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Thursday, August 14th, 2003

Subject:new journal
Time:9:19 pm.
ok i recently made a dead journal thanks to angela for giving me the code..and i also have another bluty..
if you wanna check em' out heres the links

my dead journal

my other blurty
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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003

Subject:closer to closure so take this out of me
Time:10:44 pm.
::looks at icon:: ISNT IT BEAUTIFUL. Raychel IMed me today and said she had an icon for me and thats the one she sent me....hehehehehehe I LOVE IT

im watching "The Cosby Show"...i love this show

Theo on the Cosby show got his ear pierced in his friends garage by his friends sister for 99 cents. HAHA

well im off...i think im gonna go find some sexy pictures and post them. But before i post them im gonna figure out how to link them to a different page.

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Monday, August 11th, 2003

Time:3:04 am.
Mood:oh so saddened.
HOLYSHITBALLS i was just readin someones journal and they went to warped at randalls island to so i was reading their whole experience and he said...


"We went to the MEST booth to find Nick, the drummer. He said that Tony was still hospitalized, Matt was visiting him, and Jeremiah just... left... But we met him and I got some Mest stuff."




fuck man i should have never read that cause now im gonna keep thinking about that....ABOUT HOW I FUCKIN MISSED JEREMIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i knew that sexy bitch was there i would have been like FUCK WATCHING THE BANDS PERFORM and i would have looked all over for him...i woulda hunted him down.

HOLY SHIT speaking of Jeremiah i was watching this show on Noggin called "Girls Vs. Boys" and during commercials they would have these kids say something like "Hey im (insert the persons name here) and its summer and your watching Noggin" or something like that. And this one kid was like "Im jeremiah" and i almost fell off the couch.

Then after that i was watching "Degrassi" and this girl was trying to get this guy who owned his own buisness to sponsor the girls floor hockey team and the guys name was JEREMIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


::ahem:: im getting worked up over here so im gonna end this post here before i start having spasms

My dream to meet Jeremiah is STILL on HIATUS!
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Subject:give me just one reason why you're avoiding me right now?
Time:12:26 am.
Mood: content.
Music:All Things Rock with the Benji and the Joel.
yay my dad finally got my tape out of my VCR so i can actually use it. The only thing that sucks is that when he took out the tape all its insides were hanging out and im like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cause i recorded all my Good Charlotte stuff on there. I tried to fix it but it didnt work. ::sobs::

All Things Rock is on now, im recording it ::smiles::

well nothin exciting happened today.....

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Saturday, August 9th, 2003

Subject:my mother fuckin warped experience
Time:10:13 pm.
Mood: excited.
Music:The TV // "Real World".
ok so i woke up at 6:30 and got ready and everything and Danielle (the hair dresser and the person who we were going with) called and said her car had a flat tire so we took my dads car instead. Well anyways we got to the newburgh mall at around 10:00 maybe a little before that and we waited about 10-15 minutes and then she came and she got all her camera stuff in our car and then we were off.

We drove down to the city and we drove over this bridge and we had to pay a toll but we dont have easy pass so we went to one where you pay and you couldnt get to the Randalls Island exit from there so we fuckin had to go all the way around and back across the bridge and shit and there was a shitload of traffic and im like "FUCK THIS SUCKS" cause it was after 11:30 and it started at 12. But we ended up getting over there pretty quick and then when we FINALLY parked we saw this huge ass line of people that were waiting to get in. I swear it was the biggest line of people EVER. So we were like well people are walking up pass the line so why dont we did and we cut like a few hundred people and we got in the venue in about 10 minutes. But Danielle still needed to get her ticket from this guy and luckily she found him and got her ticket and press pass and we went in and she found out where she could get the scheldual of all the bands but it was around the backstage area so we couldnt go back to we waited by the railing that was seperating the backstage area from the bagcheck area. And we were standing there and i see this guy walking and im like "IS THAT KENNY FROM THE STARTING LINE?????" and my moms like "NO probly not" and im like "YEAH" and "Raychels like nahhh i dont think it is" and im like "dude thats so him and i was like "KENNY" and my moms like "shut up there gonna kick us out befre we even get in" but i didnt yell it loud enough and he walked away. I was like shit man that was him and you made me miss him. THEY STILL INSISTED IT WASNT HIM.

So anyways we went through bagcheck and we put our camera in Danielles bag seeing that she had a press pass to take pictures so they couldnt deny her the right to bring in a camera cause thats what she was there for. So we got in and we were walking and Raychel goes "Bowling Dor Soup" and she points and i see the merchandise tent and im like is that the band so i walk up and sure enough its the lead singer and one of the guitarist so i get a picture with him and so did Raychel. Im like "Sweet 3 minutes in the place and i met someone already" so we saw the starting line tent and we went to go to it and this guy selling NHOI stuff trys to talk us into buying shit and we just say we'll come back..we never did. So i go over to the Starting Line tent and i see this kick ass shorts and im like dude i so want them and we were gonna buy them but Danielles goes "there on right now on the Briand Stage" im like "shit lets go" so we decide to just buy the shorts later and we went to the Brian Stage and it wasnt that crowded we were in like the middle and in about 2 minutes they came on. AND SURE ENOUGH THE DUDE WE SAW BEFORE WAS KENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways they fuckin kicked ass. And after that we went and found my mom and we wanted to go see poison the well but we stopped at the Less Than Jake tent and i bought a hat (im wearing it now hehe) and Roger was there so i whipped out my liner notes and i waited like 10 minutes for him to sign it and he seemes a little annoyed so i thinking WTF why is he looking at me like that. I think he wanted me to buy something...but i dont think he realized i already bought something. He scared me the way he as looking at me im thinking " Is he gonna like yell at me or something...what did i do wrong?"

Anyways we went and saw poison the well and they were good...i took some pics of them for Raychel. After that we went and found my mom again and i heard Pierre singing and im like OH SHIT SIMPLE PLAN. ( At first i didnt really think i was gonna wanna see them...i was like if i do awesome and if i dont oh well no biggie) but i was wrong cause when i heard them i was reduced to the mentality of a 5 year old kid on christmas. So i was like "MUST GO SEE SIMPLE PLAN" Raychel doesnt really like them but i wanted to see them. I fuckin sprinted down there and Raychel was trying to keep up. And we found a spot by the side of the stage and i was like "FUCK I FORGOT MY CAMERA" so i told Raychel to stay there and keep my spot and i ran like a little track star back to my mom and went straight to her purse and got the camera and ran back there. I was all out of breath and shit. AND I DID IT ALL FOR SIMPLE PLAN. I got some purdy pics...i got more of Pierre then the others cause i promised my cousin i would get her one of him. Well they were gone and i really liked their performance. And after them everyone was leaving but we stayed cause we knew Rancid was next. We were in the front row on the baracade, the closest you could get. I called my mom to tell her we were watching Rancid and when it started i was havin so much fun cause we were mad close and i got some awesome pics of Rancid and all of a sudden some stupid ass mother fucker crowd surfing fuckin comes by me and his whole body falls on my head and keep in mind thus dude has about 6 years on me and about 50 pounds and i bent my head down trying to avoid him but my fuckin head smashed right into the metal baracade right in my temple. And my head was stuck between the baracade and his body untill he got out of the crowd. i was like get the fuck off me. At first i was like "owwww" but then im like "ok cool im blood no blury vision no dizzyness im cool" and you shoulda seen my hair my bun moved from the middle of my head to the bottom of my neck and over by my right ear but i was like whatever ill fix it later. So i started gettin into the show and i asked Raychel to gold my camera and i fixed my bun in record time and just after i did that another fuckin crowd surfer comes by and kicks me straight in my mouth and i get a mouth full of muddy converse. Im like "ewwww wtf i dont know where the bottom of that shoes been" so i wiped my mouth on my shirt and made sure i had all my teeth and i did so i got back to watching Rancid and singing along when someone dumps water on me and im fine with that cause it'll dry and then after i get all settles and everything ANOTHERRRRRRRRR crowd surfer falls on me and knocks my camera out of my hand and it falls on the ground and the battery falls out and i pushed everyone out of the way and got the camera and my bun was now back to being by my right ear and im like fuck this man i love Rancid but i dont wanna die watching them so the security guard got me out and them Raychel. I told my mom what happened and she got all concerned and shit. Anyways then I bought my starting line shorts i wanted and a starting line shirt and i was walking down by the other tents and i saw a tent that said Mest on it and im like "Mest might not be here but at least i can buy some stuff" Well i went over there and at first i saw Matt from afar and i got close and damn i think i have eye problems cause that dude looked nothin like Matt and i happened to look to my right and i was like "NICK????????????????????????? HOLY FUCK THATS HIM" so i waited for these girls for about less than a minute and i got a picture and an autpgraph. HEHE he smiled and me and im like "WOW" (but i didnt say it outloud) i coulda fell over right then and there"

Anyways...i bought a Mest shirt and then i bought a Role Model shirt and then a Simple Plan shirt and i got sumthin to drink

Then we heard The Used so we went down there and we were waiting and i heard this little sizzle and my arm started to sting and i turned around and this fuckin girl burned me with her like wtf and shes like sorry. (BITCH)we got another good spot my the side of the stage and i got some good pictures...they were REALLY GOOD.

Me and Raychel found my mom and they both got food but i didnt want anything and while they were eating
we heard Glassjaw so we went down there but decided instead of watching GlassJaw we would go to the other stage next to it and get a good spot for Less Than Jake cause there was no way i was leavin without seein them. SO we got a really good spot by the side again. we waited about 10-20 minutes and they came on and raychel was like 2 or 3 people behind me but everything was all good and i was takin alot of pictures and then Roger came to our side of the stage and gave the finger to someone in the section i was in and then made a sad face and im like who was that too?? Im like whatever and get back to enjoying the show and then Chris looks over at our side again and looks to where me and Raychel our standing and mouths "are you bored?" and then he was like "are you sure?" and im wtf im confused. Well i enjoyed the rest of the show which was fuckin awesome...LTJ is great live. After they finished Raychel told me that the stuff Roger and Chris did was to her and when Chris mouth "Are you bored?" she nodded yes and he was like "Are you sure?"...haha that makes me laugh. I dont blame them for thinking it..she was just standing there expressionless and motionless. But it wasnt gonna ruin my fun.

After that we found my mom and i told her about Raychels incident and then i was like im gonna go to the Mest tent again and see if anyone else is there and on the way there you have to pass the Starting Line tent and i see a HUGE line and then i see Kenny and i fuckin stop dead in my tracks and i take a picture and then i go to get in line and im like shit i need the liner notes so i ask Raychel to stay in line and gold my spot and she does and i run like a maniac back to my mom and ramble about how Kenny is signing stuff while i dig through her purse to get the liner notes and then i run back. The line was long so i very casually walk past like 6 people and they dont notice and then i get in front of a shitload of people and then i satrt freakin out and im taking a shit load of pictures of him while hes signing and stuff cause he was close and i started talking to these too girls and they were just as excited as me. The one girl said someone stole her camera out of her pocket in the mosh thats fucked up. Well eventually i got up to him and he signed my liner notes from the album and then i asked for a picture and he said "yeah hold on a second" and he signed something and took a picture with someone else and then took one with me and then i asked for a hug and he goes "sure" and he hugged me ::faints:: hehe i couldnt resist. Then Raychel had him sign her ticket stub and i said to take a picture with him and i'd give it to her when i developed the picture but she didnt.

After that we found my mom and then we heard Taking Back Sunday so we saw them and they fuckin kicked ass. This girl in front of me was nice and took a pic for me when i couldnt get a good one. While they were on stage the lead singer goes and i'd like to introduce you to some friends and he says like 2 names and then hes like "MR. MATT LOVATO" and im like "WHAT?" and my eyes almost fell out of my head and i was a freakin out and i was like "whoa from Mest" (yeah i know STUPID but i say stupid stuff sometimes" and the same girl from before took a picture of him YAYAYAYYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well after then someone was going on the stage right next to us and it was The Ataris and we were like what the hell why not so we stayed for about 3 songs then left. We ran into Danielle while looking for my mom and we eventually found her and then we headed out to the car to leave.

And this car with about 4 or 5 young guys trys to cut us off in the monster traffic jam in JUST THE PARKING LOT. And i start saying shit but they cant hear me so then we roll down the window and my moms like whats your problem and the kids lke your in the middle of the road and Danielle goes then whys the WHOLE line behind us and im like you mother fuckers and then they roll their windows up. And then we eventually after an hour get out of the parking lot and to finish things off we all flip the guys off. Then they almost got in front of us but they didnt haha. We drove and me and Danielle had to pee so we stopped and as we were getting out of the car the same fuckin assholes were doing the same thing parked one space away and when we go in the store and come out of the bathroom they recognize us but nothing happens and we buy what we wanted to buy and as were leaving Danielle accidently pushed the wrong door cause you know how sometimes one is locked and only one is opened well the immature fucks start laughing so i flip em off and im like "fuckers fuckers fuckers" and then when were pulling out of the parking spot they tried to get out before us but we cut them off and i couldnt help myself so i rolled the wondow down and yelled fuckers and flipped them off and they flipped me off back so i yelled assholes mwa hahahahah.

well anyways that was my warped experience I HAD SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN.

I didnt get any serious whole right temple is bruised and sore and my eyebrow is bruised and sore. BUT I SHALL LIVE AND IT WAS WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fuckin has sooooo much fun.

I spelled some shit wrong in here but im too lazy to correct it....
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Friday, August 8th, 2003

Subject:i can not gold back the feelings of fear within me
Time:4:36 pm.
Music:the TV // "Seinfeld".
Raychels here....

WARPED TOUR TOMORROW....geezums im soooooooooooooooooo excited im freakin out man. Im so not gonna be able to sleep tonight cause im so excited and i have to go to bed early and you all know i have a reputation for staying up late hehe.

I checked on ticket master and looked to see what you werent allowed to bring...and

No Weapons, Chains or Spikes No Drugs No Coolers, Bottles or Cans No Outside Food or Beverages No Pets No Chairs No Umbrellas No Fireworks No Flyers

^ im not complaining!!!! ::big smiles::

I also talked to this girl who went to warped at Randalls last year and she said its eay to find your way around and you learn where everything is real quick. ::sigh of relief::

well i must go....PeAcE

I'll write tomorrow telling you about my WHOLE warped experience ::pelvic thrusts::
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Wednesday, August 6th, 2003

Time:9:45 pm.
Mood: artistic.
Music:The Cosby Show.
my tooth hurts ::sad face::

im tryin to figure out how the hell to link pictures in here. If someone could maybe comment and tell me that would be super. (hehe i said the word super)
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Subject:A girl can dream......cant she?
Time:2:11 am.

heart broken

Music:The TV // a 50 Cent song.


Unfortunately, Mest will not be playing the last week of the Warped Tour due to the fact that Tony has had to undergo emergency surgery for his back. Mest apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for their fans. However, Mest will be back on the road in September! Thanks to everyone who came out to see them at Warped Tour this summer. Aside from Tony's back, we had the time of our lives! We will see you soon! -The Mest Crew

::sniffle:: well i must admitt im extremely dissapointed cause i love Mest with all my fuckin heart and it was gonna be my first time seeing them live and i was pumped. But fuck all that i just hope Tony gets better ::smiles:: because WE ALL LOVE HIM and his health is ALOT MORE IMPORTANT then one measly week on warped he stuck it out the whole tour and you gotta give him credit for that.

Theres tons of good bands on warped but i will truely miss Mest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All i have to say is im keepin my calendar clear for september and my mom better get ready for another concert hehe ::grins::

My dream to meet Jeremiah is now officially on hiatus

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Tuesday, August 5th, 2003

Time:3:20 pm.
Mood: excited.
Music:The TV // "Tool Time".
oh yeah bitches i just claimed

Tony Lovato


Jeremiah Rangel



from claimasinger. ::pelvic thrusts:: woohoo
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Subject:trying to find a reason why the ones you trust are the ones that lie
Time:2:40 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Well i eventually got to bed last night at around 7 and i fuckin woke up at 11:20. Which is unusual for me.

It rained AGAIN today. Its getting depressing all this damn rain.

summer is going by way to quick and its depressing i dont wanna start school. My mom keeps bicthing about how things are gonna change and im gonna start doing better in school and i know i need to cause im goin into 9th grade and my parents and teachers are all bitching "OMG OMG THIS ALL COUNTS FOR HIGH SCHOOL AND IF YOU DONT DO GOOD IN HIGH SCHOOL YOU DONT GET INTO A GOOD COLLEGE AND WITHOUT COLLEGE YOU'LL BE A FAILUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND THEN YOU'LL BE WORTHLESS"::sigh:: school sucks.

::shaked uncontrollably:: after many years of making my parents drive a rediculous amount of hours in a car cause i woudlnt fly and skipping family vacations and staying home with my brother cause they couldnt get me on a plane im actually gonna get on a plane. THEY GOT ME FLYING TO PUERTO RICO!!!!! I've never flown before and even tho its not till December im scared....ALOT

well nothing special happened today soooooooo i shall go and maybe i'll write more later. PeAce!
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Subject:speechless for words but so many thoughts inside my head
Time:3:01 am.
Mood: uncomfortable.
Music:TV // commercials.
::sigh:: its 5:44 am and im not sleepy at all. Is it normal to be up at 5:44 am and not be tired?

HOLY SHIT i just looked out the window and the suns up and its like completely light out and im not asleep and im not tired. Maybe im nocturnal (spelled right??) ::sigh::

well 4 days till Warped

Well im going to go watch some TV and maybe ill fall asleep before everyone 7 o' fuckin clock.

now 5:51 am- the sun in up and the birds are chirping.

damn birds....
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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003

Subject:moving forward using all my breath
Time:7:39 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Music:"I Melt With You" // Mest.
whoo first entry....

well nothing really interesting happened today, i woke up at three and i talked to Raychel online and her dad said that she could go to warped tour with me and my mom wheeeeeeeeeee ::jumps up and down like a maniac::

::ahem:: anyways when she tried to order a ticket it didnt work so we ordered it for her and her dads gonna pay us back.

well everything was all good untill about 4 /4:30 when the power went out ::sigh:: its ALWAYS my street. I tried to go back to sleep but i failed so i went to the store with my mom and when we came back the lights were on ::big smile::

My friend Alyshia who moved to California called me today and we talked for maybe about an hour.

and thats pretty much it for my day.

^ look at my icon^ isnt Jeremiah so fuckin sexy. Just looking at the icon makes me want to tackle him and do bad things. ::ahem:: well i should be going now toodles
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Blurty for nOthin bUt--------JEREMIAH.

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