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Mm hmmm! [24 Nov 2003|08:20pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | TV---Monster Garage (brother's watching it.) ]

Alrighty, so I changed my name from rjissweetnsexy to shellie517...well, actually I had to make a new account, but whatever! LOL It was time for a change! But it's still MEE!!! Anyways...

It is SO friggen cold here!! Gah. It's like...47 degrees, man! That is like...WHOA! Oh well. I am SO ready for Thanksgiving to come! Yippeeee! Gonna eat me lots of food and gain me lots of weight! Recipe for fun, right there!! ;) GRRRR! Lemme tell you about all my stressness over the weekend! Okay, I had TONS of homework over the weekend!! I had to write a research paper for Lyme Disease, complete with a visual aide, make two weather posters for Spanish, and a front & back page of questions for American History. I did everything except for the American History and was totally freaking out about it, cause Mr. Wilson said that if we didn't do it, then we would be failing and we would have to record a message for him to play to our parents saying that since we chose not to do the homework, we chose to fail! So, I tried to finish it during the beginning of that class while Channel One was on, (..Who watches that, anyway?! LOL) but I still had about 8 left to do when he was walking around and checking them! So, I was like Eeeee! But he picked mine up, looked at it, and just gave it back!!!! I owe God so much! LOL He must love me!! :) Yay!

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