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Fyrithgwen's Journal

8th June, 2003. 12:00 pm. hmm.....

i think im gonna ralph. Not feeling so good....I have to clean 2day, so i should get my ass offf the computer soon. I guess this is what I get from staying up till 4:00 in the morning watching family guy. U know whats wierd? I got off the bus friday, and this wierd guy stuck his arm out the window and stared at me and pointed at me, tilll the bus turned the corner. It kinda creeped me out. I dont even know him. It gave me the wierdest he knew something i didn't....its kinda confusing. Lol, i wonder if anyone ever reads this. Probly not. Im so pissed off, my dumbass parents wont let me take the college classes i wanted to take over the summer. Its just gonna be another long boring summer, with me sitting staring at cracks in the wall... ok, maybe not that boring. Ill play guitar and hang out at friends houses. Except most of my friends are rather boring people who really cant realte to my wierd self, and ways of thinking...i try not to confuse them too much by trying to explain myself anymore. Well, megans kool though, ill go hang out with her. I wish me and sean were closer, hes a lot more interesting than most of my freinds. Gtg clean now, and maybe ralph, lol.

Current mood: sick.

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