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    Thursday, November 4th, 2004
    8:40 pm
    I feel a little bit better now
    i got to talk to kitty for the first time in months and we argued a lot and stuff.oh well now i am relaxed and i'm typing slow cause i'm calm so yeah.If any of my friends need help with any type of problem i'll be glad to help them.i don't feel like typing right now so i'm just taking my time.if only someone could understand how i feel then maybe i would be soo happy.i'm going to leave my past behind and pretend i never knew andy so that way i can get back to my old stuff like trying to fulfill my cousins dream of marial arts.i'll start off from my 3week training of jeet kune do.that's where i last left off and that is where i will continue and nobody is going to stop me.I've already started since a week ago.well things have been getting messed up for me so i will just stay and deal with them the only way i was taght by not being a coward like some people.well g2g.

    Current Mood: a little mad
    Current Music: HIM
    Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
    9:02 am
    Hi again
    I just wanted to say hi well now bye sorry I haven't had much time lately to type cause I'm in class well I love all of you. :)
    Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
    8:57 am
    Saying Hi because I'm new to this
    Hi everybody I only wanted to say that for right now because I need to say HI.Bye to all my friends I love all of you   About