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[26 Dec 2003|07:12pm]
i don't think that i'll be updating this that much, or at all because i made myself a livejournal. if anybody wants to continue reading me.
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lifejacket [23 Dec 2003|09:36am]
[ mood | discontent ]

since i got off the phone last night, i've felt horrible. but i think i deserve it. i do. i wish i could take back everything i said to you last night, because i made things into a huge deal and it shouldn't have been. i'm sorry. i love you.

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only one of my speakers is working! [21 Dec 2003|01:37pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | cursive - art is hard ]

today, today, today, i am wrapping presents! i am so excited to be doing this. but i don't know why, but i really am. but i am a little annoyed because my mom has been wrapping things for the entire day, leaving me with no wrapping paper to use because she has it all and i can't use it until she's done. i hope there's enough left by the time i get it.

yesterday me, mom, dad, ryan, and matt all went to someplace on hour away and ate an amish restaurant. it was good, but the highlight of the entire trip was matt getting upset because there were fake amish people there. and him falling in love with every fat man in the entire place.

then later that night we went to the fantasy of lights and we brought our dogs and i knew shoulnd't have, or at least harley because he threw up all over my mom and it smelled horrible. thank goodness we were like 2 seconds away from being home, but still. but the light thingy was really fun and next year i am bound and determind to go on a carriage ride. i wanted to go on one so badly this year, but no.

and then we came home and matt and i layed around and acted silly, which was wonderful.

and now my mom i think is done wrapping! i must go investigate. toodles.

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and it seemed that without warning, i fell in love with you again [18 Dec 2003|12:09pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | new found glory ]

matt + laura = forever and ever

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all my pictures of you [16 Dec 2003|07:31pm]
[ mood | touched ]
[ music | the cure - pictures of you ]

i'm listening to "pictures of you" by the cure and i am falling in love.

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i said are you gonna be my girl? [16 Dec 2003|07:04pm]
[ mood | productive ]
[ music | as i lay dying - 94 hours ]

finals, finals, finals, and i am so totally not stressed out. i have etymology and accounting tomorrow. and i am definitely gonna get a 100%, or close to it on my etymology. and i'm predicting a low A or high B for my accounting final. and then thursday i have english and computer apps. i'm semi worried about english, but not too much. more so about the essay more than anything, because we have to use lots of examples from The Crucible, and i hate using examples. and then friday all i have is sociology because i'm exempting precalc, and i exempted chemistry today. woot!

tomorrow i get to see Matt. and this is wondermous and i can't wait. i'm not sure why, but i really really want to sit on the floor in front of the couch and make out. :)

and let's see...friday my close friends and i are going to lunch and exchanging Christmas presents. and then for supper, me and Britty are going to Joey's birthday shindig and we're gonna go see Lord of the Rings. and of course Morgan will be there, hopefully there's no hanky panky going on in the dark theater. i will make sure of it.

and there you have my weekly plans. because i know that you're interested.

oh oh! gwenyth paltrow and chris martin (coldplay) got married AND they're having a baby!!!!! that is so great. i want to get married so badly :( someday...

p.s. i'm listening to as i lay dying, in preperation for my birthday. fucking amazing! i don't remember them being so good!

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i never felt so beautiful, baby as i do now [14 Dec 2003|11:38am]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | jessica simpson-with you ]

i had to leave matthew's 4 hours early yesterday because of the snow! i was a sad little girl.
me without him on a saturday night felt really really weird. and then i got sad because i was thinking about what it would be like if i was without him all the time, and then i had to stop thinking because i got too sad. :(
but ya, last night without him was weirdness and i didn't like it.

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oh no [11 Dec 2003|04:07pm]
[ mood | moody ]

i got my class ring today, and i can wear it now instead of having to wait until my birthday to get it. it's really pretty. i just can't decide what finger i want to wear it on...

a christmas present that i ordered for someone is on backorder, and it said that they usually restock backordered things within 2 weeks, but i'm hoping it's before 2 weeks because christmas is in 2 weeks and i would like to have it before and not after. but at least i know that they got my money. finally.

i saw this on someone's journal, and it's really really funny. go to and type in miserable failure and instead of pressing 'google search' click 'i'm feeling lucky.'

k, well i'm off now. toodles.

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don't know what to title this [07 Dec 2003|02:36pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i had an awesome of awesome weekend.

friday, went to 1123 with matt, and dennis, megan, and othes were there. and it was so much fun fun. and very wild. i think much the same was better this time. or at least i liked them more this time around. and the liberty kids were spiffy. citizen drake wasn't there, and that was sad.

saturday matt came to my house, but all we did was eat lunch because then we had to go to jasper and take his dog back. and we went to petsmart too. and meg got a pink harness and she looks beautiful in it. and then we got back to evansville at like 10 til 6. and my mom called and wanted to know where i was and if i was coming home and i said ya, but only to get my car because then matt and i were going to the rev, and then she was like "oh weill i have your car." and i'm like ohh...bummer. because my money was in my car and i wanted a redemption song hoody, and all i had was $4, so...matthew went to the bank and got money and he bought it for me. and i had no idea he was going to do that, so i was uber excited. and every band there was awesome. matt and dennis wouldn't leave the drummer of the fanged robot alone. poor puppy dog man. and then i forget who played. side walk slam, reaction, the redemption song. who am i missing? i don't know. but during the redemption song these girls in front of me got mad because TONS of people started dancing and so everyone stepped back, and they're like "::gasp:: oh my god! like, i am so totally scared and pissed! OH. MY. GOD. let's leave." so they left and i took there spot. and then megan came and got me and we went up closer and we sang and it was FUN. i didn't talk to my stalker man at the concession counter. thank god. but anyway. dear lord! i was forgetting Black Cross! ya, there were really good. anywho, matt drove me home and we took the long way and we say 2 deer. and that was really cool. and that night was really cool, and hopefully every show in the future will be how it was last night. because it was like the epitome of the perfect night with friends.

today i found THE book that i'm gonna get britty to finish her christmas, but i don't know if i want to go get it today or not. i might. i want someone to go with me. maybe i'll call someone. maybe i won't. maybe i won't even go at all. but i really really want to. we'll see. i'm gonna jet. toodles.

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[30 Nov 2003|02:02pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | rise against-heaven knows ]

You are a banana! Good job, captain obvious.

which rejected character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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[30 Nov 2003|10:40am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | the appleseed cast-forever longing the golden sunsets ]

i was gonna sit here and type about my weekend, but i can't remember everything at the moment.

thursday..thanksgiving, good food. good times. and ya. lacey gets to buy me a present at christmas, she always does anyway, but still. i was very excited because she always gets me awesome things.
friday, i stayed home and didn't do anything at all. i watched tv and took a bath while thinking about thursday night.
saturday i spent the entire day with matt. and that was a lotsa fun. we went to washington square mall and i found what i'm getting britty for christmas, but i don't have money, and i seriously think that i am going to have to take money outta my savings, but i don't know if my mom will let me. if i do, i will put whatever amount that i took out and put it back in after christmas time. so ya, maybe maybe. anyways, we went and saw Gothika. it was good, and scary, but good. and then we went on a drive and came home, and layed on the couch until i had to leave. and that was a really good day. and i love him so much. he makes me feel all giddy inside, and it's wonderful. ^_^
and today i'm sitting here, and i need to start on my chemistry project, because it was assigned, like 3 weeks ago, and it's due thursday, and i haven't started on it. oh well. i might today. byebye.

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[24 Nov 2003|04:17pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | robg812 IM ]

i just wrote a nice entry, and this site deleted it. poo. so i will type it again.

britt and jodi are back to their lil clicky thing they have going on.
and suprisingly it's not bothering me. larin and i are realizing that we need new friends.
and i am accepting the fact that she and i are drifting. and this time around it's sort of calming in a way.
today, i felt a huge detachment from everyone at school, and i liked it. i think i'm becoming a loner, or maybe more independent. i'm not really sure what i'm becoming, but i like it.

so they can just go and do all their movies and things with lil kids, because i'm not bothered one bit. for the first time, i realize that it's ok for people to drift apart, and i'm cool with this. for the first time ever. what's happening?

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this is the funniest fucking thing in the world [23 Nov 2003|01:18pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | arnold ]

Arnold's Pizza Shop (click!!)

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ya...i was really looking forward to seeing you tonight. [21 Nov 2003|04:44pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

but that's ok, i guess.

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i'll always be dreaming of you. [20 Nov 2003|05:25pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | blink 182-feeling this ]

i have to say, that yesterday was the best.
and my relationship with him is so absolutely amazing and wonderful.
and i am so in love, and i want the entire world to know who i love, because nothing is better than this.

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but you write such pretty words [16 Nov 2003|08:41pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | bright eyes-lover i don't have to love ]

I picked you out
Of a crowd and talked to you.
Said I liked your shoes,
You said, "Thanks, Can I follow you?"

So it's up the stairs,
And out of view. No prying eyes.
I poured some wine.
I asked your name;
You asked the time.

Now it's two o'clock.
The club is closed,
We are up the block.
Your hands are on me,
Pressing hard against your jeans,
Your tongue in my mouth,
Trying to keep the words from coming out,
You didn't care to know
Who else may have been you before.

I want a lover I don't have to love,
I want a girl who's too sad to give a fuck.
Where's the kid with the chemicals?
I thought he said to meet him here,
But I'm not sure.
I've got the money
If you've got the time.
He said, "It feels good."
I said "I'll give it a try."

Then my mind went dark,
We both forgot where your car was parked.
Let's just take the train.
I'll meet up with the band in the morning

Bad actors, with bad habits...
Some sad singers, they just play tragic.
And the phone is ringing,
And the van is leaving
Let's just keep touching,
Let's just keep...keep singing

I want a lover I don't have to love,
I want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk.
Where's the kid with the chemicals?
I got a hunger and I can't seem to get full.
I need some meaning I can memorize.
The kind I have always seems to slip my mind.

But you, but you...

You write such pretty words,
But life's no storybook.
Love's an excuse to get hurt.
And to hurt.
Do you like to hurt?
I do, I do.
Then hurt me,
Then hurt me,
Then hurt me...

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wooh! [16 Nov 2003|10:30am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | anadivine-cross your heart ]

weekend recap time!

friday night went to the show at the rev. and right now i'm drawing a blank....contra was good, and...boywunder! they were a lot better live, so i liked them a lot. and ya.

saturday went to Matt's house. and we rented the South Park movie, and it was wonderful. and we watched Finding Nemo and i love that movie tons. and we went to 1123. and saw dead perception of beauty, dirt harbor,
SYMPHONY IN PERIL, and living for death. and they were all fucking amazing. and, i got to see megan! and that was awesome because i love her. and katie, megan and i went on a taco run and that was really fun too. and matt, dennis, and i had to go back to matt's house because he locked his keys in his car. i think that's like the 4th time he's done that. and then after the show matt and i went to arby's and ate food. and there were some creepy guys in there asking me what the time was.

and today i'm leaving here in a lil bit to go see Elf with my mommy and i think my brother, and maybe my daddy. so that should be fun.

oh, and we went to the mall and barnes and noble and i got my mom and my brother's christmas present. so they're done. but i have to get my dad's, britt's, larin's, and maybe morgans...and matt's but i already know what i'm getting him so i don't have to worry about that. and i think i know what i'm getting larin too. maybe me and britt can go half and half on it. alrighty, i'm out. byebye.

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place your hand in mine, i'll leave when i wanna [13 Nov 2003|05:43pm]
[ mood | cold ]

november 18th.

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its 8 in the morning! [11 Nov 2003|08:17am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

and i am awake! i should not be awake yet! my gosh!
no school today...which sucks in a way because i'm pretty sure that i'll be home all day because i have no one to hang out with. :(
brittney is spending the day with her grandma, mom, and babysitting her cousin and they're going ring shopping.
matthew had dennis stay the night, so i can't go to his house either.
and larin i just don't want to talk to today because i'm not in the mood to listen to all her stories about band. so.
so i'm fucked into staying home all day. happy happy joy joy.

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the present's just a pleasant interruption to the past [09 Nov 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | something corporate-konstantine ]

:sigh: konstantine is one of the most beautiful songs ever ever ever!
it's 6:50 and i have nothing to do at all.
i think i'm gonna go watch a movie here in a second.
and i think i'm going to watch Robin Hood because i haven't seen that in a very long time.

my butt cheeks hurt really really bad. last week it was the left one, but now it's both of them.
i think i am convinced that someone comes in my room in the middle of the night and plays with my butt.
there is no other explanation.

ok, well i'm out. byebye.

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