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12th January 2005

4:26pm: no topic..
today we had a 90 minute delay. i did not want to get up this morning i was so content and warm and ahh it was beat. today was so rainy like out and it just sucks. i thought we were going out for my moms birthday today or else i probaly would have went out after school like to the condoes or chilled with ashia cause she said she had nothing to do today but of course i come home to nobody here. so i call frankie and hes like oh nobody told you were going sat night. okay i am not going on the weekend what the fuck.
why not like sunday night when my life is boring. i hate sundays. anyways so this days pretty beat. and my mom wont even take me to walmart to try to exchange that stupid game again. i could really use the 50 beans. oh yeah so when i got home i had to pee so bad and i had a nice suprise i think i like fuckin miscareged cause i dont know what was going on ... but anyways when i really need to talk to shawn hes not home. i think hes at work. ahh fuck i gotta go do something i dont know what..

i love you
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