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    Monday, December 13th, 2004
    5:26 pm
    Survey I found
    Muahaha, since im a newbie, I figured a survey would help someone get to know me and then who knows, I could find a guy who actually cares. Unlike the geek I have now... :(

    `whats n ur cd player: AFI
    `what color socks are u wearing: None
    `whats under ur bed: oh I dont want to know...
    `what time did you wake up today: 7:09 Am (after hitting the snooze button)

    `what is your career going to be: uh, teacher, I really dont know.
    `where are you going to live: probably NY, or Oklahoma
    `how many kids do you want: One
    `what kind of car will you drive: dunno

    `current hair: brown, shoulder lenghth
    `current clothes: long sleeve shirt, jeans, pink and red vans
    `current jewelry: saphire ring from my mum, best friends necklace with a Phillipian coin on it.
    `current annoyance: Guys
    `current smell: at the end of a long day
    `current longing: For my boyfriend to call and say he really likes me... (yeah like thats gonna happen)
    `current desktop picture: tulips (mum put it on)
    `current favorite music artist: AFI and linkin Park
    `current book: The Awakening
    `current worry: Guys
    `current hate: Guys
    `story behind your username: Nickname *shrug*
    `one person you wish was here right now: Brad
    `line from the last thing you wrote to someone: I hope you have a awesome Christmas!
    `i am happiest when: I feel like people are not watching or judging me.
    `i feel lonely when: Im about to go to sleep and a certain someone hasnt called...
    `do you think too much: sometimes. often i dont think enough
    `if you could live anywhere in the world, where: New York
    `famous person you have met: Does Dr. Snow count? everyone in band knows him, he yelled BE A DIVA about 600,000,000 times.
    `do you have any regrets: I dunno
    `sex or love: love but hopefully sex would be tied in there somewhere...
    `what makes you mad: liars and ppl who are self absorbed
    `favorite way to waste time: read, talk
    `are in currently in love/lust: yes, unfortunatly... *sigh*
    `whats the craziest thing you have ever done: nothing... Yet
    `any bad habits: Im way to blunt with people...
    `do you find it hard to trust people: yeah
    `last thing you bought yourself:A red Sweater for christmas parade...
    `bath or shower: shower
    `favorite season: Spring (without the water)
    `favorite color: Green
    `favorite time of day: Evening
    `gold or silver: silver
    `any secret crushes:is it a secret if he knows...

    `*yOur friiendsz*`.
    `do your friends know you: i think only very few really know me
    `what do they tend to be like: funny, goofy, stupid,
    `can you count on them: yes
    `can they count on you: most can

    `last movie you saw: Legally Blond
    `last song you heard: Where are you Christmas
    `last thing you had to drink:water
    `last thing you ate: pizza
    `last time you showered: yesterday
    `last time you smiled: earlier, but it was fake...
    `last time you laughed: today
    `last person you huqqed: Brad
    `last person you kissed: Brad
    `last person you talked to online:no one
    `last person you talked to on the phone: Kayla

    `*dO yOo*`
    `smoke: no
    `do druqs: no
    `drink: no
    `sleep with stuffed animals:no
    `have a dream that keeps cominq back: sometimes
    `play an instrument: yes
    `believe there is life on other planets: yes
    `read the newspaper: yes
    `have any gay or lesbian friends: yes
    `believe in miracles: yes
    `consider yourself tolerant: yes
    `consider police a friend or foe: depends
    `like the taste of alchohol:i dunno
    `have a favorite stooqe: no
    `believe in astrology: sometimes, coiencidences
    `believe in magic: why not?
    `pray: yes
    `go to church: yes
    `have any secrets: yes
    `have any pets: yes
    `go or plan to attened college: yes
    `talk to strangers: sure
    `have any piercings: ears
    `have any tattoos: not yet
    `hate yourself: sometimes
    `wish on stars: yes
    `like your handwriting:it changes so often but sometimes...
    `have a second family: yes
    `trust others easily: yes
    `sing in the shower: surely, but not very loudly