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Yuffie ATTN Cloud [03 Aug 2003|10:15pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Connected by Ayumi Hamasaki ]

Yuffs bounced her way out of the photo booth and stood beside spikey head, with a BIG smile on her silky soft face. "Here Yuffie. Since you paid for them, there yours." Cloud said to her, handing her the photos that had been taken. "Awww. . . spikey head. . ." Yuffs said with sparkly-touched eyes. "You're the BEST!!" She chirped as she hugged him around his neck again, pulling him down to her height as she laughed. "Here, tell ya what. . ." Yuffs began as she tore off the photo of her kissing his cheek and Cloud giving off that sweet/confused smile of his.XD As she looked around the area they were in, Yuffs bounced her way over to one of the cashiers and nabbed a red ink pen from them. "You, spikey head my dear. . . can have. . . this piccy." Yuffs said while she scribbled something down in the corner of the pic. "Here ya go!" As she handed Cloud the piccy, she had written <3 Yuffs in the corner of the piccy.

"And there's NO WAY I'm done having fun with you sweetie-pie!!" She said as she latched herself onto his arm again. "C'mon Cloudy! I wanna have some fun." Yuffs whined in that cute kiddy tone of hers, leaning her head against arm as she looked up at him. "Pretty PLEASE???" She asked with that sulky little look on her face.

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Yuffie ATTN Cloud [03 Aug 2003|05:55pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | End of the World by Ayumi Hamasaki ]

"Leave...NOW." Yuffs heard Cloud said as he stood in front of her like a shield. Yuffs stuck her tongue out at the losers as they ran away, obviously threatened by Cloud's cold-hearted threat he gave them. Yuffs felt a little. . . weird with Cloud's COLDNESS he was giving off. She KNEW he mostly kept to himself. . . but she had NEVER seen him so. . . so. . . COLD. "You ok?" Cloud asked her, snapping Yuffs back into reality. "Huh??? Oh! Yea, I'm fine. Thanks spikey head! You're like. . . my HERO!!" Yuffs chirped, wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a quick peck on the lips. "First one's free!" Yuffs giggled with her hands behind her back.

"Oh right! The smoothies!" She perked up as she grabbed them off the counter and latched herself onto his arm once again, handing Cloud his smoothie. "You were SO BRAVE Cloud! But I SO could have kicked their asses you know!" Yuffs said in a childish tone as she strolled out of the food court with Cloud attached to her arm. "So. . . what do ya wanna do now???" She asked as she took a sip from her strawberry banana smoothie. "Hey!! There's the photo booth place!! Ya know where you sit in that booth and it takes like 4 or 5 pics of you??? We're SO there!!" Yuffs chirped, pulling Cloud with her towards the photo booth. Heading inside, Yuffs took a seat beside Cloud in the booth and pulled the curtain closed. "Alright, dropping in the money then it's time to get our picture taken!" She ordered after dropping in the money. As the camera started up, Yuffs did a few funny faces, but also did a few sweet poses such as wrapping one arm around spikey head's neck and leaning close to him with a peace sign up near her face.

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Yuffs ATTN Cloud [03 Aug 2003|03:45pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Automatic (Remix) by Hikaru Utada ]

"Great!! Then let's hop to it spikey head!!" Yuffs laughed, pulling Cloud towards the food court with her. They were only there to get a little snack or something, seeing how it was like, still EARLY or whatever. There were a few people in there already, early shoppers probably. "So spikey head. What shall we get??? I think we should get like. . . a smoothie or somethin'! You know, those fruit smoothies that some people have instead of their breakfast???" Yuffs asked, tilting her head and body to the right with a smile on her face. "ALRIGHT! We'll have those! I think I'll get a banana and strawberry one!! And you. . . hmmm. . . I think you look like a mango kinda guy!" She laughed, lightly pushing him back in a flirtacious manner.

Yuffs bounced her way up to the smoothie stand and placed her orders for her and spikey head over there. It must have been the NEW OUTFIT Yuffs was wearing, cuz two sleezy lookin' guys prowled their way over to her up from behind. "Hey sweetcheeks. How would you like to go for a ride???" One of the guys asked with a sleezy grin on his face. . . grossing the HELL outta Yuffs. "Like, eww!!" Yuffs cringed looking away from the guy. "Come on baby, we'll make it worth your time." The other said, inching his sleezy arm to wrap around her shoulder. "Any part of YOU that touches ME you're NOT getting back!" Yuffs threatened the two guys, looking even MORE disgusted then she looked before. "It don't have to be like that baby." The guy said, SMACKING her ass!! o.o

"GAWD DAMNIT!!!" Yuffs screamed. That was IT! She was pissed!! Time to kill these assholes! Swinging her tiny body around, Yuffs grabbed the sleezball that smacked her ass and pinned the asshole up against the counter, pressing one of her shurikens down on his throat. "What did I JUST SAY!?!?!" Yuffs growled, ready to beat the crap outta the guy.

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Yuffs ATTN Cloud [02 Aug 2003|11:22pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Fly High (Euro-Power Mix) by Ayu ]

Yuffs gave a flirty smirk with seeing Cloud's reaction. "Guess THIS outfit is the ONE then eh???" Yuffs laughed, darting back into the changeroom. Taking a few minutes fumbling around in it, Yuffs came out with the outfit STILL on. "I think I'll just wear it out, AND pay for it of course!" She noted with a nod, dragging spikey head up to the till with her. Paying for the clothes and dumping her original clothes off in a bag, Yuffs attached herself to Cloud's arm again and headed back out into the mall with him. "So spikey head. Wanna grab a quick snack or something???" Yuffs asked, batting her innocent looking eyelashes up at him.

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Yuffs ATTN Cloud [01 Aug 2003|11:12pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | End of the World by Ayumi Hamasaki ]

"Hmm. . . let's go into one of the clothing stores!! I could SO USE some NEW clothes!! And we can get YOU something TOO!!" Yuffs exclaimed with a hop and a skip. Skipping down the street while dragging Cloud at the same time, Yuffs and Cloud arrived at the BIG-ASS mall, seeing that NOT a lot of people were inside it yet. "Oh well!! At least we don't have to worry about those CROWDS for awhile." Yuffs chirped with a perky smile. They wandered around the mall for awhile, finally spotting a clothing store for guys AND girls. Kinda like a STITCHES where one side was for girls and the other side was for guys. "C'mon spikey head!! Let's go in here!!" Yuffs dragged Cloud into the store and started to BROWSE throughout the store for some clothes to possibly buy. Grabbing a few off some racks, Yuffs headed into one of the changerooms while Cloud waited outside of it for her.

"Cloud!! What do ya think about this!?!?" She asked as she emerged from the changeroom. Yuffs was wearing a see through black top with only the tinest white halter top imaginable underneath. With a white mini skirt and a pair of black knee high boots to complete the esemble. "Well??? You like??" Yuffs asked while batting her eyes in the flirtacious manner.

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Yuffie ATTN Cloud [01 Aug 2003|10:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Everywhere Nowhere by Ayumi Hamasaki ]

aiwa maboroshijyanaikoto
yumewa kitto kanaukoto
kibouno hikariwa sasukoto
sou bokutachiga shinjirunara
((Love is not an illusion
Dreams will surely come true
There will be a ray of hope
Yes, if we believe so))

WOO HOO!! Went Yuffie's heart in her chest, fluttering about like a hyperactive little butterfly.XD "YAY!! You're the BEST spikey head!!" Yuffs hugged the spikey headed guy around his neck again, then latched onto his right arm and began strolling down towards the subway station so they could go into town together. "This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN!!" Yuffs exclaimed with a happy-go-lucky giggle. It took the two of them a few minutes but they FINALLY arrived at the subway station. Not too many people were there. . . probably 'cuz it was STILL a little early for most people to be up and about.=) Yuffs hugged Cloud's arm close to her with a GIGANTIC smile spread across her face. Oh ho ho did she have a HOTTIE attached to her.XD

The little subway car FINALLY arrived and Yuffs skipped her way onboard it while dragging Cloudy with her. "Maybe we can even get YOU something!" Yuffs gasped with delight as she took a seat on the subway car beside the spikey headed guy. While the subway car took them into the town, Yuffs bounced away to her Ayumi Hamasaki song playing in her cd; Everywhere Nowhere one of Yuffie's fav Ayu songs.=) When the subway car finally reached the town, Yuffs skipped off it with Cloud and headed for the town. "Okee dokee, I think we should hit the mall, don't you??? Since it has like EVERYTHING!!" Yuffs said, leaning herself up against Cloud as they strolled down the streets together.

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Yuffs ATTN Cloud [01 Aug 2003|09:20pm]
[ mood | devious ]
[ music | Jibun Kakumei by Miyavi ]

Yuffs blinked a few times in confusion before finally waving bye to Rinoa. Even though Yuffs was a bit upset that Rinoa had left. . . she WAS happy to have spikey head ALL TO HERSELF.XD "Sooo spikey head." Yuffs trailed on, latching herself onto the hottie's arm and strolling down the courtyward with him. "Where shall we go today??? And don't give me no CRAP about NOT having time to spend with me today since you TOTALLY DITCHED US the last time we hung out!" She threatened him, one hand placed firmly on her hip as she eyed the guy. "I think you need to take me out shopping for SO TOTALLY ditching me yesterday!" Yuffs spat out, crossing her arms in front of her chest and tapping her foot on the ground as she stopped in front of Cloud. "SO!?!? You gonna take me shopping spikey head??? Or do I have to get PHYSICAL!?" Yuffs asked, twirling out her shurikens.

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Yuffs ATTN Cloud & Rinoa [01 Aug 2003|07:20pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | M by Ayumi Hamasaki ]

Taking off her headphones just for a TEENY TINY second, Yuffs heard a FAMILIAR voice. . . a familiar voice that belonged to a. . . SPIKEY BLONDE HEADED GUY!! "Spikey head!!" Yuffs chirped, peering below her hiding spot up in the tree. Sure enough, there was spikey head with the pretty Rinoa girl. "Hee hee!! I'll jump the spikey head and shower him in kisses!" Yuffs thought out loud to herself. "But. . . doesn't Tifa like him???" Yuffs stopped her ATTACK for a second, going over what Tifa had said last night. "HMPF! It's NOT FAIR that SHE got to make the MOVES on spikey head and NEVER gave me a chance." She pouted with crossed arms. . . but that soon replaced with a devious grin. "Well. . . a little HARMLESS FLIRTING never hurt anyone now did it??? BESIDES, I saw him FIRST!" Yuffs made a determined face. Grasping the bottom tree branch, Yuffs swung herself off the tree branch and headed down for the ground.

"TALLY-HO!!" Yuffs cried out down below, pouncing on the spikey blonde headed guy. "Cloudy!! I MISSED YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!" Yuffs cried, hugging him around his neck tightly to her tiny body. A quick kiss in there on the cheek and Yuffs was happy.XD "Hey hey Rinoa baby! Whatcha doin' here with spikey head!? GASP! You two aren't like. . . having an AFFAIR are ya!?!?" Yuffs teased dramatically, tugging on spikey head's arm which only pulled the boy closer to her.

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Yuffs *OPEN* [01 Aug 2003|05:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Boys & Girls (A Eurosenti Mix) by Ayu ]

Yuffs had herself perched up high in a tree, just kickin' it back and jivin' away to her Ayumi Hamasaki tunes she had in her cd player. She had a LONG DAY yesterday and was ALL TUCKERED OUT from it. But she DID have fun teasing Squally boy!!XD "What to do, what to do" She thought outloud to herself. "Hmmm. . . that dance thingy is tomorrow ain't it???" Cringing at the thought of it. "I'd rather NOT go to a boring place like that." She mentioned outlouud with an exhausted sigh. "But then. . . WHAT ELSE is there to do??? Not like there's much to do around here ANYWAYS." With another sigh, Yuffs pulled out her shurikens and began twirling them around on her fingers.

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Yuffs ATTN Tifa, Squally Boy & Zelly [29 Jul 2003|01:00am]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Vanilla by Gackt ]

Reaching into her back pocket, Yuffs pulled out a tiny tangerine and began peeling it since she hadn't eaten in awhile. She gave Cloud a wink and a nudge as he left the room which probably confused the hell outta the spikey headed guy.XD "So…Who’s he?" Tifa asks Yuffs, having her spin around to face the girl.

"This my dear, is Zell. Zell, this is Tifa." Yuffie said, introducing the two. "He knows Squally boy there, yup yup!" She chirped with a bounce. “Do you guys wanna come in and sit down?” Tifa offered to Yuffie and Zelly. "Why sure we would, thanks a lot Tifa!" Yuffs exclaimed, pushing Zell onto one of the chairs that was at one of the desks. "Eat your damn hot dogs then and DON'T talk to us ya moron!" Yuffs scolded with a slap at the back of his head. "He has a thing for hot dogs." Yuffie explained to Tifa with a laugh. “Is Squall always this friendly?” Tifa asked Yuffie with a laugh, which had Yuffie laugh too.

"Squally boy is hard to get along with at first." Yuffs began, flopping herself down on Squall's bed beside him. "But he's really a cute lil' teddy bear once ya get ta know him, right Squally boy???" She asked with a laugh. "Hey Squally boy! Did you know that Cloud went after Rinoa! Aren't you JEALOUS!!??" Yuffs asked, crawling on top of him and gasping down at him. Yuffs was known to be the type to put on a REAL SHOW when she wanted to. ^_~ "You two aren't gonna get into another FIGHT are ya!? Cuz even though it's pretty HOT to see two hot guys fight it out, it sucks to see two hot guys I LIKE try to kill each other, ya know???" Yuffs said casually to him.

"Sooooo. . . Tifa. . ." Yuffs said, hopping herself off Squally boy and sitting beside him on his bed again. "You like spikey head huh???" She asked referring to Cloudy boy naturally.=) "That's SO NOT FAIR that you didn't give me a chance to try and WOO him over to me." Yuffs said, popping a piece of tangerine into her mouth. "I mean, he's a freakin' hottie!" Yuffs exclaimed as though it were the most OBVIOUS thing in the ENTIRE world. "It's like Rinoa said, he can have ANY girl he wanted to have. . . he just doesn't think he can." Yuffs said with a nod as she continued eating her tangerine. "I mean, did you SEE him at the last dance!?!? GOOD GOD!! He was HOT!!" Yuffs said, almost having a heart attack. "That white shirt and black pants. . . Oh man, what I'd give to see him wear THAT again!!" Yuffs said with a wink and a laugh. "And he's NOT a bad dancer. Him and Rinoa were pretty damn good from what I saw. But that whole dance Rinoa had with Setzer was the one that everyone AWED over." Yuffs said, remembering that crazy night.

"Don't worry Squally boy, I love yah!" Yuffs assured him, petting his head for a second. She didn't want him to rip it off or anything now. o_O "So like. . . you and spikey head serious or somethin'???" Yuffs asked curiously, she was always full of questions even when she was DAMN TIRED.=)

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Yuffs ATTN Cloud, Tifa, Rinoa, Squally Boy & Zelly [24 Jul 2003|11:10pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | Vogue by Ayumi Hamasaki ]

"HEY!! I can't see DAMNIT!!" Yuffs whined hopping up and down to see what Rinoa and Squall were GAWKING at. Pushing past the two, she gawked at the sight she was seeing. "CLOUD!?!? AND TIFA!?!?!" Yuffs shrieked with a GIGANTIC smirk on her face. "OH MY GAWD!! Were you two like, gonna DO IT!?" She asked with her hand covering her mouth, giggling to herself. "Cloud!! I thought you loved me!!" Yuffs teased with a laugh. "Boy what timing we have huh guys???" Yuffs asked Squall, Rinoa and Zell, that smirk STILL on her face.=)

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Yuffs ATTN Rinoa, Squall & Zelly [24 Jul 2003|10:15pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | Rainbow by Ayumi Hamasaki ]

"MAJOR YAWN!! Anyone else about as tired as me!?" Yuffs asked as she bounced down the hallway with Zelly, Rinoa and Squally boy. They had been in the town for the whole gawd damn day it felt and the Yuffstere was TIRED OUT!! "Gawd damnit. I think I need to sleep for a few years before I'm as hyper as I usually am. There's no gawd damn way I'm going to that dance, my sleep's more important then anything." Yuffs growled with a yawn. "Squally boy!! We need ta drop your crap off at your room, cuz I ain't carryin' ANYMORE of it! Ya got that!?" Yuffs ordered holding up the bag of weapons Squall had gotten in the town.

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Yuffs ATTN Rinoa [08 Jul 2003|07:30pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Seki Ray by Gackt ]

"I have NO CLUE!!!" Yuffs spoke with a bored sigh. "This day takes too long, like Squally boy says!!" She laughed, nudging Rinoa in the gut. "I don't wanna go back to the skool, boring people live there. But. . . boring and annoying people live here too. No one wants to have any fun, they're all BLAH!!" Yuffs said with a thumbs down. "We should maybe check up on the boys and work on spikey head's invite!!" Yuffs announced.

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Yuffs ATTN Rinoa [08 Jul 2003|07:05pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | Boys & Girls by Ayumi Hamasaki ]

"EWW!! NEON PINK!! HOW GROSS!!" Yuffs spat out, compulsively shaking at the bright colour with a laugh. "So so!! We shall take the dark purple and white glitter!! Think that'll work Rinoa???" Yuffs asked, putting the items in the basket she had.

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Yuffs ATTN Rinoa [08 Jul 2003|06:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | M by Ayumi Hamasaki ]

"Hmm. . . I guess that's it. Like I said, I don't want no BORING or ANNOYING people with us. That's the LAST thing we need there, ya know???" Yuffs said cheerfully, heading up to the till to pay for her swimsuit. "Spikey head is DEFINITLY invited, and he can bring a date with him, that way it'll be an even number of us." Yuffs chirped. "HAH! That dance will probably be dull and boring without me and Zelly there to SPICE THINGS UP!!" Yuffs said proudly, knowing that her and Zelly were ALWAYS the life of the party. "You and me gotta make spikey head an invitation, how about we go to the craft store and pick up some stuff there??" She asked smiling to Rinoa.

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Yuffs ATTN Rinoa [08 Jul 2003|05:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Vanilla by Gackt ]

Yuffie pulled on the bikini top and checked herself out in the mirror. "OHHHH DAMN! This is lookin' GOOD!!" Yuffs exclaimed with a wink at herself in the mirror. "Yeah! Being with those weirdos ain't fun AT ALL!!" Yuffs shouted out, slipping back into her clothes. "But our party will ROCK DA HOUSE!!" She exclaimed with a cheerful expression. Yuffie came out of the changeroom with the bikini set smiling away like mad. "Well that is THAT!! I'm gettin' this FO' SURE!!" Yuffs said trying to sound 'gangsta'.XD "Hmm. . . . what to do now??? I dunno, we need something FUN to do!!" She said with a wink.

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Yuffs ATTN Rinoa [08 Jul 2003|05:00pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Girls, Be Ambitious by Miyavi ]

"Well good for you Rinoa baby! Your first time SHOULD be with the one you love!!" Yuffs exclaimed, rocking back and forth to the crazy music that was playing in the store. "Hum dee dum. . . which swimsuit do I want???" She asked herself as she held up a dark green one and a white one. "I like the two of them, they look cool. OH MY GAWD!! MIX AND MATCH!!" Yuffs spoke with excitement. "See Rinoa baby. I wear the white bikini bottom that ties up. . . and wear the dark green bikini top like so." Yuffs explained as she held the two up to her. She dragged Rinoa over to one of the changerooms and headed inside where she could try it on to see if it fitted her. "So how come ya don't wanna go to the dance Rinoa??? Normally you're excited about such things like that. I don't wanna go cuz sometimes you see those couples being all 'smoochie woochie' with each other and enough's to drive a girl INSANE!! It's disgusting!" Yuffs shouted as she slipped on the bikini bottoms.

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Yuffs ATTN Rinoa [08 Jul 2003|01:35am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Real Emotion by Koda Kumi ]

"Pish posh babe!! It'll be fun and that's ALL THAT MATTERS!!" Yuffs points out, wandering down the streets to find a swimsuit store. Spotting one, Yuffs squeals with excitement, pulling Rinoa over to the store. "Oooooo. . . they got the crazy stuff here man." Yuffs said, looking over the sexy swimwear on the display dummies. "Hey Rinoa look!!" Yuffs called out, as she held up a dark green bikini to her body. "It's GREEN!!" She squealed in happiness, bouncing up and down almost.

"Soooo. . . gonna get something SEXY to wear for your man?" Yuffs asked in a seductive whisper. "Zell. . ." Yuffs began with a shake of her head. "I think he'd find me SEXY if I wore hot dogs over on my swimsuit! Haha!" Yuffs laughed as she poked through the racks. "Hey! That's not a bad idea. . . FOREPLAY!!!" She shouted in the store, only to be given 'strange' looks by some of the older women. "OH YEA BABY!! I GOT THE SEX LIFE MOST GIRLS KILL FOR!!" Yuffs said proudly, a few woman looking shocked while Yuffs laughed. "I'm just kiddin' Rinoa, Zell's too clueless to know the meaning of sex I think." Yuffie explained, holding up a white bikini to her. "You and Squall done it?" She asked as if it were something natural to talk about with her.=)

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Yuffs ATTN Zelly, Rinoa & Squally Boy [08 Jul 2003|01:18am]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Jibun Kakumei by Miyavi ]

((Rinoa baby!! You're SOOOOOOO cool for liking Miyavi!!! He's a CUTIE!!XD))

"OH MY GAWD!!! A beach party!!?? That sounds SOOO cool Zelly!! You're a genius after all!!" Yuffs exclaimed, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugged him close to her on the side. "This'll be SO MUCH FUN!!! Rinoa, you and me do an invite for spikey head. OH MY GAWD!! If it's a beach party that means I need a new swimsuit!! Rinoa! Shopping! NOW!!" Yuffs exclaimed, grabbing her hand and darting for the door. "You boys can stay here unless you wanna come join us???" She asked with a devious smirk.

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Yuffs ATTN Squall, Rinoa & Zelly [08 Jul 2003|01:00am]
[ mood | enthralled ]
[ music | Fly Me To The Moon by Hikaru Utada ]

"YEAH!!! A PARTY!! Zelly you're SO SMART!!" Yuffs chirped, kissing the hot dog lover on his cheek quickly. "OH MY GAWD!! I feel like makin' invites now!!! Even though you guys already know about it, but STILL!!! WHEEE!!! This'll be SO MUCH FUN!!! And NO BORING PEOPLE ALLOWED!!" Yuffs threatened seriously. "Just us peeps, cuz we're the COOLEST in the ENTIRE SCHOOL!!" Yuffs exclaimed, booging down with Zelly. "So what shall we do at this 'PAR-TAY'???" Yuffs asked, already excited about just thinking about it.=)

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