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Bore. [11 Apr 2003|10:02pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Lexy's Juliana Theory CD ]

Went to mall. Hung with Tara and Lex and and and saw Jon and Bobby and stuff. Quite boring. Might go to carnival tomorrow. ;/

Not much to write about. I'll update later, though.


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Cool [07 Apr 2003|03:43pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | Led Zeppelin LIVE! ]


1.) Kelly Osbourne skit. They're always fun.
2.) Rocking out on guitars with Jenn and Lex
3.) Dramatic scene from a movie.
4.) Dancing around naked singing nursery rhymes..

Hmm. >>;

Anyway. Zach pissed fo sheezy at me. I think it's cause I'm a jerk to him and he just gets jealous that I'm mucho cooler than he. rofl. Or not.

Eryn, Bri and I went to the park yesterday and hung out. We were making fun of Nate Kaufman and Cora. ROFL. Yeah. So. Uhh.

Eve of the Revolution is coming up. I get to write a speech. Now what, niccua! lol <3


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New Equation [03 Apr 2003|06:50am]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Various Oldies CD ]

Nicknames have been distributed. I'm not going to list them here 'cause they're too funny.

Jake was rumored to have wanted to rape Alexis and kill her down at the police station. I'm sort of not believing it now, because he was so nice to her before, and never was mean or viscious toward her.. he's just doing it for attention. I mean, if he did I'm sure Jake would get fucked up in a second.

Jenn + Britt + Lex + Bobby + Cory = Mall. Friday. <3

Later kids


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[01 Apr 2003|03:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Awake / Finch ]


Me and alexis are planning on hanging out for awhile and then prolly' going to check out her new house. Then we're going to subway for FOOD. lol..

other than that I feel pretty good. Nate is expelled cause he's a dumbass.. annnd.. i brought my grades up. holler back. rotf. <3


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Cuts + Bruises [30 Mar 2003|08:05pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | CKY CKY CKY!! ]


GDamnSinner: i cut myself ;\
im an ADD kiid: im sure u did
im an ADD kiid: do u have any rational reasons
GDamnSinner: umm yeah i was shaving asshole
im an ADD kiid: lmao

rotf. luv u lex.


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[28 Mar 2003|03:42pm]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | Lithium / Nirvana ]

Today was a really.. upsetting day.

Jake's a juvenile now.

Seems all the rumors about him killing people came out to be true. Lex is so upset.. and I'm emotionally strained. Jake just set himself up for this huge..downfall. And he brought everyone with him. He's dating my best friend, and she's so upset. Like, she had to take this whole package of problems on when she got the lable of Jake's girlfriend. And she's blaming herself now.

It's not her fault. It's no ones fault but his own. I just wish someone would give me the true story so I can analyze it myself. Alexis is feeling this burden against her, and I really hate that. I wish I could give Jake a piece of my mind. I know his problems were way more than what was shown to me.. to Alexis.. to anybody.. but I wish he would find himself -- he's young and he hasn't even began to prioritize for the future.. or even what he wants.

Jake, if you ever read this, I want you to know you have more support from more people than you think. I know I wasn't too coopertive with you, but now I see anything can make the difference. We are all here for you.

Jake, in the words of Nirvana...
Come as you are
As you were
As I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend
As an old enemy
Take your time
Hurry up
Choice is yours
Don’t be late
Take a rest
As a friend
As an old memory, yah

memory, yah
memory, yah
memory, yah

Come dowsed in mudd
Soaked in bleach
As I want you to be
As a trend
As a friend
As an old memory, yah
memory, yah
memory, yah
memory, yah

And I swear that I don’t have a gun,
No I don’t have a gun, No I don’t have gun

Word Jake. :D Mixed feelings.


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Manic Depression [26 Mar 2003|06:48pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Hold me / Ahjh ]

I dunno. I feel as if the whole world is like.. coming to an end. For me; anyway. Not like literally.

I talked to Michelle today. It was a great conversation. We talked about everything from the way preppies walk to what witchcraft really was. We also talked about her and her hooooneeeeeyyy Andrew (of course. She always touches base on that topic.) But we also talked about manic depression and stuff, and it really got me thinking.

I've been so emotional lately. Like, I've been bawling alot for no particular reason.

Well.. there have been reasons. Just.. nothing I soley admit to crying about.
Parents, Friends, Schoolwork, Loss of love, I'm in my own dysphoria, basically.
My friends aren't helping, either. I don't even want friends; I feel like they're something I have to deal with, rather than a choice. They don't understand me.. I don't think I even understand myself. Michelle is like the only person I feel I can really talk to. She knows what I'm going through because she's been there.

I love my friends, but I'm looking for composure. I wish someone would like, just attempt to get to know me in my spiritual regards. Bobby says he is there for me, but I have to second guess everything he says.. just because I still am getting used to him.
Alexis is there for me; technically she is. I don't know if she's mentally there with me. She just assumes I'm going to slit my wrists :/ I can't blame her. I act suicidal.

Jenn has been way tooooo... gone. I feel ike I've lost her to Alexis, and visa versa. I know I'm not their top priorities, but they're all I've got..

I dunno. Maybe I'll find myself.. if I'm lucky.

Good night. :/

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Haha.. hah. [23 Mar 2003|03:35pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | Made of Glass / TRAPT ]

All my friends are going to the movies. It's a double date thing. I wanna cry. :( Im alone. Slit My wrist.


Anyway. Heres a convo I had with zach on the movie "Willard"

bakerpunk89 [3:33 PM]: no that's like the stupidest movie ever invented
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:33 PM]: i hope the rats in the movie eat you
bakerpunk89 [3:33 PM]: i'm not going so hpw could they
bakerpunk89 [3:33 PM]: foo
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:33 PM]: they will stalk you
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:33 PM]: and you will die.
bakerpunk89 [3:34 PM]: i'll command them to eat your flesh and make stou out of u
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:34 PM]: stou?
bakerpunk89 [3:34 PM]: stew
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:34 PM]: what the hell? you're a loser kid.
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:34 PM]: stew. Lol
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:35 PM]: wait. how can a rat make stew?
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:35 PM]: they're like. stupid. lol
bakerpunk89 [3:35 PM]: look at you good simple plan g c
bakerpunk89 [3:35 PM]: horrible
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:35 PM]: shut up ponyboy
bakerpunk89 [3:37 PM]: fuck u just cause i look god ing a jean jacket
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:37 PM]: ok. you do not look like god.
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:37 PM]: and zach, you have a jlo ass.
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:37 PM]: so stfu.
bakerpunk89 [3:38 PM]: jilo what?
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:38 PM]: you're uneducatec
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:38 PM]: uneducated lol
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:38 PM]: zach has herpes
bakerpunk89 [3:39 PM]: want to see
bakerpunk89 [3:39 PM]: u herpes on your face
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:39 PM]: you're mean to me.
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:39 PM]: i should kill you.
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:39 PM]: slice and dice.
bakerpunk89 [3:40 PM]: fuck u your just as mean
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:40 PM]: zach.
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:40 PM]: you're my barbie girl.
bakerpunk89 [3:40 PM]: laser i'll should kill u
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:40 PM]: fantastic. made of plastic..
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:41 PM]: i know u like alexissss
bakerpunk89 [3:41 PM]: ?
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:41 PM]: hahahaha
bakerpunk89 [3:41 PM]: what the hell
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:43 PM]: stop calling me gay
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:43 PM]: god
bakerpunk89 [3:44 PM]: your gay
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:44 PM]: god fine ill leave ya alone
OMG BRIT iS COOL [3:44 PM]: byes

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And the supernova continues. [22 Mar 2003|12:45pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]
[ music | Tell all your friends / TBS ]

I'm back. I don't have many friends, either. I think it's mostly because I made my old journal friends only. That was shit, so it's practically free-open now, whatever.

Anyway! Life is pretty hectic. Snowblast was ultimate fun..had a great time. And since then, I've been pretty mellow :/

My life is a bore. School is becoming simple again, and I am ready to fly through the year and get on with a new one. Things are pretty nonchalant as of now. But I'm still.. single. :/ After Frailer, I've been pretty.. anti-everything; but it seems to all be coming back. Alexis and Jake are snogs. Bobby and Jenn are still snogs. I have.. no one. :/ It seems everyone is hooked up with someone.. and I'm just left with an open heart, immune to anything as of now.

Ok. I'm going to go... hopefully if you guys recognize me as friends, add me and I'll surely add back.

Have a good one


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