thats it for now...
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Getting Ready For Work and Such [30 Oct 2003|02:37pm]
Today was a good day I suppose. Had a Ring Dance meeting after school, we're pulling together some really good ideas, I'm excited, the dance is only two weeks away, I already have my dress. It should be a good time. I'm just hoping more people will buy their tickets.

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I have to work. All of us who are working are dressing up, that should be interesting. Matt and I are being Pebbles and Bam Bam. How cute is that. We made our costumes Tuesday, we ended up just grabbing some scrubs from Sallys, Woot Woot! Thats the way to do it. They came out pretty good.

Things have been good lately, hung out with Kay and Liz yesterday. It was so awesome, I enjoyed myself. I miss hanging out with the three of us like old times. We need to more often =)

I'm gonna go finish getting ready
Later My Friends
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[25 Oct 2003|08:50am]
todays alicia and brians *2* years! I need to give her a call.

things have been ok lately i guess. schools going alright, not too shabby. th beginning of the week didnt start off to great with my mom and i so it kinda sucked but it got a lot better. wednesday i was supposed to go over kays but my mom didnt let me cuz she says i am 'never home'
gah i hate when she does that. o well. shes not mad anymore so its all good.

lastnight i worked. Timmy boy worked tooo!!!!! It was soooooo awesome to see him again!! omg it was the best night at work in a long time. me and him caught up on our lives and chatted it up, i told him more about matt =) It was so nice. im so glad hes back.

Today matt and i are planning on going to the new Kohls to go shopping. woot woot!! $$$$
hehe we'll probly go out to eat and then make some plans to do something tonight, we're gonna try to see what amanda and jon are up to. Gary and his new gf (you go boy! LOL) were gonna make plans but gary lives too far out for matt to go especially cuz he doesnt know the way haha. so that plan went out the window. tomorow is church, i cant wait to see everyone. maybe after church if me and amanda arent gonna bring jackie shopping i could hang out with liz and kay.. its a possiblity =)

alright enough of me.. im out :o)
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[21 Oct 2003|10:01pm]
gah things have been crazy lately. i have been wicked tired, havent felt like updating everyday. schools ok i guess. PSATS were today.. it sucked. o well.

Saturday i hung out with matt before he went to work and then i went over aunt cindys house with amanda for jackies bday party. we slept over with Alli and Brittany to help out since about 10 little 7 yr old girls stayed the night... my aunt really needed help haha. we did hair and make up, watched a movie, it was cute. sunday me and amanda just cleaned up her house, went to china p and came to my house and watched a movie. it was nice and relaxing, i needed it.

monday after school i got picked up by ricky, he had benjamin and we went over jens to pick her up, grabbed some grub and then went to my house and carved pumpkins. it was a blast. ben was so adorable, not that he ever isnt :D
i babysat him for a bit after that, we raked leaves in my driveway haha. he was so cute helping me put them into the bags, jumping in the big pile... ha anywho, jen came over again after she got out of school and we watched Erin Brockovich. Good movie...

Today, like i said was PSATS... sucked, but for the most part it kinda went by quickly. Wasnt a bad day. I went over Matts house after school, came home b4 he went to work, and then took a napp. it was much needed. and then went out to eat with the rents at the new place TGI Friday's. mmm it was yummy. ha. Now im just relaxing, getting some h.w done and getting ready for bed

I'll write more soon..

You Fill My Day With Happiness, Sunshine, and Joy
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CowBoy Up Suckers! [17 Oct 2003|07:35am]
Computer Apps...

Yankees Won the American League Championship!! :D
Woot Woot! My dad woke me up at 12:30 this morning screaming his head off... he ran out to get chinese food... Yea.. I was up until 2 in the morning. I'm soo tired, but it was worth staying up :D
World Series Here We Come... !

Things have been good lately.. got some dissapointing news from one of my friends that kinda upset me.. but i guess theres not much I can do about it. I gave my advice and opinion so I'll just let it go... let them make their own choices in life whether it will screw them up in the long run, or make them turn out for the best. Either way I will be here for the person whenever I am needed, and of course I will always try to change the mindset into letting the person know its wrong what they are doing, but until then, I'm going to back off in fear of making things worse by lecturing all the time. Not much else I can do.

Other than that, things are wonderful. Matthew is just fine and dandy, hes so great. He makes me so happy :o)

blahh. I'm not too sure what else to write. Kayla and Adam are doing great, Carryne and Britt came into Jubes lastnight while I was working so I sat with them for a while and chatted it up with them and Britts mom. It was niice. I miss those girls, we need to hang out more often. Chrissy and I need to get together soon too, the other weekend's sleepover was fun. I havent seen Katie for a while, but its hard to make it out there.
GAH last year was so much better, I was so much closer with everyone, now we all went our separate ways getting ourselves boyfriends, getting jobs, yaddie yaddie yah. But what can ya do? I guess thats what life is..
It just kinda sucks sometimes.

Well my friends, I suppose thats all..
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Awesome Trip [12 Oct 2003|10:15am]
My boyfriend is amazing. The trip with the fam went awesome! I had soo much fun, I am so glad I was able to go with them. Being with Matt from waking up in the morning until going to bed was so incredible, it made me so happy. I met some of him relatives that live up there, so ti was really nice. We stayed in a small, one-room cabin. it was so cute. NH is so beautiful. I have been there many times before but at this time of the year the leaves are all colorful and everything, it was absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention the Yankees won while I was up there =D

LOL. Someone called the restaraunt lastnight and was like "yankees suck" and then they hung up right away. HAHA it was hilarious. I just hope they win for my dads sake... I barely know n e thing about baseball, but I still like them cuz of my dad and brothers...I'm forced too.... haha jk.

but yea, today is Matts bday!! he is turning 17. I'm gonna be going over his house to bake him cookies since he loves them.. and we're having a cake for him. he doesnt know i am gonna be over there so its kinda cool =)
and then I gotta run out for a couple more things for his present. I want him to have the best birthday. He's soooo awesome! Ah its unbelievable.

So my weekend was outstanding. I wish it didnt have to end. But o well, there will be other great weekends too =)

I guess thats it for now...
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Woot Woot! [08 Oct 2003|10:25pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Tomorrow I am going camping with MAtt and his family! We're going to NH and my parents are actually letting me ...

WOW. Big step for them let me tell ya. They are actually letting me.... AHH!! It's awesome! I went and bought some new jammies.... yea I'm a dork.. HA! this is gonna be soo awesome. I found out on Monday of this week that they invited me... so I've been excited all week in school.... the days have gone by soooo slow!! my god... its awful. tomorrow's school day is gonna feel like it will never end! i bet it will. we are leaving at 3 tomorrow afternoon after school and coming home saturday morning. only a couple days but they will be amazing. Matt's birthday is Sunday so this weekend will be all for him =)

found out some stupid crap today from an old friend... but what can ya do. Finding out that u were used really sucks.. but oh well. I'm happy now.. happier than I have been in sooo long, if not ever. It's incredible. so I'm not letting any crap bother me.. its not worth getting upset over cuz honestly... its done and over with, its the past... and like I said, I have moved on and now I am finally happy again. I'm forgetting about everything, its not worth it, I'm all set with that.

but other than that, I have been soooo excited! I went to the mall the other day and got a new sweatshirt, I watched Ben yesterday, it was fun, took him to the park. yea so things have been pretty much all around good lately. I cant complain =)

Thats it for now.. I'll write more when I get back from my awesome trip with the most incredible person in the world!!! hehe. Write-chya then

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[05 Oct 2003|01:56pm]
this weekend has been a good one. friday night i thought i didnt have to work so i made plans to meet a bunch of people and go to subway then to the football game. welp that didnt happen, i guess i was on the schedule and didnt know, so i ended up working. after work i ended up sleeping over chrissys though, so it was a good time. we watched a couple movies that were on tv and ate some foood and chatted it up and whatnot. it was a good time =)

saturday we woke up early, around 930ish cuz chrissy had some stuff to do later in the day, so i had matt pick me up around 10 and we just went back to his house, layed down for a little bit and went out with his parents to get matty his new cell phone! =)
his new one is wicked niice... he's so happy, now he can finally talk to me on it haha.

saturday night was ashley's party so i ended up calling amanda and me her and jon ended up going for a few hours then just came back to my house, got some chinese food, and watched a movie. Matt had to work so it was just us three, but it was a good time.

church was this morning, we had a combined service in recognition for all our pastors. it was niice... we got free foooood after!! woot woot! i was all up for that haha. Blah.. other than that i am just hanging out today, probly gonna hang out with matthew! and we are probly going out to eat or something tonight w/ the rents. a good idea would be to go to the mall... I'll probly make him take me haha.

Welp, I'm gonna go get some homework done and such. Writechya lata
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[01 Oct 2003|02:30pm]
just got in from school. today was an all around pretty good day, nothing to great happened but nothing bad either. thats always a good thing.

yesterday was one month for me and matt. one down, looking forward to many more =)
we went to friendlys with kayla and adam yesterday, cuz it was adams bday. it was such a good time. we just hung out kays for a bit after. good time, good time. chocolate...

Saturday was the best day of the weekend. it was so awesome! i woke up at 10 and headed straight for matts house. we went to the store to buy some extra things to bake cookies, and then we just went back to his house and relaxed, watched a movie and such. after the movie we baked cookies with his little sister, and then went fourwheeling where we saw a few people. at night we went to the movies with jon and amanda and out to eat afterwards. it was such an awesome day, it couldnt have been any better!

welp, that fills you in. I'll write more another day
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[29 Sep 2003|05:58pm]
I've been wicked sick lately. Blah. I came home early from school today and got some extra sleep for a little while, caught up on my rest. Hopefully I will get better soon. Matt is so freakin sweet. He brought me flowers cuz I wasnt feeling well. It almost made me cry =)

He's incredible seriously. He is so good to me. I couldnt ask for anyone better.

Kay, I hope everything will be okay. I love you. You're the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I'm sooo happy for you and Adam!!! WootWoot! hehe =)
And Liz...girl we need to hang out more, I love you so much, you're my best friend too, we just need to see more of echother!!

So I guess today was alright, not too shabby. Thats it for now though ---> SHELLY
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[26 Sep 2003|02:20pm]
[ mood | sick ]

hey nothing too good has happened lately except for adam asked out kayla! i am sooo happy for her =)

me and matts relationship just keeps getting better and better. I'm actually getting ready to go over there in a few mins and then we both have to work tonight. Tomorrow we will be spending the whole day together so that should be fun! I aint gonna lie to ya, I am wicked excited.

school is ok i guess. im doing good in my classes, trying to keep on top of my work while i stay busy outside of school, its working out well. Carryne and Dan are still doing awesome, im so happy for them too. I still see the girls a few classes this yr so its still good. Carryne Britt and Chrissy. I love those girls so much, I miss them too, last year we had every class together, now its only a few. but what can ya do? Carryne and Britt come in to see me Thursday nights while I'm working and they order some food, so its nice. I dont see Liz at all anymore. Me and her barely even talk n e more. its kinda depressing =(

but other than that, life is good. i guess thats it for now
Later kids

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[22 Sep 2003|10:50am]
my birthday was incredible. the best one i ever had. right after school on friday i went to get my nails done for the dance, i got a manicure and a pedicure. it was nice. right after that i went back to my house, called a few people to make plans for the night at the dance, and then took a shower, got ready, did my hair, and then got dressed and all spiffed up for the homecoming dance!

i went to matts house around 5:15, we got pictures taken of us all dressed up... he looked so good! and then we went to see my dad at the restaurant and got pictures there. it was exciting to have everyone see us dressed up... it was awesome! we left there at like 5:45, and i didnt want to go to the dance wicked early cuz it started at 6:30 so we just drove around town a few times and went to the school for 6:15. we got our pictures taken ((i hope they came out good)) and then we just waited for some people to get there.

Kayla and Adam looked so awesome together, Liz and Brandon looked wicked good, Amanda went with Jon, she looked beautiful, o it was just awesome. The dance was so much fun, we danced like the whole night, i went around and hung out with a lot of different friends, everyone looked amazing! it was deff a good time. the dance ended at 10:30 and i thought just a couple people were gonna go back to Matts house for my bday and just hang out and have some pizza and stuff. He started driving around town making up excuses saying he had to get coffee, he had to go there, he had me drive around a parking lot, i was getting annoyed cuz i thought that my friends were gonna be waiting. so he finally went to the restaurant to grab the pizzas to bring to his house, and when i walked in, all of my friends were sitting all over in booths and i heard SURPRISE!! Amanda had set up a surprise party for me!!! woot woot! i was totally not expecting it! i was so surprised, excited, i was SHOCKED! it was amazing. best birthday i ever had. family members were there, liz, kay, amanda, jon, anthony, brennan, holly, andrew, matt, and lots of other people were there. it was awesome. i deffinitely had a good birthday.

I wish that night never ended. i woke up saturday morning and was all upset. but i went with matt to meet his aunt who was visiting for NH and then we went to the Homecoming at the school and hung out with a bunch of people, and then i went to work at 4:30. it was a good day

Yesterday i worked until 330 and then went to Garys party after that with my rents and matt. it was nice to see him and meet a friend of his, i already knew the other two. we chilled there for a bit and then came back here and me and Matt went to the China for supper. Fun day. This weekend was a great one.

Welp! thats it for now people. I will write more another day

I Love My Friends
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[18 Sep 2003|02:36pm]
My birthday is tomorrow!! Woot Woot!!
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[14 Sep 2003|09:29pm]
my birthday is in 5 days. i am so excited. i havent been able to tell anyone what i want though because i really dont know lol. honestly, i dont even care. i just tell ppl get me whatever. i dont mind, i dont even really care to get anything. but i cant wait for the dance, thats a good day for a birthday, having a dance on the day i turn 15. makes me happy

friday night i worked. it was a good night, went over matts after, hung out for a bit, and then he brought me home for 12. woke up early, we went out for breakfast then back to his house for a bit and spent the morning/afternoon with his fam, went out to for lunch and such. it was nice. i got home, got ready, and then went to the mall with amanda and ashley... POPLIN! ((dont ask 3 teenagers to shop in a men's suit department... we wont find ANYTHING)) haha. anyways, we grabbed some food, hung out for a while at the mall, had a good time. i spent the night over amandas because we were gonna go to an amusement park today but the plans fell through so i just had them drop me off at home and i ended up working.

kayla and liz already had plans so i went over matty boys house and he took me four-wheeling. it was awesome! sooo much fun! we had supper, chilled for a bit played a game, and then he took me home. it was a nice day. im not sure what my plans are for this week. im hoping to get some time in to practice what i want to do with my hair for the dance, i have no clue yet. i dont really care either... as long as it looks ok, im set. but thats it for now.. im gonna get going, get ready for bed and such.

<3 shelly
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[12 Sep 2003|03:00pm]
eh.. today was ok. kinda upsetting in the morning but the end of the day was fine. wednesday i had some meetings after school and then i met kay and liz at gwens house, waited for liz to get done babysitting, and then me and the girls went to Friendly's. mmmm soo good. we walked back to kays...those girls were acting insane! haha. i love them so much, they are crazy. we all went to youth group from there, it was a good night, a little boring but thats alright... it was game night, i sit out n e ways hah. but seeing everyone was a nice time.

yesterday i went over matts after school and hung out. then we went to work from there. it was a good night at work. pretty busy. i got home, did some homework, talked on the phone, not too bad.

im gonna be going to work soon. timmy boy works tonight, and on top of it all.... my matty boy does again too! woot woot! heh. i cant wait for homecoming next week, it is going to be fun! hopefully me and the girls will get ready together before it. liz is getting her dress tomorrow with kay, cant wait to see what she ends up getting!

alrighty... im out
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[09 Sep 2003|09:36am]
in Computer Apps right now. yea, this is a bore. I'm exhausted. I cant wait to get out of here! Sunday was such an awesome day. I had to work, but Matt worked too. We talked a lot, and then he left early so when I got out an hour after him, I called and he came and picked me up and brought me to his house. We hung out for a while, he drove me around town trying to find a nail place that was open, welp, we didnt have any luck. so we just "cruised" around Northbridge singing to tunes, it was fun. Went back to his house and chilled, and then went out to eat with my rents at night. We sang to some tunes on the ride back too, and then he hung out at my house for like 45 mins when we got home, then he left around 9:45. Yesterday he told me some bad news, but whatever, things are ok. Hopefully I will be able to go over his house today after school, I miss him.

After school yesterday my mom took me and kayla to the mall. We both got our homecoming dresses! Kaylas dress is awesome, I like mine too. OOO I cant wait to go now. We got necklaces to match and everything, and we're planning on getting ready together before the dance, It should be a great time.

Welp! Thats it for now. Write-chya Later
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[06 Sep 2003|04:08pm]
hey. school has been ok so far. i went over stephanies house one day after school, and then kaylas the next day. wednesday i babysat little benjamin while ricky and jen went out for the evening. he is so adorable. i had so much fun baking cookies, coloring, painting, we went to the park. stewart and my mom was with us. thursday i went over matt's house before work and then he brought me in for 4:30.

yesterday i just hung around my house being lazy and then went for dnner and hung out with matt when he got out of work. this morning i went over amandas to hang out which brings me to now...im at work again.

im trying to make plans with kayla for tomorrow. im hoping we can do something after i get out of work. probly going to get our homecoming dresses!!

well thats it for now. I'll be writing another time
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[31 Aug 2003|02:02pm]
im at work right now. im kinda happy though cuz i got an extra day in this week of work so i am gonna get a lot of money on my next pay check. woot woot! i went to church this morning and saw the cool ppl. kay gave me a ride to work. yesterday i went to the mall with josh and paula. it was fun, i got a new sweatshirt and i saw Joe Berg so it was good. Friday night I worked and went to Matts house after cuz my parents were going to my brothers party anyways so I would have been home alone. Paula is staying at my house till monday so its nice, she made peanut butter truffles with my bro yesterday, it was so cute hehe. tomorrow the fam is going to Purgatory and having a BBQ, we invited friends, and Matt is coming along too =)

This weekend has been a good one. But thats it for now. I'll write more another time
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[28 Aug 2003|08:56pm]
hey. that day i got grounded i did end up going out with matt, so it was fine after all. we went to the mall, i got a new outfit and he bought me a shirt i had wanted but had no money left over to buy. hes so nice and good to me. its so awesome. we had a good time. i saw liz and ashley there, and before that i saw court, katie, and kayla m, so it was all good. dave said a quick hello as well. so i saw quite a few ppl i knew. it was a swell time =)

school started yesterday. it was so nice to see everyone. i got all my classes arranged, found out i have an extra history class BLAH! and whats even worse...its geography! its gonna suck! but other than that i got some pretty good classes. my teachers are pretty cool too, and i have a lot of my friends in every single class. its all good.

i just got in from work, it wasnt that busy tonight but in between working and stuff, i was reading some gay book i had to do for summer reading but i wasnt gonna do that, no way! besides the point that i hate reading, it was summer. but come to find out we are having a test so i am quickly reading it so i will do somewhat ok. the book is soo gay too! 1984, what kind of a book is that??? honestly! o well. what can ya do right?

Welp thats it for now. I'm out =)
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