06:18pm 10/04/2003
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05:57pm 10/04/2003
mood: cheerful
music: the new intuition song by jewel
today was prettty boringgg. . .started off with 4th period which was incredibly boringggg but he told me my grade which was a b e e. . . that was ok. . . .5th period, boooorrr-ingggg! we also got our grades. ..i also got a b e e, which i was happy with :) anyways, at nutrition i was fun, i hung out with alexis, dana, noosha, mel and rima, tryin 2 get away from danielle. . .then in math we didnt do annything other than work work work. . . we have a test tomorrow which i reallly should study for . . .but its ok. . .i swear ive gotten cs and fails on almost every test and i have an a e e in the class!!! im surprised. . . .my math sucks!! in 1st period, i got a letter saying my ugly shoe design was chosen for sum art show. . .(yay. . .) hopefully that'll make my parents "proud" of me. . .lol. . .at lunch, it was the most hilarious thing ever!!! me, rima, noosha, and alexis were finished eating lunch sitting next to ms. palmers class while mel and dana were auditioning 4 portola singers. . .by the way they got in!!!!! im happy for them.. . .well anyways, we were done eating when sum really ugly guys threw an open gatorade bottle at rima, soaking her pants completely!!!!! i started cussing them out and yelling . .then rima kicked the bottle reaaallyyy hard. . .SOAKING THEM ALL COMPLETELY!!! it was soooo funnnyy!! im like "good aim rima !!" and they started running after us!!!!! we ran thru the halls and got yelled at by sum lady. .. .then the bell rang and we went to our lockers, laughin our asses offf. . .then we had borringgg science. . and mr south was our sub. . .omg ewww he told us he ate a pound of garlic for lunch so he couldnt come around and help us with our work. . . .mel was like ughhhhh cuz she sits in the front. . .i feel bad for her. . .then we had pe, which was funny cuz we were watching danielle do the drill team routine AND SHE SUCKED!!!!!!! i really dont know how the hell she got into drill team but i think she'll be getting kicked out soon cuz shes so bad . . . we got out at 2:09 today, so afterschool i went to wilbur and got ice cream :) then i went home and watched making the video for christina aguilera's fighter video. it was such a good video!!! i love crazy videos like that.. . their interesting. . .then i watched trl, and saw the new jho err i mean jlo video called im glad. . .it wasnt that good- fighter was better. . .and yay the anger management movies comin out so im hopefully gonna go see it this weekend!!!!! im so bored, and schoolscandals.com is becoming so stupid- ppl talkin shit about each other doesnt really amuse me that much. . .lol well bye!!!!! lotza luv!!!!!!! :) shaz.....
06:52pm 08/04/2003
mood: thirsty
music: r kelly - ignition remmiiixxxxxx
negin got in drill team. . . . . . . .. no coment. . .poor ashley badbakht tried out again and still didnt get in. . . . . and even worse a bunch of guys were laughing at her during pe cuz she runs slow. . . .ehhhh. . .i didnt tell her. . .her day sucked enough alreadyyyy. . .well anyways lunch was so funny cuz i was sitting with danielle alexis dana rima and noosha when "the birds" came up to us and put on a show (lol!) it was so funny cuz they were makin fun of danielle cuz shes the most annoying person ever!!!!!! omg and during period 1 i found out sep and sasha were going out!!!!!! hes cool and all but hes had like 1254365895 girlfriends this year. . .lol well bbye!
09:03pm 07/04/2003
  yippppppppeeeeeeeee i made it into drill team :) :) im so happyyy, even though alotta my friends didnt get in, well atleast me, noosha, amy, katie, natasha, carleigh, sophie and mel got in. . . .but i felt really bad for ashley, becky, andrea, negin, and andrea. . .well theres more tryouts i guess. . . .but who can wait that long. . .they were seriously crying there eyez out! it was pretty sad. . .but wat can i do????? well anywayz im so happy its almost spring breakkk, i have absolutely no plans yet whatsoever, but i have a bunch of choices.. . so i dunno. . well byyyyyyyeeeeezzzzzz!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!
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05:46pm 05/04/2003
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ummmm . . ok. . . we have the same bday, january 9 :)
06:46pm 30/03/2003
mood: weird
music: christina a. - fighter!!!!!!!!
omg my my cousins were trynna hook me up wit this reeeaalll ugly guy last nite, and i kept trynna avoid him, but he was like following me. . .lol he kept trynna impress me by saying all this shit about how hes all rich and shit. . .and im all thinkin "get over urself u Ugly (wit a capital u) fagggggg" guys can be so stupid sometimes. . . . well then at the end of the nite he tried 2 get my # but i was like (with an attitude). . ."umm. . .sry. . .i really dont know u that well and i cant give u my number" and then i walked away. . .heh heh heh welll he waas a fag so i guess he deserved what he got!!!!! well anywayz today i went to castle park 4 sum bday. . .and man. . . .there were sum cccuuuuuuuuteeeeee guys thereeeeee. . .plus i saw alotta ppl i knew. . . i should go there more often. . . .
04:46pm 29/03/2003
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04:17pm 29/03/2003
See what Rugrat you are.
03:21pm 29/03/2003
mood: happy
music: ring the alarm
today wasnt all that, but it was ok. . .morning i woke up @ like 9, went to the stupid orthodontiist which i wanna kill, then came back home to change 4 my cuz's bat mitzvah thing. thennnnn i went to this temple in riverside and ate and shit, then i went to his house, met sum of his {hottie} friends... .yea. . . stayed there for a while. . .flirted. . .then after an hour . . i left, went shopping, bought a cutey ring, then came home and ate yummy cheesecake. tonite, my aunts throwin a party 4 my cuzzzzzz, and im gonna go there. . . . chill and eat 4 awhile. . then imma bizouncceee. . .
08:47pm 28/03/2003
mood: sad
music: aaliyah- i care for u
Hey pplz ! my day pretty much sucked today. i had english first, and my english teacher, mr. roberts, is seriously a fucken weirdo, he like says things outta nowhere. . . then i had math mr.aeen aka aeen n out, which was BORING and i sat there and listened to angelica teach rima gibberish. . .which was GIVIN ME A FUCKEN HEADACHE. . .then at nutrition i finally turned in my elective sheet my choices were 1. leadership 2. office service and 3. journalism. I picked leadership 1st cuz it seems dope, plus my older sis used to be in it like 6 years ago. . .with the same teacher, mr. blurton . . .and she ran for president against sum fag that i wanna kill. . .he has THE MOST FUCKEN ANNOYIN AND NOSY FAMILY IN THE FUCKIN WORLD!!!! no names will be said. . .lol welll anyways . . yeah. . .so i wanna be in leadership, also cuz ive had like 3 years of experience in wilbur which was pretty fun! We had an honor roll assembly today after nutrition for ppl who had a 3.3 gpa or higher mines was 3.75. my sister came, then she took me out 2 lunch 2 cpk, which was pretty good. . . .but i missed the rest of school - science, 2nd period, pe, 3rd, and history, 4th period.. . .so u c. .. .nothin important. . .
im so fucken pissed i have a cse in pe!!!!!! i hate my pe teacher she pisses me off. . .and looks at me like im a whore or sumthin. . well after lunch i came home, and then i forgot wat i did the rest of the day. . .o well. . .im bored!!!!!!!!! dammit i gotta orthodontist appointment tomarrow. . .i hate my orthodontist hes an asssssssssssssssssssss. . . well anyways - about my friends : noosha- shes cool but shes too obsessed with josh k., and she went out with sep s. , the biggest fag ever. rima- rimas the shit. . . heheehe danielle- danielle talks alot but shes also a good friend + shes nice. Melly- mellys also coolll, shes THE BEST SINGER !!! (on the radio. . .whoooaaa. .. on the radio) SHE DESERVED 1ST PLACE @ THE TALENT SHOW!!!! ashley- hehehe what can i say about ol' monkey ashley. . . . alexis- #1 mr. roberts imitator. . .dana-- best sick faker in portola. ..and everyone ellse im too lazy to type about. . . .welllllllll thats about iiiiitttttt. . .. .xoxo
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06:51pm 28/03/2003
  HHHHHiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! This site iz dope. . i like it . . .well anywayz Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!