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Friends and Fiends..... [11 Jun 2003|03:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I've decided to make this journal friends only. It's not like anyone else looks at this anyway, besides the people on my friends list. If you're not on the list then leave a comment to be added.
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Update Needed [11 Jun 2003|01:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | B2K Bump Bump Bump ]

I haven't updated since I got this cool new layout. Thanks again umaretsuko I love it! It's perfect! Please excuse me everyon I am sipping Vanilla Coke through a sour straw.......sugary goodness!

Lets see I'm out of it because I was partying till like midnight then cleaning up after the party. Rama's suprise party. I had to help crazedpixies all night because the lacrosse team perverty wouldn't leave her alone. Poor girl. Anyway we had fun though it took a lot of work trying to keep it a secret. I'm not too good with secrets. *slaps hand* Bad Vitani Bad!

Anyway I'm still tired hence the caffinee and sugar. Just finsihed watching the taped episode of Inuyasha. I have to give it Mariana next. That's the only reason she didn't leave me to clean up by myself. I said I would tape it for her. She's not going to be's got Kikyou in it. She hates Kikyou. Don't get her started it's scary.

New episode of Yu-Gi-Oh this weekend. 11:00 it's about stinking time Kids WB! I got this information from Though it doesn't matter I got so bored and read spoilers. *slaps hand* Bad Vitani! Bad!

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I'm a Horrible Idea Theif! [07 Jun 2003|11:00pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I think I'm going to steal this idea from mad_mag_junkie and write a little something nice to all my friends since I've just got some new ones!

bleeding_wings: Hello X-men junkie! I haven't really talked to you much...I probably should you seem pretty cool! Plus I love your icons! I think you're in the Yu-Gi-Oh RPG with me. *shrugs* I could be wrong. If I am I know someone here is going to make fun of me. *cough* Rama *cough*

darknite: Wah! You're gone for the time being. That makes me sad hope you get a quick chance to update so I can see what you've been up to!

deadly_kitsune: You we're the first person to add me on animeaddme *hugs* THANK YOU! Hope you can get that puppy you wanted...I would give you mine but she's kind of a bitch....really!

final_dream: You we're super cool and invited me into your Yu-Gi-Oh RPG and then added me to your friends. You haven't updated since then *cries* Where are you?

fourteen: Hey your icon is also pretty spiffy. Seeing as we just recently added each other I haven't really gotten to know you....I hope to change that.

humblewarrior: Sit! Sit! Sit! Wow man I love your slideshow thing on your recent update..better go comment on that soon. Hmmm the only other thing I'm going to say to you is no more Pikachu bombs okay?

kameikari: I haven't really talked to you yet. How rude of me! You seem pretty cool though so I plan to correct that and get to know you better.

mad_mag_junkie: Hello fellow superhero! You're right we do have a lot of the same anime tastes. Hope you had fun at that party thing that I wished I could go to. ^_^ But I'm not bitter!

magiciangirl: 0.o My first friend on Blurty. *hugs* My fellow Tea-hating, Yami-loving, Rama-abusing, buddy. I'm at a loss for further words *pushes her along urging her to go to Rama's post* Oh and just so you know it's your friends fault I started watching Inuyasha...I kept reading their comments and got curious. ^_^ You may thank them for me!

momo You're another recently added that I don't know much about *cries* I honestly need to go find more out about my friends. You were on some of my other friends list so that makes you cool, you added me back which makes you cooler! Also you have kick butt icons...I say that a lot don't I?

munashiimeisei: You're recent LJ cut text thing made me giggle and you've brought some more quizzes to my attention as you will soon find out I'm a quiz whore!

necissary_chaos: Wow I remember adding and responding to you comments because I thought your Yami icon was cool...remember you saying you wished it could sparkle. Haven't talked to you in awhile either...I'm such a horrible person *sobs*

pharoah: I miss you too! You're gone for the time being that makes me sad...though you did update a couple days ago but you said you didn't have much time. *cries* I miss you!

rantingreeree: You meet me in the crazy high school you think I'm a huge psycho now....>.<;; Just so you know I wake up every morning to Dora the Explorer..just thought I'd share

selestialdemon I know I talk to you on-line all the time but you never update...*Cries* I prettified your journal and everything. I still think you rock though and feel free to go meet some of my blurty friends...they don't you guys?

star_kitten: My fellow claiming junkie! Except your a bigger claiming junkie then me. *bows to your greatness* You comment a lot! I like that!

umaretsuko: You offered to help me out with my layout! Wow you rock! I need to start talking to you more often!

xx_serenity_xx You're a quiz junkie aren't you? I also notice you tend to not be able to fall asleep! You sound just like me! So I need to start talking to you more often too. *hugs* Wow I need to start talking to a lot of people more often..

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*Sigh* [07 Jun 2003|10:50pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | The Remedy-Jason Mraz ]

It's been raning all day...which I don't mind because I kind of like the rain....*shrugs* Much to the dismay of my parents I've spent most of the day on-line. My mom kept [keeps] wandering into my room and stands over my shoulder to see what I'm doing. *rolls eyes* Leave me alone darn it!

I must find something to keep my occupied...*looks around the room* My rooms messy my mom probably wants me to clean it. Oooo and my fan/light source is missing 2 out of it's 3 bulbs so my room is really dim. I kind of like it.

Finished reading Inuyasha episode summaries so I can catch up to where Adult Swim is in the series. Episode 20ish I think. Let's see 10:54 now....nothing to do nothing to do....where is everyone?! Wow this is turning out to be a pointless journal entry...why am I even writting anymore?

Hmm lets see I probably should go wander off and find a good picture for me to post here. *dully* Yes because you're all dying to see what I look like. I guess it's something to do. . . I know where the scanner is at least...just need to find a good picture...Yes only the best for my Blurty buddies!

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Wants a Layout! BADLY [06 Jun 2003|11:47pm]
I need to find someone who can help me make a layout! 0.0 Anybody? I have no talent of my own to do so. *cries* Alright I'll stop being a baby, but if you think you can possibly help me out. Comment! Thanks a bunches!
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Survey [06 Jun 2003|09:40pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I got bored and took this pointless survey feel free to waste time and read it...

In Case Of An Emergency Break Glass )

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Sit Boy! Mwahahaha! [06 Jun 2003|04:08pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Jason Mraz ~ The Remedy ]

Oooo I love you Mariana! I love you! You rock my socks! Go get yourself a blurty journal! (Free User journal kind of suck though) He's going to be brusing later I swear! I don't think he likes this game anymore....*blinks at her other friends* Yeah I lost you didn't I?

Mariana is a huge Inuyasha fan so since we taught her Yu-Gi-Oh she decided to reward me by teaching me how to "sit" Rama [Joey, humblewarrior, he has too many damn names] Yes we've been sitting Joey all day today. I don't know why he hits the dirt when we do it...OH YEAH I KNOW WHY....cause if he doesn't Mariana pops him with a rubber band!

Mariana: SIT!
Joey: Hell No
Mariana: *hits him with a rubber band* SIT!
Joey: DAMN IT! *hits the dirt* Owww
Vitani: *spliting her sides with laughter*

He'll get us back someday we know that...*sigh* but oh well.....I can't help "sitting" him everytime he ticks me off and sometimes I just do it because....just because. >.

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Picture Search [06 Jun 2003|11:07am]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | Lillix-It's About Time ]

I'm going through some old boxes trying to find a good picture of myself so I can post it here for you guys to see. I can't seem to find one I lke! *cries* I'm feeling so vain right now. *cries more* Maybe I shouldn't be looking through the colleciton my mom has of me. *runs into her own closet* Okay I think I found one...NOW WHERE THE HELL IS THE SCANNER!?!?! 0_o

Alright yeah pointless post....but if I find the scanner I'll post my picture....that's you're cue to start praying I don't find the scanner....

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0.o *drool* Boredom [04 Jun 2003|11:59am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Kelly Clarkson- Miss. Independent ]

I'm updating out of sure boredom. My sister is downstairs cleaning. I know she's trying to show me up so when our parents get home she can be like I did this all myself. I foiled her plan though. I asked her if she wanted help. She said no just go upstairs and go on-line or something. See I asked! So now she can't act like I made her do it all herself. I asked her if she wanted help! So my parents cannot get mad at me! I asked! I asked damnit!

I made new friends a animeaddme *waves to her new friends* People added me! I wasn't sure how that would work out. I guess I could at least clean my room couldn't I?

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I Wanna Be A Super Heroine [03 Jun 2003|10:53pm]
I just finished watching Spiderman for the first I think I want to be a super heroine. I've got no other future planned for myself as of right now. So why not? I'll give myself superpowers and make a costume and do all the crazy stuff. *sheepish girn* Ehhh I can dream right? WRITE! That's it I'll just a story about superheros. My parents think I've lost's taken them this long to catch on!?
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DDR in 5 Time for A Quiz [02 Jun 2003|12:39pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Rama will be here in five minutes to take me and my sister to the arcade to play DDR and then get pizza. So am I just going to sit on the couch and wait for him to come? No I'm to spaztic to be able to sit still. (Wait I'm sitting now) So I took a quiz. (The addiction has returned?!)

You're the cheerful smile,the one that's truly
happy with almost everything you do and would
never cahnge your life.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yup I guess that about suits me. ^_^ See you all later. Got to get embaressed!
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The Brownies Won't Be Done For 20 Minutes [01 Jun 2003|09:46pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

...and no one is on the why not give you guys an update? I'm curious to find out if there is any way you can change your user name. Not that I want to I just want to know then some of you free account people can have one of my 10 old high school RPG journals..Oh yes there is a lot of them. If you can't then who really wants them they're name names nothing special. *sigh*

I just finished watching 'Mr. Deeds' and we have Spiderman rented for tomorrow. My mom thinks just because she has to go to work she has to keep us entertained all the time. I'm not a big sit still on the couch and watch a movie kind of girl. I like going to the movie theater though...hurray for over priced popcorn!

I'd also like to thank Magiciangirl for my three new icons which are so very cool!

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*Strangles Kids WB* [01 Jun 2003|11:38am]
[ mood | angry ]

*screams* I hate them! I hate them! I hate them! *fumes* They still haven't shown anything past the tag team duels!! *cries* I know people who live in Canada who have gotten way past there. I've looked the T.V. Guide site to see if they'll be playing new episodes next week or the week after. Next week it says it's Yugi vs. Pegasus *screams somemore* Then the next week it doesn't say anything it just gives a blurb about what the series is about! So I'm hopeful for the 14th now. Sheesh I've seen some of these episodes so many times I could recite lines!!

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Summer Job Fun [31 May 2003|04:47pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Evanesence Bring Me To Life ]

Well my mom is making me get a summer job, she tried to make me get one last year but no one was hiring. I lucked out though this time. You see the store I shop in had a bunch of Senior girls from my school working at it. They all quit so they could go away to college and now they're hiring. My application looks so blank though since I haven't had any other jobs. Well you got to start somewhere. I don't really want a job though sure it means money but it also means I have to go to work. What good is money if you don't have time to spend it?

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FREEDOM!! [30 May 2003|02:35pm]
Exams are over and no school till August! *sigh* I can't beleive I've finished another year it went by so fast. (Thank God) I don't feel like it should be over already though. For some reason I think I have homework I need to do or school on Monday. Maybe I'm just wait I know I'm just odd nevermind.

So I took my last two exams today. Environmental Science and History. I hate history so I'm happy it was a state exam. Which means it was dumbed down a lot. Unlike my teachers mid-term which I hated. Earth Science she let us use our books (YAY) and then we played cards. I stink at hearts. Honestly I do.
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New Mission! [29 May 2003|10:42am]
Destroy my acting teacher...alright no I can't do that with only ONE day of school left but it's nice coming up with it in my head. *cries* She's an evil ankless bitch! It's true she has no ankles! She got pissed at me and gave me a lecture because I didn't dress right for my monologue performance. I think what I was wearing was fine!

I wasn't aware that it was still winter!! She told us to wear something you'd wear to preform a monlogue for a audition. *blinks* Oo-kay I've never auditioned before how the HELL should I know what that is. Then she said wear something nice. ^_^ Oh okay that makes sense!

So I show up in this I Feel Pretty )

She glares at me and says "You'd wear that to an interview?" I'm speechless...GAH do I look a hooker..umm no I don't. Turns out she wanted black pants and a shirt. I have black pants but I packed them up and put them in the attic once SPRING started and we started getting weather and the 80's and high 70's GRRRRR.....
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Update Over due [28 May 2003|05:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | This is the Night~Clay Aiken ]

Alright so I've probably been lurking around the RPG I joined too much but don't worry I'm still in touch with real life. About as in touch with it as I was before. XP Exams exams do I hate exams! Hmmm I had to take my English Final today in which we wrote three essays! Help me I lost the feelings to my hands. I can barley type now. PAIN! PAIN! PAIN!! Gah....*falls over*

Magiciangirl~ I keep missing you on the RP you keep trying to talk to me and I'm never there. Must be those nasty timezones....hmm well don't worry after this week I won't have to go to bed at a "reasonable time" anymore...what time zone are you in anyway? Me I'm in EST. You do know whose playing Joey right? (No not me...)

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Pity On You [26 May 2003|05:34pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I think people like ticking me off today I'm sitting at my computer on-line poking around an RPG and my sister plops on my bed. This just starts to annoy me. I don't want her in my room it bothers me. She justs sits there on my bed like she wants something...I want her to go away. So she starts digging through my drawers and pulling out old journals and starts reading them. *rolls eyes* So I get up grab them from her and walk back over to my computer. She then proclaims she wants to find the one with all my rants and "mean stuff" so she's digging under drawers under furniture. Finding other notebooks but not the one she is looking for. So I finally jump up and smack her with one of the notebooks and tell her to get lost. My mom comes in and tells me I need to control myself. All the while I'm thinking... Stupid sister my journal is on-line now and the ranty one is behind my bookshelf

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The Great Evil Has Awoken [23 May 2003|11:24pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | Solitare-Clay Aiken ]

I am never letting Rama sit around next to my nightstand and not tell me what he's doing. Today he managed to get the batteries into the greatest evil know to man...Furby. I'm sitting here typing at my computer and the next thing I hear is "Me lava Tomo." Umm did that thing just speak wait I think that's Furbish. How the hell do I know the name of that insane language?

Well Rama was pissed because the stupid thing kept saying "Me sleep again" How boring isn't it suppossed to play with you when you turn in on. Not go to sleep. What I don't get is how is it when I got it and wanted the stupid thing to go to sleep it kept singing and talking and now when we want it to talk it goes to sleep. Stupid FURBY.

I have removed the batteries and put them in something more useful like my CD player.

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Quizzes I Missed Ye So... [23 May 2003|06:41pm]
[ mood | awake ]

First off I have something for you MagicianGirl It's a picture. Don't know if you've seen it or not I found it on-line. Whoever drew it rocks more then a carton of Cookie Dough Icecream.

0.o All the pretty colors. *drool*

Well anyway I noticed I haven't had a quiz fix in the longest time so here you guys go....I got in touch with my quiz self today. They're not OH MY GOODNESS COOL quizzes but they suficed for now.

Quiz Me!! )

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