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    Sunday, May 4th, 2003
    12:25 pm
    blah on sundays and going back on mondays
    last night was my confirmation. I got in the shower and took like the longest one :P I got out at 4 and got ready. Jenna and i left around 4:40 and got to the church and just sat in our place. It didn't hit me after like 3 months how big this was until i was inline and waiting for the bishop to bless me. This year I've become really interested in my faith and confirmation is a big thing. All those classes weren't to just hang out with Glini (and sneak some looks at joey :P) it was a big deal and i'm glad I did it and I hope i become more involved at school with all of this stuff.

    Afterwards we went out to eat and I was so0o stuffed but it was a good time and I got 150$ and a ring (thats coming in in 2 weeks). I don't care about the gifts - i`m just happy i got to spend the night with my family and had a good time.

    I went to bed last night at around 11-ish? afer reading the Hobbit which i enjoy. and I woke up today at like 10 and just got online.

    I talked to Aimee today. Weve def. grown apart and ive noticed it but havent done anything about it. everyonce and awhile our paths cross but we dont talk as much as we used to and were def. not as close. She was cool but ever since she started hangin arund vicki she just changed on me. I still <3 her though and she's always there to listen if i want to rant about anything and today it was about bryan.

    I have practice today at 3. I usually dont want to go but once I get there I have a good time. I don't want to go now but I know I'll end up having fun and I need practice because tomo. I have a game for SMHS. fun times :D

    I wrote and e-mail to Alexis telling her that i fell weve grown apart or w/e but she didnt write anything back. I guess she doesnt care. It sucks that I'm losing my bestfriend but if she doesnt want to try and make this work then it's her own fucking problem and I shouldnt be waiting around for her.

    I finished most of my homework. Ms Culnane and her stupid major hw's blow and i hate them. I have like 389697 blanks that I gotta get from ppl tomo. durin school. Everyone always does that.

    i`m going on my diet tomo. My strict diet that i can't break or else i will be fat forever. i wish i was skinny :\ skinny people have it easy

    Saturday, May 3rd, 2003
    12:16 pm
    holla holla
    wow - i totally suck at this journal thing. But it doesnt matter because no one reads this so it's all good in the hood like it should ... be :P

    I guess I'll just update you on last week:

    school was good - it went by really fast and Thursday was awesome because we had our freshman retreat. I had a good time just hangin out with a bunch of different people. They had speakers there from the Senior prayer group and 3 ppl had really powerful things to say. Like one wrote a letter to a teacher who passed away and that got to me even though I didnt have Mr. Renyolds. Then one was taking about how he had depression and wanted to kill himself but found God in his best friends and one girl wrote a story about her and her sister and that made me cry because it got me thinkin about nikki and i. It was a good day and im glad i was able to go :)

    yesterday seemed to creep by because it was friday. I dont know why but all my classes seemed to go by so0o0 slow :\ but it was all good afterwards because our game was at 3:45 :) it was a good game - we won 20 to 10 and i got 3 nice hits which coach was proud of (i hope) and then i had a middleotwn game which we lost but its all good. I love playing softball and each time i play i dont want to stop x] :P

    I had to wake up this morning early so I could go get pics for mtown softball. Only 7 people showed up. that was kinda not cool because if youre gonna be on the team then showup for little thins like this. its not that hard. Then i came home and got online and talked to bryan. yesterday at our game he came over and talked to everyone except me and he does that all the time and it hurts so i asked him about it. He didnt answer my question but it's w/e. i'm tired of his bullshit and im through with him. Im moving on

    I see joey tonight. I saw him thursday at confirmation practice and he is so cute and the way he smiles at me makes me wonder whats wrong with me and why he doesnt want to be with me. This will be the last time I see him since confirmation is over and it kinda sucks. Im gonna miss him :\ :P

    im so fat. I need to stick with my diet but i dont. and im fat and im not gonna look good for the beach and its gonna suck because i want to look good and theres only (less) a month left until beach weather and i just want to look good this year :\ blah. I need a therapist or somehting because i am too obsessed with how i look and my weight and stuff. but w/e

    i have to go clean my room before my dad yells at me :\
    Monday, April 28th, 2003
    6:14 pm
    this is a journal fO` me
    yeah my other journal (live journal) was read by a couple of my friends and i just wanted a journal that I could write in without worrying about my friends gettin mad at me or whatever. so I guess ill just talk to myself. well u know what i mean.

    First day back to school today >> sucked ass like a mOfO. I mean it wasn't too bad but who has an awesome day after 10 days off ? yeah not me. So I just had an eh kinda day.

    I saw Bryan. I want him to be mine,. That might sound "omg stalkerish" but it's not like that at all. He's perfect for me. I guess lol but he doesn't feel me that way I guess and I hate it because I like him ALOT :\ but w/e...

    We had our first highschool game today since -- God knows when and we lost. 21-3. blah. big time loss but it's w/e. I think I did OK considering I barely play since he made the freakin team too b!g uggh but w/e.

    I wanna lose wieght. I feel totally fat and I hate it. I want to look good this summer but it's not working :\ I`m so insecure and it sucks.

    iight i`m done