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    Monday, November 6th, 2006
    3:43 pm
    The Idea Girl
    Lying here thinking of some fun things to do.
    Thinking how easily I could set something up so i can fuck and or suck someone on call, mostly mornings when he is still in bed, or at his office whenever he feels like it, and when I can comply.

    Would they want to feel like the only one? would they get all into feelings and being human or can they just use me the way they need and i want?

    i was thinking of letting someone come over once a week, like sundays, or wednesday nights, and letting them unleash their pent up frustration and passion for sex, on me.

    I want guys who dont give a shit about money. Who can afford to indulge in first rate service.
    they can take me out to social gatherings, I'll pretend to be their g/f for them.

    they can take me on business trips with them and fuck me whenever they want, throughout.
    they can keep their wife in another room.
    wouldnt that be so perfect!

    I dont have time for feelings or complications. Just love to fuck and create fantasies, suck cock, and make a lot of money. Money and sex go together so well. makes it so naughty and hot!!!


    and keep my carreer and personal life completely separate.
    Just a little sneaky harmless fun that pays well.
    and well, it should.
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