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    Thursday, January 1st, 2004
    3:42 pm
    All today has been is The Rose Parade like 1000 times, football games and the Queer Eye For the Straight Guy marathon. Sounds exciting huh? Well It's not. I'm not quite sure why we have friends...I mean...they get mad at you then don't talk to you and it feels like they hate your guts and that they will always feel like that. It seems like it would almost be better for all of us if we were lonely people. I don't know..thats how I think. Oh well. Well my New Year is being SUPER DUPER boring so I'm gonna go wander and see if I can find anything FUN to do!!!! TOODLES!

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Widelife- All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)

    (Love Pierre)

    12:06 am
    WOW...Tonite has been the most lame NEW YEAR's of my life!!! Next year I'm doin something FUN!!!

    Current Mood: awake
    Current Music: Jessica Simpson- With You

    (Love Pierre)

    Wednesday, December 31st, 2003
    7:15 pm
    Well what do ya know? Another New Year's and I'm spending it at home with my parents. WOW I really need a life. It's just sad. I'm sure everyone is spending their New Year's with someone speical or doing something incredibly fun and I get to sit at home, watch a movie and then watch Dick Clark on TV. Oh Boy! At least the movie I'm gonna watch has ORLANDO BLOOM and JOHNNY DEPP in it. If only I had gotten to Sav-On guy first....oh well. Next time. Well I guess I'd better go downstairs so I can watch PIRATES with my parents. TOODLES!!!!


    Current Mood: disappointed
    Current Music: Matchbook Romance- The Greatest Fall Of All Time

    (Love Pierre)

    Tuesday, December 30th, 2003
    7:43 pm
    THE GUY AT SAV-ON........
    SMOKES!!! BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!!! HMMM...let's see...I didn't really wake up until like 11...WOW!! SCARY! UMM..then my mom was gone to go get David. Who's FINALLY home from the hospital. He has 3 oxygen tanks. One HUGE one in his room and the other two are the portable ones. It's crazy stuff. And he has to get 3 breathing treatments a day and all this fun stuff. So my mom has her hands full. Oh well...I get to help her. So that guy....we left Sav-On once today and he was outside having a smoke and he was practially drooling as i was getting in the car. And then he was there tonite when we went back and he kept looking at me. It's liike...just talk to me..or take a FREAKIN PICTURE!! oh well...he's really hott. hmmm well my brother is here so i gotta run! TOODLES!!!

    Current Mood: lonely
    Current Music: AFI- Silver And Cold

    (Love Pierre)

    Monday, December 29th, 2003
    6:59 pm
    Well tonite should be David's last nite in the hospital. FINALLY! So today they brought over the oxygen tank and we learned how to use it. And tomorrow when we bring him home, they will show us how to use the portable one. OH BOY!!!! I was I was older cause......there was this hott guy at Sav-On and he kept looking at me and smiling. It was crazy. And I'm sure he's at least 20. And I wish I was older!! AHHHHHHH I hate being young!!!! Why can't the people my age like me? Or at least a couple of years older than me. I either get the 1000 year old Mexicans or I get the young 12 year olds. Or the 20 year olds. IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! HMMMM....maybe one day I'll be pretty and get a boyfriend. I still have no clue on what to do for new years. I could use some ideas!!!! Well I'm gonna go back to my lame tv.

    Current Mood: devious
    Current Music: The Bouncing Souls- Manthem.....BEST SONG!!!

    (Love Pierre)

    Sunday, December 28th, 2003
    3:06 pm
    Well...last nite while I was charging my phone...someone called me. BUT they didn't leave a name or number and they were acting weird and said UM like 100000 times. SOOOO....it's been DRIVING me crazy!!!!! AHHHH. And of course they told me to call them back...but of course I CAN'T because they didn't leave a name or number. I'm so sad....my friend REBECCA left for New York today. That's the last that I will see her for like FOREVER. hmmmmmmm.......today has been quite boring. There's nothing to do. My mom went to the hospital and who knows when she'll be back. We'll i guess i better get back to my laundry! oh boy!!!! TOODLES

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Smile Empty Soul- With This Knife

    (Love Pierre)

    Saturday, December 27th, 2003
    8:21 pm
    Well today my sister and and nephews came over for CHRISTMAS. They were sick CHRISTMAS DAY, so they came today. It was fun. Oh man...I need to go shopping. I barely got anything I wanted so....I need to go buy all the crap I wanted. DAVID is still in the hospital. They just can't seem to get him off his oxygen. I guess we'll see what happens next week. But he needs to come home cause it's so sad to see him there...and I'm REALLY tired of having to go out there and see him. Even though I don't go out there everyday like my mom. OOOOO...I TALKED TO MICHAEL today. I am such a lucky duck. lol. HMMMM....I need to do something for New Year's Eve...so if you have an idea...TELL ME!! TOODLES!!!!

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Three Days Grace- Just Like You

    (Love Pierre)

    Friday, December 26th, 2003
    4:36 pm
    Today we went to visit ANNA. It was fun...sad because MICHAEL wasn't there. Oh well. Another time then. Ummm...then we went to the mall so I could exhange my PINK converse. Which rule by the way. So now I'm wearing them!! YAY! for me!!!! Tomorrow my family is coming over again because my sister couldn't make it on CHRISTMAS. So we're having another one tomorrow. yay!!!! Well...DAVID is still in the hospital. They can't get him off the oxygen even though he's barely on any. And then my mom fed him, but he threw up everywhere and that's bad because they don't understand why he would do that. Because he has no symptons of the flu or anything. So it's weird. Hopefully sometime next week he can come home. Well..my head is killing me so I'm gonna go lay down.


    Current Mood: worried
    Current Music: Britney Spears- Toxic

    (Love Pierre)

    Thursday, December 25th, 2003
    4:17 pm
    I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! Well.....David couldn't come home today because he's still not breathing well without his oxygen. So HOPEFULLY tomorrow. I guess we'll see. My sister couldn't come today because she and my youngest nephew are sick. So hopefully this weekend they can come down to exchange gifts. I got some great gifts. the best gift over all would have to be my CELL PHONE!!! It's HUGE and so that makes it ugly...but you know what? I FINALLY HAVE A CELL PHONE!! I also got a bunch of clothes, two purses, THE BEST MOVIE EVER and PINK CONVERSE!!! But they are to big so I have to find the receipt from my brother and sister in law and then I have to go get new ones tomorrow. But they are the coolest shoes ever. I can't wait to wear them!!! Soon it will be time for dinner and then dessert and then more exciting CHRISTMAS times!!!!! YAY!!!!

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Current Music: Lost Prophets- Last Train Home

    (Love Pierre)

    Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
    6:04 pm
    CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THAT MEANS ONE MORE DAY UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! YAY!!! Well today has been pretty busy. I cleaned house, shopped and did some more cleaning! FUN STUFF! I just love preparing for Christmas! Ok so I didn't go to ANNA'S today. I think we're going on FRIDAY. ALSO, we DIDN'T get David. He's still at the hospital. They called my mom's cell phone and said that he still can't breathe without the oxygen. So my mom will most likely go out there tomorrow. Hopefully she won't...since it being CHRISTMAS and all. I'm bummed cause my brother Jeff and my sister in law, Angela, can't come for Christmas tomorrow. SO they dropped off their gifts and said they would exhange the rest of the gifts possibly Friday or something. I NEED TO SEE LORD OF THE RINGS!!! IT'S KILLING ME!!!! Well..gotta start dinner cause my parents will be home soon. TOODLES


    Current Music: Linkin Park- NUMB(BEST SONG EVER!!!)

    (Love Pierre)

    Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
    7:08 pm
    Ok so two more days till Christmas!! YAY!!! I'm excited! Well I went to vist David at the hospital today. His parents were there so my mom was talking to them for a while. Tonite he will be moved to a regualr room. Hopefully they will take him off oxygen and then he will be able to be home for Christmas. tomorrow i get to see ANNA!!! and maybe MICHAEL will be there. WAHOO!!!! That would be cool. I guess we'll see. HMMM...I've been sorta depressed lately. I just get so upset when Christine is mad at me. But oh well...i guess i'll just have to wait and see what happens. Well...gotta go finish cleaning house. TOODLES!!

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: Maroon 5- Harder To Breathe

    (Love Pierre)

    Monday, December 22nd, 2003
    9:08 pm
    Again...another break is ruined. Well not ruined, but things are deffiantly not going the way I want them too. David's in the hospital. He had his surgery today. It was changed to be tomorrow, but his MIR was bad enough to fit him in today. My mom went and visted him today while i sat home alone and didn't feel the earhtquake. And so tomorrow I'm going with her to visit him. Hopefully he will be home by Wednesday. If not, he will come home on Friday because my mom doesn't want to get him on Christmas. If you're my friend, thanks for the prayers. Ahhh...so much is on my mind. Well must run. TOODLES

    Current Mood: frustrated
    Current Music: nothing....for once in my life

    (Love Pierre)

    Friday, December 19th, 2003
    7:18 pm
    It's FINALLY FRIDAY!!! YAY!!! I'm off for two whole weeks!!!! yay!!!! No more school! no more teachers or work!!!! I'm soooooooooooo happy! Rebecca finally came home!!! It's been so long since I've seen her! I get to see her in two days. And hopefully I'll see her during the week. I'm so sick of eating candy. I don't ever want to see another peice for the rest of my life. Well not really...but i don't want to see a peice for a loooong time. Today has been really boring. Cause Christine got to see a good movie and I got to be home alone by myself. It was great. Well I'm gonna go. TOODLES!

    Current Mood: Sick/Excited/Tired/Bored
    Current Music: Hilary Duff- Why Not

    (Love Pierre)

    Thursday, December 18th, 2003
    6:20 pm
    Soon I'm going shopping with my dad. How exciting is that????? Truely exciting. Ok...so nevermind. We're going SATURDAY now. Oh well. That's fine with me. UHHHHHH so much candy and junk food today! And I'm gonna have it all over again tomorrow. Oh well....i'll just have to go running or something. Well....nothing exciting happened today. Oh...all that happened was I TALKED TO MICHAEL!!! YIPEE!!!!!! ok i'm done now. yipee tomorrow is Friday and a half day and REBECCA COMES HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well....i'm gonna finish watching my movie. TOODLES!!!

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: Blink 182- I Miss You

    (Love Pierre)

    Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
    6:46 pm
    Only 1 and a half days left!! YAY!!!!!! Well............nothing really to write about. Just that it's almost Christmas. And Nathan needs to come back so Jessica will stop saying how much she misses him!!!!! It's gonna drive me crazy!!!! DUDE!!! THE OC IS ON TONITE!!! It's been like 2 weeks since the last eposide!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK...thats out of my system now. You know who I really miss??? SHAWN GREEN!! I mean I got a bobble head of him and i have my mini shawn green bat and my cool fake shawn green glove. I think it's time for him to be back on tv any day now!!! I haven't talked to Michael in like FOREVER AND A DAY!! It's killing me. Oh well...i guess I'll just have to get over it!! I'm listening to what WOULD HAVE BEEN JONNY'S AND CHRISTINES WEDDING SONG!!!!!!!

    Current Music: Brandy- (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

    (Love Pierre)

    Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
    5:33 pm
    Once when i was little....this old lady was blown over by the wind and it scarred me for life and i hate wind now. oh joy! school needs to be over. I have one bad grade....sick. and so my mom will be pissed at that. ummmmm it's really cold too. Thats not fun either. ONLY 9 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! YIPEE!! 3 more days of school...actually 3 and a half cause FRIDAY is a HALF DAY. so fun!!!! well im gonna go...cause im just rambling on and on and on and on!!!

    Current Mood: cold
    Current Music: Michelle Branch- Breathe(remix)

    (Love Pierre)

    Monday, December 15th, 2003
    6:16 pm
    My computer is finally working. I can play my music and i can FINALLY update. Well....10 more days till christmas!!!! I'm just waiting for this week to be over!!! this weekend was crap...but it's over now. OMP!! i like him!!!! sadness!!! theres another fire!!! i hope its not bad! i would cry if it was!! well im bored. so TOODLES!!!

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: Divit- No Regrets

    (Love Pierre)

    Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
    5:02 pm
    Ok...soooo much has happened in the last few days..well not really but it sure seems like it. Well...my sister went back home! What CRAP is that?????????? Lots of crap!!! So that made me pissed. Ummmm soccer is fun....and school is not. I'm working on my FOUR bible essays right now. I have finished one..so THREE more to go! yay for me!!! The christmas program is FINALLY over.! I'm so tired of singing SING NOEL. And you should be glad too. My computer has been freakinly annoying lately. First of all it doesn't start up correctly and sometimes I have to restart it and now the tool bar is on the side instead of the bottom and I can't get it go back. And I just hate my computer right now. Sorry Christine....i have to use the word HATE. Also....it won't play my music...so it drives me nuts and i have to turn on the TV to get my music. Thank goodness it has music there. Tonite i might go to youth group. I'm scared. Oh well...but that means I might miss the OC so I think I might have to tape it or not just watch it or something. After I get back I'll update again...so bye for now.

    Current Mood: nervous
    Current Music: Sheryl Crow- The First Cut Is The Deepest

    (Love Pierre)

    Sunday, December 7th, 2003
    2:36 pm
    OMP!!!!!! LAST NITE I SAW..............
    STEVE FOWLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was walking away from the dressing room and I turned and I saw STEVE FOWLER!!!! with his girlfriend though. BUMMER!!! At least it wasn't Gina. It was some other girl. When I told my mom she asked if I wanted her to break her legs. lol. that's my mom for you. I wanted to talk to him...but I held myself back. If he was by himself then I would have. Right now everyone is at my house. Cause it's my mom's birhtday tomorrow. She's old....it's sad. she could be my GRANDMA!!!!! AHHHHH Dude...I've seen Noah every day this weekend....WEIRD!!!! well....i probably should go downstairs.

    I SAW STEVE FOWLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Current Mood: energetic
    Current Music: Simple Plan- Perfect

    (Love Pierre)

    Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
    7:34 pm
    Well....school...fun....not really. We had a game today. It was fun. We lost and I didn't play that much and even though I did....it's not like i did anything thrilling. So then we had dinner at the dining hall. it was so cool. We had like some of the best food. Then we came home...and now I'm home. It's not fun cause I'm home alone. Sadness. All thats here to keep me company is one of my sister's cats, Tischa. She's an evil cat...but rite now she is being nice. Still no sign of Jelly. Bummer.....I was in the bathroom and it sounded like i heard her...but i guess i was wrong. well i need to finish my history project and probably study for my english test.

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: Simple Plan- I Won't Be There

    (Love Pierre)

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