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Subject:Doing something about it.
Date:Thursday, August the 7th 2003 { 09:58 am }
Mood: productive

So, networking has been the most interesting computer topic to me for some 4 years now, with development running a close second. When I decided I wouldn't do development for the rest of my life, I also forgot about Networking. So, I just realized recently that when I go into a book store, I still go directly to the computer books and I always find myself in front of Linux/Unix books and the Networking and Security sections. So, I decided to do something about this evident desire to do networking. I am currently (at work) reading the Network+ Certification guide by Sybex (the companion to the A+ cert guide I used to blow that test out of the water) and I am going to get Network+ certified. Then I'll start on the various proprietary Windows/Novel/Linux/Cisco certifications as I get time. I am going to end up as a network professional who gets paid... and I mean like "Daaaaaaaamn, Jigga got PAID!" sorta paid... werd.

Aight, that's all, I'm out.

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Subject:Again today
Date:Wednesday, August the 6th 2003 { 08:27 am }
Mood: distressed

So, the bitch is bitching again today. Already. "My computer that i'm supposed to use to work doesn't work, and i would stay here 'til 2am to get this problem fixed if i had to, if my computer worked, but since our hardware guys do nothing at all, my computer doesn't get fixed *whine* *whine* *WHINE*"

Sorry, too early in the morning to handle this.. heh.

Oh, and baby, I know you'll read this... I'm sorry about being in a sour mood last night.... I really shouldn't have been in such a bad mood :( I LOVE YA!

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Subject:Back to myself again....
Date:Tuesday, August the 5th 2003 { 04:57 pm }
Mood: bitchy
Music:The whining of underqualified bitches.

I'm back to my old ways for a minute or so here.

*squiggly lines and doodely doo sound that signifies going back*

If your life is one constant chain of horrible unhappy days, break the chain. I don't mean have a nice day, I mean stop having days. You having your days near me having my days is not working for me. I'm tired of the "woe is me" attitude of co-workers who want to talk loudly about how much of a sacrifce they are always making. If you want to keep your job, you work hard and you do as much as necessary to help the company survive. If the company falters, your job stability falters. If I could, I would fire half the people in this company and hire high school dropouts with good attitudes... good friggin' lord.

Anyway, I'm done.

*squiggly lines again, you know the procedure*

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Subject:Lo siento mucho.
Date:Tuesday, August the 5th 2003 { 10:43 am }
Mood: bored
Music:The klicketty-klacketty of the office environ.

(I'm so sorry.)

I'm bored. I'm at work. We had a 30 minute meeting this morning, where we review the open issues of each of the support technicians. Well, evidently they think I'm doing a good job, because I have only 3 open issues right now and each one has been updated inside of our support software with recent information where I've contacted the customer. Made me feel bad, they harped on how great that was, and the other techs were getting mad, until I pointed out to the person doing the review that my phone doesn't work so I don't get interrupted and I have only 3 issues as opposed to the other 3 guys who have ~40 each. Granted, I've closed out a lot of tickets, but I still don't feel like I've done much of anything. It's hard to feel really useful when you spend your whole day msuracering, blurtying, and just all around avoiding responsibilities.

But, hell, if they want to go wacko-crazy over what I'm doing, that's fine... I'm trying. I TRY to get work, TRY to get tested, TRY to get documentation to work with and TRY to get sent out on installs. I even TRY for overtime. I am putting my best effort into it, and maybe they appreciate that, but I still feel like I'm not doing crap.

Oh well, so Shaina had a scary dream, the sort that really freaks me out too... I mean, not freaks out so much as really worries me for her; that's a really scary dream.

Other than all that, nothing is going on... I got Lump from the kennel yesterday, and he has been cool. He did wake up the neighborhood at 5:45 this morning... but that was my fault... I fed him a TON around lunch time, so I didn't want to feed him again later... and because of that, he woke up early and was hungry... Once the time changes, maybe that'll mean he won't be waking us up 'til almost 7:30 instead of around 6:30, one could hope. But, honestly, I want to get into my own place ASAP so I can move him back inside to be part of the family again...

Okay, I guess this has been a decently long blurty and there's no reason to drag this on longer. Chances are what will happen is I'll write this, and then in an hour still have nothing to do, and I'll come back and write even more. We'll see.

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Subject:Cool things, Suck things, and I don't give a F^*% things
Date:Monday, August the 4th 2003 { 04:52 pm }

So, cool things:

Shaina may be coming here more quickly than either of us had thought, that's hellacool.
I got to pick Lump up from teh Kennel today, and he still likes me, a lot... he ate my glasses on the trip back to the house.
I got paid... and I mean, jigga got PAID. 80 hours regular time, 20.85 hours overtime. Sweetasss.
I'm almost below the $6000 in debt mark now.
Found out that one of my good friends is seriously considering coming down and working with me at this company, and it'd be hella-cool for him to be here. If he wants to announce who it is, I'll let him do it. Anywayz.

Suck things:
Shaina isn't down here yet, so that sucks.
I don't have DSL and may have decided it's not necessary since I should be moving out of my parents' place before Christmas.

I don't give a F^*% things:
Not much here right now. Blah :)

Life goes well, so I'll post more later when trauma hits. Later.

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Subject:Anger revisited
Date:Friday, July the 25th 2003 { 02:42 pm }

If you're going to be shitty about something, when I apologize, don't tell me it's okay and then still be shitty. Be shitty and let me know we aren't cool. Don't tell me everything is fine and then treat me like shit... I'm sorry, random work venting. Later.

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Date:Friday, July the 25th 2003 { 08:50 am }

So yesterday my sister and my future brother in law came in from Texas and stopped to say Hi. The problem is, as I clocked out to go home at 5:30 (sister wasn't getting home 'til 7:30), the guy I've been working under on this project calls my cell phone and asks me to go to the arcade. I clock back in and go there, telling him I have to be gone by 7:00. 7:30 rolls around after he told me asking to go home at 7 would not be a good idea, and I tell him I've already missed supper with my family, and that I was going home. The reason it was an emergency for me to work last night was that we expected to have the whole arcade system ready to test last night, and the entire company was invited to come out and test it from 10 until midnight, before we even had one game verified as working. So, long story short, nothing was working, we weren't ready, and we ended up calling each and every employee and telling them not to come. It was wonderful...

Now, boredom ensues as I sit at my desk, with yet another day of cubicle cleaning ahead of me, and a promise of once again not making it home ANYWHERE NEAR on time.

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Subject:Random Thought
Date:Thursday, July the 24th 2003 { 04:05 pm }

God did a good thing by attaching our heads in such a way that removal of said head would cause severe discomfort.... if he hadn't I REALLY would friggin' leave it somewhere.

Anyway, I just made like 8 trips back and for to my desk and still don't know why I came to my desk or why I went where I went when I wasn't at my desk.... so confused.


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Subject:Boredom ensues
Date:Thursday, July the 24th 2003 { 04:00 pm }

Anyway, I am at work again with nothing to do. I spent the whole morning inside of arcade games again, which is really friggin' fun. I actually got to use creative wiring in a couple cases where things weren't how they should have been... was fun having to think of a way around it.

Then I resolved a phone call from the other day where I got griped out by someone with severely-tight-pant syndrome. I talked to his boss today. All is well :)

And tonight between the hours of 10pm and midnight, we get to finally test what we've been working on. That means the entire company will be at an arcade tonight, playing games on the boss's tab :) Fun times.

Anyway, just a short shoutout update. I am not even going to pretend like this is going to become a regular thing, but I'll do it when I can.


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Subject:Sooo..... update time :)
Date:Tuesday, July the 22nd 2003 { 09:14 am }

I know it's been like a year since I've updated this, and those who are reading this probably just found me through someone else's friends list since I've not given you any reason to come here for a long time. But, I have some justification for this, but not nearly enough I'm sure.

First of all, I think shortly after my last entry, I met Shaina Murray. I have become very involved with her and at first, I just didn't spend much time online doing much, because I was with her all the time :) Then, I just got out of the habbit of posting. Now, I have moved to Mississippi. I work something between 8 and 18 hour days (those are the two extremes so far) and travel a good deal. I am rarely on a computer for other than business, so I don't get much chance to do this. I am currently doing this while at work, and will have to tie it up soon to get back to doing stuff.

Anyway, I love Shaina, I love my dog, I love my job and things are going great, for those that care. I REALLY miss Murray though. My personal life right now (with shaina and all friends 7 hours away) really sucks, but such is life. You have to do what you have to.

Take care.

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