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Friday, June 25, 2004

12:17PM - Family

Omg...I just found out that my Older sis and her whole DAMN family is comin soo damn screwed cuz shes a neat freak!...Well anywayz

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

8:06PM - Jesus Christ! what a weekend!

O shit..was this weekend interseting well....lets start off wit Thursday...Tadam and Patrick came ova...ok...Friday..that was interesting...We now kno who like who...ya c...cuz...Johnny,Acacia,Alexa,Roy..and a shit load of other ppl were there...and we walked Hell boy...which isnt a bad movie it was pretty good....Well in the movie i look over at my 2 friends..and 1(guy) of them..had there hand on the other 1(girl)s wen i got out of the movies wit them Alexaa said...So hows ur leg..I just had to start laughing....I laughed all the way home...Ok saturday...I go to Bres' house...Chill there wit her friend Morgan...Well We go to the Mall together and we meet up wit Acacia there...Well we go to Bada Bings...Mike was there...There wasnt that many ppl...Well Johnny showed up...and we all chillin Johnny beats me in Pool alot.. Well we try to call Garrett to come to Badas but he kept stalling and well he didnt show up...Ok..Well these black guyz come in and start hitting on me,Morgan and Bre...Well this 1 went up to Acaica..and she said that she didnt want she said wat about sammy..grrr...and then by that time..bre and morgan are in the car....wit the other guys..and i flip out...cuz i dont trust them for one thing...who would... I dont kno who the fuck they are....Well latter that nite...Bre and I danced on the floor onli 2 out there but we didnt was playing were dancing... So..It wasnt a bad nite..cuz 2 of my friends made me sooooooooooo Damn happy....It turned out to B a not that bad weekend...
Well TODAY...TOTAL BORE! went out to eat wit my mom...Josh R. was there...I always c that damn boy..he was at here..its bad enough i c him at home...So yea...

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Thursday, April 8, 2004

10:22AM - Confused

Well there this guy who likes me..but i dont like him the way that he likes me...But i just along wit it...I try not to get close and try not to let him get close to me...But when he did i just totaly Blew him off...Alot of reasons for that is that i still in a lllliiiiittttllleee...way still like my ex....But i havent talk to my ex in awhile...what should i do?

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

11:40AM - Bitch needs to back off

Well there is this chick needs to back the fuck off my man. She needs to quit tellin people that there goin out when there not and im goin out wit him. She needs to fuckin shut her mouth.

Current mood: stressed
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Friday, December 12, 2003

5:42PM - relationship

People and there damn relationships!!! O my! They need to deal wit there own relationships. They must think i dont have relationship problems!! I do have my own relationship problems!!

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Saturday, December 6, 2003


Well all i got to say is im goin back out wit Doritoz aka "JOSH". lol lily. Yea lily " JOSHUA" well its bein a few days now that ive bein goin back out with him. lol. thats all i gotta say

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Wednesday, December 3, 2003

9:16PM - Confuzed

I swear guys are so confuzing. They first hang all over you. But once you do something about it they act like nothing happened at all. Its very confuzing for gurls out there. Guys should say something if there gonna do something like that if they do like you or if wre around so im gonna full around with you. Its very confusing.

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Saturday, November 29, 2003

11:52PM - candy

Also to the Bowling thing-U can get a shit load a candy for 75cents at the candy game machine. Lol,Lol. Great fun, and also Taffy and Ciggz dont go together at all.

Current mood: cheerful
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10:49PM - bowling over movies and the Ymca!lol

Well,Today was boring. Didnt do much, was surpose to go to Joshs house to go to the Ymca. But i didnt cuz i couldnt go down to the Deli. So lily and I dicided that her,Mike, me and Josh would go to the movies all together. There was a down side to that c josh has a P/O so he cant go anywhere after a certint time. So, Lily and mike went, But mike stood her up soo. Well im home bored as hell, When my sis was goin to go bowling wit a friend of hers. So tagged along. Well lily called my cell fone and told me wat had happened. Then she came to the Bowling alley. We bowled a little. Played pool. and play games. Sound real childish for some teenagers. Well as normal we got hit on. Wat was it every guy look but dont talk or touch. Well we talk to some guyz.(Guyz that worked there). There was one guy I think his name was "Earl" but We think he was lieing. Then ther was some hot niggaz up in there damn. But ass normal they were hangin wit some White wanna-bz. So we didnt do anything. well were there from like 5-10. Bored after atleast one hour. Things were up and down all day long. Called Josh when i got home he sounded Depressed. Not normal for him. So everything was a BLahh,Oooo day

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Friday, November 28, 2003

11:23AM - Black Friday

Rain,Boredom,Piss Off, Well As u kno black Friday means Shopping! Well do u think im shopping, No im home on the computer waiting for thing to be doin in my house. Waiting for a call saying" Hey sam, wats up" or "Sam go ahead u can go out". No im here bored, Having to clean. BORED LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER! Thats really All I gotta say.

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Current music: No where Kids-Smile empty soul
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Thursday, November 27, 2003

5:54PM - BOIZ

Well there is this guy. Lily knos who he is. I dont kno if i like him or not. I was wit him for a very long long time. And we still hang like we are goin out. But there is this other guy, Moats(last name). He's really nice and i would like to go back out wit him. But..... Idk cuz im stuck between to guy that i like and it hard to dicide which one i should go wit. One who i've been wit for a long time or one who is nice, whose funni and who knos! Well I do like bein wit both of them but i would date both of them but there is also a problem. There like best friends. I've bein through that once already and it doesnt work cuz the other convinces me to date him and i fall for it, it really hard to deal wit it!

Current mood: confused
Current music: Ashanti-break-up 2 make-up
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5:32PM - Gooble GOOBLE

Well as u kno its Turkey day! Well it borin All i can say. Hang out wit Ppl I known almost all my life since i moved to PA. Life is hell! Well i was Feelin like i was the oldest Kid there but there were two older onez. Cuz i was the one who had to watch the kid! My god i feel like im doin that all the time. BUt o wellz. Well GOOBLE GOOBLE!

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Sunday, November 23, 2003


Well Yesterday i went to my gurl lilyz job to show her my new cell. We chillied for a while then, I left to go to my boi Joshs house. Well when i got that lazy ass was asleep but when he got his ass up. His dad him a bum and said u dont need to get all dressed to see me. I just laughed. We down stairs, Then l called to tell me my dad was at her job to pix me up or something like that. Then Josh asked his dad if we could go to the Ymca well we went but c josh is kicked out of the Y so we walk to the mall and lily called me and again and josh said something and she said "Oh he sounds hot on the fone" I cracked it was too damn funni. Then latter on when it was about time to leave and josh and i were waiting out side for his dad to pic us up to go home. Josh had his arms around me He dad said "Get a room" "My god". It was

Current mood: happy
Current music: P-popin by Ludacris
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